January 25, 2013

Weekend Wear: Sparkle

forever 21 jacket (old, similar here) // j.crew sequin tank (old, similar here) // american eagle skinnies // sole society leopard wedges 
 j.crew necklace // pearl necklace c/o josh's sweet grandma // anthropologie bracelet // essie russian roulette 
rosebud salve (to layer for extra soft lips) // revlon lip butter candy apple

Is it Friday yet?  Why, yes.  Yes it isJosh and I have needed a night out for weeks now, and we're finally getting our wish tonight.  We'll be meeting some friends for wine and grub and I'm not sure which I'm craving more, the wine, food, or adult conversation.  Who am I kidding, probably the wine, but the adult conversation is running a very close second.
I've had this J.Crew sequin tank for a while now and haven't worn it once.  (I mean, live a little Em, sheesh!)  So, in order to break myself out of mommy mode I think I'll be donning some sparkle and topping it off with bright red lips.  I think that should do it!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Enjoy your weekend and your night out! Cheers. :)

  2. You will be looking great in this one - love the leopard wedges.
    happy weekend.

  3. I'm right there with you on getting out of mommy mode ;) Loving the outfit, esp the red lip (something I need to try)! Have a great night!



  4. Super cute- love the wedges. Have fun tonight!!

  5. such a fabulous outfit! youll wear it well :)

  6. Your plans sound DIVINE. I'd love to go for a night out with wine. Sadly, I get to go out with friends but have to watch them all drink their wine. Boo hoo, right? Soon enough, Meagan. Have tons of fun in your hot outfit - and have a glass for me!

  7. Oh perfection! Love those leopard print wedges!

  8. Don't you love a good date night? And you're going to rock that outfit. Too cute! Happy Weekend to you!!

  9. Hope you had a great night out!!! Love the outfit you chose.

  10. LOVE this outfit..it is so darn fun!! Hope you had a great night!

    Bryce and I have been overloaded with family commitments and he has also been traveling for work, so we haven't had dinner just the two of us in a while! We are going out on a date tonight and even though it is just Tuesday I am thinking of dressing up a bit myself!


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