20 Sophisticated Basement Bathroom Ideas to Beautify Yours

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Do you want to have some basement bathroom ideas for your basement? If you do, you may be lucky. Here are some recommended ideas that will inspire you in the making of the basement a bathroom.

This is just for you who has a basement space in the house. Having a bathroom in a basement is a great idea. In this article, you will be provided with inspiring ideas and the steps of how to add basement bathroom into your house.

Basement Bathroom and Laundry Room Combination

Besides bathroom, another you could also have down the basement is the laundry room. This is quite common to have a laundry room in the basement. It can be the only laundry room or a combination of both bathroom and laundry room.

All of that room are functional for the households. There are many basement bathrooms and laundry room ideas you can apply in your own basement.

Most people have their basement small, so they opt to make a combination of both room. It’s one of the basement bathroom ideas on a budget. Here are some ideas for your inspiration:

1. Chich Contemporary Basement Bathroom

basement bathroom ideas small spaces

Take a look at this chic contemporary bathroom in Hawai. It has a vessel sink on a solid surface countertop. This bathroom and laundry room combo would make your towels and bath mats always clean and fresh. Just set the bathroom with a washer and a dryer.

The position of the bathroom vanity is face to face with the laundry area. The washer and dryer are hidden inside a cabinet. You can put that machine away from sight as long as people in the bathroom not doing laundry. The machine would be open only when it’s used.

The wall is using Vinyl Arrowroot wallpaper. It adds more luxurious value into the bathroom. The color is dominantly beige with a little bit of black and white. Choosing beige as the main color of basement bathroom is the right thing to do. It will give you the sense of space. This small bathroom would feel more spacious.


  • The relaxing feelings from the color combination
  • Much extra storage’s for keeping stuff
  • The washer and dryer machine are hidden inside the cabinet


  • It looks so stuffy from the photo
  • The walkway seems so small
  • Uncomfortable

2. Traditional Laundry and Bathroom Combination Ideas

basement bathroom remodel cost

Basement Bathroom Ideas by houzz.com

This one is from Minneapolis. It has a stacked washer and dryer along with gray floors. Those colors are blended well. In this bathroom design, a laundry room is the extension of the Hall bath.

This one can be a good idea to inspire your basement bathroom. It is a great idea to have a stacked washer and dryer which would save more space for your bathroom.

It’s like having two rooms in one big room. As you can see in the photo, on the shower wall, there is a vertical mosaic tile that emulates a waterfall. It’s really playful and stylish. Behind the bathroom, you can see the laundry room.

Even though it’s two rooms but it’s still one room because the laundry room and the bathroom are connected. A pocket door can be hidden and showed up when needed.


  • Laundry room is not in the bathroom
  • The washer and dryer are not wasting a lot of space
  • A good solution for small room


  • Requires more space for making two rooms

3. Contemporary Basement Bathroom and Laundry Room

basement bathroom ideas pinterest

Basement Bathroom Ideas by houzz.com

Looks like having a stacked washer and dryer is a pretty good idea for small bathroom. It must be a great idea too for your basement. Because basement tends to have limited spaces. This contemporary laundry room idea is from Seattle. This is not exactly a room, it looks like just a laundry cabinet. The door would cover anything, you wouldn’t know that you can do laundry inside.

Just close the door when you are not using laundry, you will no longer see laundry room inside your bathroom. This is a clever solution for your basement bathroom.

The shelves beside the dryer and washer are available for placing the laundry appliances. Do not forget to put enough light fixtures to light up space. It’s not a laundry room, it’s more like laundry cabinet. This laundry room concept will give you a pleasant space to clean your clothes.

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4. Basement Bathroom Ceiling Ideas: Basement Bathroom with Drop Ceiling

finished basement bathroom ideas

Basement Bathroom Ideas by hgtv.com

The ceiling is one of the most important parts of a basement. Because the ceiling of a basement is the ground floor. Many people with basement decoration experience would recommend having a drop ceiling or a low ceiling.

Most people choose this type of ceiling over the drywall ceiling is because of the price. The drop ceiling is cheaper and easy to DIY.

