September 6, 2013

My No Processed Food Week- The Verdict

Do you remember my "no processed food for a week" week?  How did it go?  I feel like I'm asking myself that question more than anyone else.  How did it go?

I have mixed reviews.  On the last day, I did feel really great.  Not amazing, but pretty great.  I also feel like I can incorporate more of this lifestyle into my daily life, and I truly want to, after seeing how my body feels after eating only the things it really needs for a week.

During the process, though, I'll be honest and say I felt like hell 95% of the time.  The exception to that was the hour or two after my morning smoothie, which has now become the most important thing in my diet.  I used to be a cereal every morning, don't mess with my cereal gal, but now, oh how I love that morning smoothie.  It gives me an energy boost that's even better than my beloved coffee.  (Oh snap, I said it!)  It's true.  It sounds crazy, but I can almost feel my body coming alive after I drink it.  It's all in my head, maybe, but it feels great so I'm not changing it!

I've realized that when I deny myself the foods I love, I begin to obsess, and every thought turns to food.  When I don't limit myself, my cravings even out and I feel like I have more control over my hunger. I think about food only when I need to, not every waking second as I was during that week.

Here's the good part though, and why I adhere to the "baby steps" approach to eating healthy.  It took a while, but I soon realized that my morning smoothie made me feel amazing.  No, I don't always think it tastes fantastic, but what I'm craving now is the feeling I get from the food, not the food itself.  Don't get me wrong, the smoothies we make taste really good, but they're not a bowl of Cocoa Krispies, you know?  But, like I said, the feeling I get from the smoothie far outweighs the yummy deliciousness of the cereal (and, yes, even the chocolate milk left in the bowl.)

So, my body and my brain are slowly catching on to the fact that real food equals real energy, and feelings of real euphoria accompany that energy.  Yes, I still crave french fries, pizza, name it, but (baby steps) I'm starting to incorporate the good things in more frequently. 

The bottom line is that, whether you like it or not, many of the foods most of us eat on a daily basis are pure crap, to put it lightly.  I know sometimes it's easier to not even think about it, but it's true.  Plain and simple. 

If you'd like my smoothie recipe (actually Josh's smoothie recipe- he's the smoothie king), I posted it on Instagram here.  Also, I made this roasted corn and tomato salad for dinner this week and it was incredible.  It even filled me up, which never happens when I eat salad.  Also, for those of you with kiddos, I made some chicken for my boys and served the roasted vegetables without the salad for them.  Luckily, they both love corn and tomatoes so it worked great,  It's worth a shot, and it's also possible that the creamy dressing could be used as a veggie dip for kids who love ranch dressing.

See, baby steps.  I'm still taking them, but I see a change a comin' !  Thanks again for all your kind comments and words of encouragement.  I think those of you who follow a clean eating diet are some of the most supportive around.  You know how great you feel, and want others to feel the same way, and that's the coolest!  Thanks y'all and have a great weekend!


  1. I guess you could say I'm mostly a clean eater. Although "clean" wasn't the goal I certainly eat very healthy. Vegetarian, lots of fruit and vegetables, whole grains, the whole deal. I work out a ton and this is just what makes me feel the best. I haven't eaten fast food in almost 10 years and haven't eaten meat in about 5. I couldn't imagine eating any other way at this point. I do allow myself treats though and don't even bat an eye. Like you said, it would make me obsess over it and I don't want to have that relationship with food. Plus with 6 days a week of intense exercise I don't feel guilty at all!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this! This was jsut the kick in the pants I needed after an overly indulgent weekend. I, too, have been struggling with trying to eat a more healthy, balanced diet. But I do think indulging every now & then is very healthy and prevents me from bingeing later. Your smoothie recipe sounds really good and I'll have to give it a try!

    I posted my favorite smoothie recipe a while back. Check it out here:

  3. Ah good for you Emily! I'm impressed! I've been tempted to jump on the bandwagon for a healthier eating lifestyle, but you're right it's a huge challenge!

  4. I love how HONEST you always are about these kinds of things- seriously it's refreshing! I've done weeks of trying to (yes, trying) eat all raw and such and it is really difficult to do right away. Any shock to your body- healthy or unhealthy is hard for it to adjust to! good for you for realizing it's a process!! you set such a good example for the rest of us! :)

  5. I agree that sometimes baby steps is the way to go, because you slowly teach your body that it doesn't need some stuff and you help it to adapt more easily. I've cut on sweets for the last month and I feel waaaay better. For me it was like I turned off a switch, one day I said "enough". So now I just make some oats energy balls with dark chocolate chips and that's my treat. I don't even crave what I used to crave and, and the daily thought of "what am I going to have today?" is gone (sweet wise). I feel like I liberated myself from being a slave :)
    So proud of what you did, way to go Emily!!

  6. I agree- I can be the same! if you deny me something that's all i want/can think about! baby steps :)


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