February 22, 2013


images via: the rug company // anthropologie spring 2011 lookbook

I'd be willing to guess that many of you, like me, are wishing for some of the above- stat.  Lots of us got snow, ice and thundersleet (Umm, what?  Yes, that is a thing.  A meteorological phenomenon to be exact) this week, and we're dreaming of lazing by a beach, drink in one hand and book in the other.  
Lest we get ahead of ourselves, I'll remind you that there will be plenty of drink sipping days ahead (if we're lucky) and we'll all be wishing for the twinkly white stuff only a few short months from now.
Let's enjoy it while we can!

In other news:

I'm thinking it would look so cool on my small entry wall.  It would definitely make a statement!
Wowza.  Such a beauty.

And finally, not sure if you've noticed, but Recently is officially a dot com now!  So, instead of recentlytheblog.blogspot.com, I'm at recentlytheblog.com.
I feel so official.  I was originally going to have a new blog design up on my 2 year anniversary, along with the new dot com, and maybe some fireworks or something.  Obviously, that didn't happen, because, as usual, I overestimated my time management skills.  The new design is coming though, I promise, along with the million other things I've alluded to in the past six months!
Patience, grasshopper.  Patience.

Much love and have a great weekend!


  1. I cannot wait to see all of your surprises!!! :)

  2. That Lulie Wallace sure knows how to rock it! Winter has been loooong here in Utah and I'm pretty over it. Bring on the sunshine and tans!!

  3. Yay can't wait to see the new design!! :)

  4. Hope you had a lovely weekend Emily and excited for the new design!

  5. I'm not complaining about snow today as it got me a day off from school! I am looking forward to spending some time in a swimsuit over spring break in a month!


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