You might wanna start searching for the basement bathroom ideas low ceiling. Low or drop ceiling is also known as a drop ceiling.

For basement bathroom, having a low ceiling is not a good idea for all people. If you have a tall buddy or tall sibling, you have to think again about using drop ceiling in your basement bathroom. A drop ceiling will take 4-5 inches of room height.


  • The drop ceiling is ugly and weird. It will deflate the value of the house.
  • The ceiling tend to be saggy
  • The installation of the ceiling is not that easy


  • It will make a really cool looking ceiling for the room
  • It suppresses noise
  • Ceiling Mohawk is the best option for limited space
  • It’s a general comfort for elders

Inspirational Basement Bathroom Ideas

Basement bathroom will add value to your finished basement space and the entire house. Get ready to be inspired, here are some cool basement bathroom ideas you will love:

5. Powder Room For Basement

basement bathroom layout ideas

Basement Bathroom Ideas by meredith.com

If your idea is to have the whole basement as the space for entertainment, you may want to consider having a powder room instead of a full bathroom.

Powder room only requires small space with only a sink and a toilet. You will save some of your remodeling budgets, You can put some striking materials like stone tiles and gooseneck faucet on the sink. It is one of the basement bathroom ideas small spaces.


  • Functional for basement
  • Not required a lot of space
  • Small but comfortable


  • Need to go up-stair for bathroom
  • Not enough storage

6. Full Bathroom In a Basement

basement bathroom decorating ideas

Basement Bathroom Ideas by meredith.com

If you have the basement to be included with a guest suite or bedroom, a full bathroom is a must. You can have the basement bathroom as luxurious as the existing bathroom.

Take a look at the pictures, a walk in shower and a curved-front sink are a great combination in this luxurious bathroom. Rough-hewn stone tiles make the room to be visually interesting.

Just like master bathroom, this basement bathroom has complete elements. It’s only recommended for having a basement with bedroom. You do not need full bathroom down in the basement if you do not have any space for other room.


  • Largely is comfortable
  • Comfortable for guests


  • More budget on the furniture
  • More spaces needed

7. Basement Bathroom Ideas For Kids

basement bathroom flooring ideas

Basement Bathroom Ideas by meredith.com

This is a basement bathroom ideas for kids. If you make the bathroom in the basement for your children, try this design. It includes a step stool that will be very helpful for your little ones to reach the sink.

You can use some refurbished item like unused paint cans. It can be an attachment to the wall to add a colorful accent to the bathroom. Functionally, it can be the towel holder too.

The design of bathroom for kids should be unique, colorful, and playful. Make sure it adds something to make the children happy. Some interesting accessories and decorative pieces are the important stuff to have. If you do not want to use plenty of accessories, you need to have an exciting color combination.


  • Pleasing for kids
  • Can also be used by teenage or adult
  • Creative and functional


  • Not comfortable for guests
  • Hard to find out what the children really want

8. Basement Bathroom Ideas with Lighting Fixtures

basement bathroom remodel ideas

Basement Bathroom Ideas by meredith.com

The next one concerns more on the lighting fixture. It is crucial for the basement. In a basement bathroom. shower area must have lighting fixtures that are completed with waterproof lenses. The ambient lighting will be provided by the ceiling lights which is placed in front of a wall-size mirror.

You need to make a special consideration on lighting fixtures for the basement rooms. We all know that basement wouldn’t have so much natural light from the outside at day, and the basement would be so dark in the night. You need to make the lighting fixtures placed in the right spot, and at the right level of brightness.

Take a look at the pictures, even though it has darker colors, it still feels comfortable. It is because of the lighting. It lights up the bathroom.


  • Good lighting fixtures make the room shine better
  • The color of lighting decide the feelings


  • None

9. Basement Bathroom Ideas with Rustic Tiles

basement bathroom ideas low ceiling

Basement Bathroom Ideas by meredith.com

Choosing functional and stylish material is something you should do. For example, the normal bathroom would probably have stone tiles to be on the floors and walls. It is because they are water-resistant, easy to clean, and durable. Take a look at this small basement bathroom design. It might be great for basic basement bathroom ideas.

