August 12, 2013

A Recently Healthy Challenge: No Processed Food for a Week

Things are about to get real around here.  Really real.  Are you ready?  

Here's the deal:  I've decided to conduct an experiment of sorts.  I keep hearing so much about clean eating- how the processed foods that are so rampant in our diets are slowly bringing about all sorts of horrible things.  I won't even go into the list of crummy side effects associated with highly processed foods, but I'm sure you've heard, and it's not pretty.
I've been feeling run down lately, fatigued, and just all-around crappy- to put it lightly.  I need to push restart on many things, but my health is tops on the list.  I know I've discussed it here before, and yes, we've been eating so much better and really trying to cut out the bad stuff.  But, I find myself eating food out of a bag or box every single day.  Cereal, breads, pretzels, granola bars- you name it.  Now, I'm not saying any of those things are bad, at all.  Just for me, right now, I'm feeling the need to get back to basics, and see if my body really is suffering from the additives and who-knows-what that's in our food these days.  
So, for the next week, I'm cutting all processed foods out of my diet.  Nothing out of a box or bag, unless it's only one ingredient (quinoa, dried beans, etc.)  I'll be making my own hummus, snacking on veggies and filling up with fish and quinoa instead of spaghetti and meatballs.  I see lots of smoothies in my future, and maybe even some homemade quinoa tortillas, if I'm brave enough.

I'll keep you posted on Instagram and Facebook, and probably share a recipe or two while I'm at it.  First up is Josh's favorite hummus recipe, so follow along here and here if you don't already!  

I'll be trying a few things out of Gwyneth's new cook book (which I think is pretty awesome by the way)  and also possibly attempting a few recipes out of this book as well.  Again, if I'm brave enough!  By the way, I'm drinking one of Josh's famous breakfast smoothies as we speak, so I'll try to get him to divulge his top secret recipe too.  He's the smoothie king y'all!  

Before I go, I have to share something super crazy good.  My friend Sheaffer from Pinterest Told Me To is celebrating her one year blog anniversary this week, and she's giving away the bestest thing ever.  Check it out:
Yep, you read it right.  That's a $365 gift card to Nordstrom!  Whaaaat?  So, so good.  I'm heading there now to enter, and you should too.

Have a great week everyone, and feel free to join the challenge if you're feeling up to it!


  1. I'm doing the same thing this week, but actually trying to incorporate it into my lifestyle overall. The goal is to meal plan, shop and prep on Sundays. I made all my main protein (turkey and fish) that I would need for lunches throughout the week, a batch of quinoa, hard-boiled eggs, spinach salads to grab-n-go, and grab-n-go baggie snacks (celery, berries, carrots, etc.) to make packing lunches easier (also for my kiddos lunches too. I love how much easier it's going to be this week! Check out my post today, I mentioned it.

  2. I need to get better about eating non-processed food, but it is tough! Congratulations on making this decision! I'm definitely inspired.

  3. Gwen's book has some amazing recipes that I would def recommend! Good luck- you will feel like a million bucks after this :)


  4. I've been a mostly clean eater for years now. I went to school for Holistic Nutrition and once I learned all the nasty things that go into processed food and how it's loaded with chemicals, etc, it made it really easy to give it up!!! Her new book is a great start for breaking into it. You'd be surprised how much processed foods as well as inflammation from other foods (even healthy ones) can wreak so much havoc and make us so tired. Tons of luck to you!!! I can't wait to see how you feel once you start! =)

  5. Thanks so much Emily or the birthday love!!!! And I'm so excited to follow along on your new food journey!

  6. I can totally relate to that run-down feeling and I have wondered if it's food-related. I just keep trying to push that thought aside bc it is so intimidating to change my diet. I will be anxiously awaiting your results/thoughts!

  7. good luck w/ the experiment! i too need a kick start w/ my diet... i agree with Beth that i've got that rundown feeling too. I am curiosu to see your results too!

  8. Ever since I came back from the Island where I basically had to make everything, I feel like I enjoy baking and cooking my food better than just buying packaged food. I now make multigrain cheesesticks for Matthew so that he doesn't eat too much goldfishes, I make my own granola bars, I never buy dressings or sauces from the grocery, always make my own, but I feel like I have to start juicing! It was part of my new years resolutions and I haven't started! I'm proud of you for taking up the challenge, maybe I'll do that one day too ;)

  9. Awesome, congrats! I left a comment on your IG but it's easier to click here... the Whole 30 challenge is amazing whole foods protocol if you want some real clean eating! Also we've been eating Paleo since Christmas (we eat the most nutrient-dense foods from whole food sources, lots of vegetables, healthy animals, plenty of healthy fats) and it has been incredible. Amazing for regulating our blood sugar and keeping us from crashing, and my husband has lost 35 pounds and we are both so much more muscular. I was raw vegan for 3 years and vegetarian for 10 years before than and so am slowly repairing my health after being nutrient deficient! My absolute fave clean eating blog is Balanced Bites,, and I love her podcast. Really inspirational. I posted about my change here FYI.

    I'm sure you'll see incredible benefits from cutting out packaged foods and grains/gluten!! That was how I saw the biggest change when I did that 3+ years ago. It's awesome that you're doing meal planning and getting equipped--now that I cook nourishing meals for every dinner and leftovers, we don't need to snack anymore and never miss the grains, legumes, etc. we used to eat! Good luck!

  10. what a great idea, we eat pretty clean at home but sometimes when life gets hectic (this entire summer) we find ourselves on the road/traveling and eating not so great things. I think a week of clean and lots of green detoxing smoothies is needed in my life! Good luck with yours and thanks for the inspiration!
    Natalie @ DRB


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