August 3, 2012

This Weekend, I Hope You...

Images Via: Martha Stewart // 9to5 chic // house and home // traditional home via decor pad // oh joy

Happy weekend beautiful people!  What's on your agenda for the next few days?
Ours will be spent trying desperately to keep cool (it's been hovering right around 110 here for the past few days!) and probably watching the Olympics on a continuous loop.  Good times I tell ya!
I'm also thinking of trying the above St-Germaine and champagne recipe.  I'm guessing it might help take the edge off the heat...and probably a few other things as well.  Yes.  Please.

Thanks for a great week, and I'll see you on Monday!


  1. I plan to beat the heat with a grown-up girls sleepover! Can't wait to eat, giggle, and talk about nothing/everything!

  2. I'm doing some organizing.. super fun stuff here! haha.. and of course watch the olympics!

    this is such a cute little compilation of stuff!

  3. 110?! Whoa ... Too hot! Good luck staying cool! Happy weekend :)

  4. So... I am a gal that enjoys a good St. Germaine cocktail. I will need to accomplish that this weekend!

  5. That's insanely HOT!! I get in such a bad mood when it's really hot! Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Oh my - my weekend would have been full of fabulous had it been as you laid out... We spent in in transit on our way back to Australia, but it was worth it to see our families!


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