The mirror really creates the illusion of space in the bathroom. Even though it’s small, it feels comfortable inside. The same tile design on floorings and walls is the highlight of this bathroom. It decides the style and feeling of this bathroom design. The wooden ceiling is a nice option to balance the rustic style the tiles have.


  • The tiles make a stylish bathroom
  • The tiles are easy to clean


  • The mirror behind the toilet is quite unusual
  • The toilet position can be a problem
  • Rustic style in a bathroom can be uncomfortable too

10. White and Red Basement Bathroom Ideas

basement bathroom ideas low ceiling

Basement Bathroom Ideas by meredith.com

If you want to go bravely with the basement bathroom paint color ideas, try to have this combination of colors. Having red walls combines with white tiles, black surfaces, and beige cabinets will create nice and warm feelings to the bathroom.

It seems like a dark red color and neutral color is not a good friend. As you can see, it will be uncomfortable for some people to have a bathroom like that one. There’s one thing you could do to make the darkroom feel more bright. You will need to have more light inside the room. At day, most natural light needs to be coming inside the room.


  • If you like dark colors in a bathroom, it could feel warm
  • The white and beige colors really save the day


  • If you do not like dark colors in bathroom, it’s not for you
  • You will need more budget on lighting and glass walls

11. Basement Bathroom Ideas with Bar-Size Sink

basement bathroom ideas pictures

Basement Bathroom Ideas by meredith.com

This one is one of the simple basement bathroom ideas. A bar-size sink will help you maintain the small space you have. It looks classic and classy. This can be one of the inexpensive basement bathroom ideas.

Small vanity with small sink and mirror will complete your bathroom experience. Even though you’re just having small space, you can still make a complete bathroom.

On the photo, you can see the antique pieces are on the vanity spaces. It’s useless there, but it does make the vanity more interesting. If you do not like those and you want to have your bathroom stuff on it, get rid of those pieces.


  • Classy style makes a great bathroom
  • You can have the bathtub or shower on the other side


  • Looks really small and narrow
  • The wood flooring is not good for bathroom

12. Basement Bathroom Ideas with Sauna

basement bathroom design ideas

Basement Bathroom Ideas by houzz.com

Sauna is one element you can add to your basement bathroom only if you have larger space for it. If you only have small space, it is not recommended to have basement bathroom ideas with sauna. Because sauna will require its own room in a bathroom.

For you who has large space in the bathroom, sauna might be a good option. If you have a sauna at your own house, you do not need to go to public places to get a sauna. You can ask your family and friends to join you in your private sauna.


  • Do not need to go to public sauna
  • Get healthy skin
  • Take care of your body practically


  • Waste a lot of spaces
  • More budget required

13. Atlanta Basement Bathroom Design

cheap basement bathroom ideas

Basement Bathroom Ideas by homedesignlover.com

This is a bathroom design for a full basement build-out. It’s kinda unique because it uses some yellow and black street tiles which are quite rare to be applied in a bathroom. It also includes a manhole tile which adds the feeling of being on the road. To get more of that feeling, there’s a stop light which is represented with the glass style in the shower.


  • It’s perfect for teenagers or travelers
  • Uniquely designed
  • Theme-based design


  • The style is quite objective
  • Not good for family bathroom

14. Basement Bathroom Ideas with Spa

basement half bathroom ideas

Basement Bathroom Ideas by homedesignlover.com

Have you ever imagine to have your own spa in the bathroom? Well, you do need to imagine it anymore, since you have the ability to remodel or redesign your basement bathroom that is completed with spa.

The dark gray color on the wall tiles of the shower looks fancy with the proper lighting fixture. The bathroom wall is painted in beige. The mirror frame and vanity cabinet are painted with darker shades.

This bathroom has a masculine style which also achieves a neutral feel to the room.


  • Great tile work
  • It has all Fancy elements
  • Luxurious style of bathroom


  • It’s not designed for small bathroom
  • Require a big budget

15. Industrial Chich Basement Bathroom Design

basement bathroom laundry room ideas

Basement Bathroom Ideas by homedesignlover.com

This basement bathroom is designed by Mosaik Design and Remodeling. This kind of bathroom design can be maximized used by the entire family.

