September 4, 2013

Lindsay's Renovation: The Dining Room Before/After

I don't have many words for today's post because, well, the pictures will speak for themselves.  Lindsay's dining room is one of my favorites, so I'll just quit talking, and start showing:

The before, in all its glory.  It's still beautiful, but the wood floors were damaged, as well as the windows and trim.  To bring this home back to its glory days, it had to be demoed to the studs.  Cue the fairy dust, and click below to see the magic that ensued:

Can you guess my favorite part of this room?  Hint: it's the sconces.  I wanted to somehow stuff them in my camera bag and take them with home with me, but I was afraid that would be too obvious.

Can you see the lovely detail on the curtains?  And that mirror...amazing!

There you have it...the finished dining room!  Lindsay is a lover of antiques, so most of her pieces are of the vintage variety.  If you have a specific question about a piece, email me (

Next time, we'll be stepping into the formal living area and taking a look at how Lindsay solved the problem of an ugly fireplace.  Until then, thanks for looking and hope you enjoyed it!

**If you missed the the before/after of Lindsay's entry, click here to see it**


  1. This is amazing–it's so luxe looking!

  2. oh this is BEAUTIFUL. what a neat mix. and soothing to boot. thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Are you kidding?? I love that buffet...the detailing on that is absolutely fantastic! Absolutely luxurious taste!

  4. so lovely. I must say... I am in love with the art and the drapes!!

  5. Beautiful!! LOVE the sconces, the curtains, the art, and your amazing photography!! Can you please come and shoot my projects? :)

  6. wao!! its beautiful! and I love the chandelier...this has to be my favorite piece!

  7. WOW! GORGEOUS! That mirror is stunning! And I totally would have wanted to lift the sconces too. ;)


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