May 8, 2013

What Your Mom Really Wants for Mother's Day

All you mommas out there know- the cuddles, mommy necklaces and flowers for Mother's Day mean the whole. entire. world. For real.  But, wouldn't it be nice to have a day of relaxation, champagne, and some dashing Leo thrown in for good measure?  Why yes.  Yes it would.  I'm willing to bet, that if you pulled your sweet mom away for one of these activities this weekend, she would be thrilled.  And forever grateful.  But I'm also thinking she'll be forever grateful anyways.  Because you're her kid.  

image one: via the parisienne  // image two: via cupcakes and cashmere // champagne coupes: bhldn  
dark chocolate cookies with champagne buttercream: via i am baker // leo as jay gatsby


  1. ha! that was always my mom's request....that we be taken away so she could have a play day all to herself. way to keep it real :)

  2. Isn't this the honest truth. I take this over charms any day.

  3. Haha love this! Going to see Mr. Gatsby is a great idea



  4. YES! You know exactly how I feel Emily! Haha. Happy Mother's Day!

  5. Such a sweet post - you are totally right. I think my mom so happy spending the day with our fam. She loved our gifts, but quality time is what counts!

    xx, Bubbly in Brooklyn


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