The bright beige color of the walls really makes a stand as the dominant color of the bathroom. It creates the illusion space. It’s not small anymore, it feels spacious. The bathroom vanity has a matching design concept, all the stunning elements complete the style of the bathroom.

There’s a space for shower and a glass door that covers water spill. This is when it’s okay to have wooden floorings. Because the water wouldn’t spill on it because of the walk-in shower cover.


  • It’s so decorative
  • Well-chosen accessories
  • Everything is in the right position


  • Can’t be used for more than one people at once

16. Italian Colorful Basement Bathroom Ideas

small basement bathroom ideas

Basement Bathroom Ideas by homedesignlover.com

This bathroom design is one of kind. It’s quite rare to see a bathroom with such design. It’s full of color. The tiles are colored artistically with many colors. It’s both artistic and unique. This might be great to please your children and teenagers. It is not recommended for a master bathroom or guest bathroom.

The tile uses all the Pantone colors all at once. That what makes this bathroom interesting. The existence of the vanity, cabinet, and bathtub are almost unknown because the tile takes so much attention. White paint colors must be having a hard time to balance the room.


  • Unique and colorful
  • Good for your children and teenager
  • No one can expect such bathroom


  • Not recommended for guest or master bathroom
  • Making the rest of elements look nothing
  • White colors can’t do much

17. Metro Traditional Basement Bathroom Design

basement bathroom ideas on a budget

Basement Bathroom Ideas by homedesignlover.com

Wanna go with classic and traditional design? This design is probably a good choice for your house. It will be better if you already have the rest of the house designed with the same style. This bathroom style seems extremely traditional. The wooden vanity and bench are in a good position.

This small basement bathroom might be a little bit uncomfortable. It seems so old and outdated. Feels like a remodeled room that hasn’t been used for a long time. Thank god it’s already remodeled and well furnished. But the feelings of old is still there.


  • It will please the elders
  • The antique wooden furniture really matches this traditional style


  • The windows look really old and outdated
  • The vertical-striped wall looks uncomfortable in this bathroom design

18. Basement Bathroom Ideas with Barn Wood Walls

basement bathroom layout ideas

Basement Bathroom Ideas by homedesignlover.com

Another one for rustic, classic, and old-school style enthusiasts. The corrugated metal siding and barn wood walls give this bathroom space a wonderful rustic feel. The double sink vanity is from IKEA store. It mixes well with the blue soaking tub which is the corresponding vintage items.


  • This basement bathroom is uniquely stylish
  • It has good quality furniture


  • This style is a disturbance for some people
  • Only for bunch of people who like an extreme rustic style

19. White Industrial Basement Bathroom Design

small basement bathroom floor plans

Basement Bathroom Ideas by homedesignlover.com

White is the safest color for the bathroom. You can go with all white and a little bit of accent, the bathroom would feel so relaxing. The industrial-looking is gonna be the next big thing in bathroom design. Although, it’s dominated by white colors, it’s still sleek and sophisticated.


  • White is the safest color for bathroom
  • Looks so relaxing the feelings and the eyes


  • Can be monotonous and flat
  • When the accent colors are not blended well, it will look less interesting or boring

20. Basement Bathroom Design Like Venice Canals

basement bathroom floor ideas

Basement Bathroom Ideas by homedesignlover.com

The first impression when you this bathroom at the first glance, is the wooden walls. These wooden walls are complemented by the glass enclosure. The small tiles in the bath are lovely. This must be a great choice when you decide to get a great combination of wood and tiles.


  • The bath has interesting tiles design
  • The glass enclosure is fun and sexy


  • The wooden walls might be hard to clean
  • It’s only for the shower.

Having the best basement bathroom ideas as the inspiration is what comes to people’s mind when it comes to remodeling. There are a lot of advice and detailed information about basement bathroom.

You need to pay attention to the considerations before starting the remodeling. Basement bathroom ideas plumbing is one crucial thing you have to get special consideration too.

If you are not sure about what to do, do not take risks to do it yourself. Hiring a pro might cost more money, but you will have professionals do it for you. Believe me, they know what to do.

You just have to give them what you want, they even will tell you what’s best for your basement bathroom ideas.


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