June 6, 2014

fessing up...

Hello all!  It's really me! :)  I'm popping in from a long blog hiatus to tell you about my guest post over at Little Black Door.   It's a post for Elizabeth's series, "Fess Up Friday," and I'm doing some fessin' on what's up with me and this little 'ole blog.

I also discuss what I've been up to, and what in the world this photo is all about.  Stop by and say hello, so I know at least someone still visits me here. :) xoxo


  1. hey girl hey!!!!! miss your face:) Cant wait to read your confessions.

  2. Oh, Emily, I know you're busy and conflicted. Just read your post and commented over at LBD. You know I'll take whatever I can get of you. Your photos are amazing and I'm so glad you're following your bliss. I feel the same about blogging lately. It can wait. We'll still be here regardless of what you decide!


  3. Loved hearing from you. Excited for you as you follow your passion in photography, and navigate what's next. :)


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