July 18, 2012

How To: No Sew Fabric Trimmed Curtains

I've been getting some questions lately about the curtains I used in little man's nursery, so I thought I'd take some time for step by step instructions on getting the look, with no sewing machine required.

As I mentioned in the original post, the curtains are from Ikea, which was a huge help with the budget because they were only $25 for the pair.
The fabric is an indoor/outdoor fabric by Mill Creek, and can be found at fabric.com.

If you've never tried Heat n' Bond, you should absolutely give it a shot.
Sewing machines hate me, so this stuff has become my best bud for projects.

Let's get this straight...I can't for the life of me cut a piece of fabric.  In fact, cutting fabric is one of those exercises that ranks right up there with brain surgery for me.  I've just never gotten the hang of it, so I had an impossible time trying to get the bottom hem straight.  Somehow it worked, and the strip of Heat n' Bond was the perfect width for the rest of the project.

As you can see, the only thing that saved me (barely) from making a mess of my fabric strips was the geometric lines I was able to use as a guide.

I didn't want the fabric to be aligned with the edge of the curtains, so my hem lines provided me with another guide for placing the strips of fabric.
I ironed the Heat n' Bond first along the hem line, then peeled off the backing and ironed the fabric on top.  Make sure you read the directions first though, because my technique is probably far from exact!

Note:  Heat n' Bond isn't hard to use, but I recommend practicing on something before you try a big project, just in case.  Also, pace yourself and do small sections at a time.  I plopped my ironing board in front of the TV and caught up on some horrible reality TV to keep me company.

Of course, give yourself a break if it doesn't look perfect.
My philosophy is, no one will ever get close enough to notice, and if someone does, well...she'll probably relate because her curtains aren't perfect either!

 I hope my rundown answered any of those burning questions you might have had, but if not, absolutely feel free to email me at recentlytheblog@gmail.com.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Thank you so much for this tutorial. I've been thinking of changing the curtains in my daughter's room but I can't sew. I love the simplicity of the design. I just can't stand the cute cartoon prints. I think I can do this. THANK YOU!!!

  2. I am so not good at anything remotely DIY when it comes to decor, but this doesn't look too hard! You did a great job!

  3. It looks great. My sewing machine hates me too. It absolutely quit on my during a roman shade project in december so I've returned to my favorite hem tape for help with all future projects! I need to add some trim to a table skirt and might need to try some geometric fabric instead!

  4. This tutorial is amazing! I for sure thought you had been sewing away on these bad boys! Soo cute!

  5. wow, amazing, thanks for sharing this, bookmarking it for future reference ;)

  6. These are so cute Emily! Good job!


  7. This is such a cute idea and great tutorial!! awesome job! :)

  8. I have those same Ikea curtains in our bedroom and have been looking for new ones for a long time. I might have to try this out!

  9. this looks great! I'm about to begin renovations/redecorating and have tons of windows to dress. this will be a great solution!



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