20 Stunning and Easy Bedroom Paint Ideas to Enhance the Color of Your Dreams

modern bedroom paint ideas

Bedroom Paint Ideas – While some say that a picture paints a thousand words, I’d say your bedroom speaks a thousand words about your personality. The way you design and put everything together, including the painting colors will affect the mood of the room and the comfort of your sleep.

That is the reason, I guess, why people choose bedroom paint ideas deliberately to improve that sort of quality.

Draw inspiration from the following bedroom paint ideas that match for every purpose.

1. Small Bedroom Paint Ideas with Bold Contrast

Small Bedroom Paint Ideas with Bold Contrast

If you want to make a statement, go for bold colors. The contrast of brown and orange colors with white ceiling and colorful painting will certainly enhance the mood.

A different color scheme is perfect to distract the attention from your small room to the paint instead. Use sophisticated tones that are charming enough to give a modern touch and eliminate any dreary or gloomy atmosphere.

Paint your wall in turquoise that looks contrast with the white-framed window, and other bold-painted furniture will also complement the look. See there; the pink pillows look fiercely appealing on the white sheet.

2. Warm Earthy Colors with DIY Rustic Design for Bedroom Paint Ideas

DIY Rustic Design for Bedroom Paint Ideas


The idea of painting your bedroom with earthy color is to make it more of a safe haven with nature inspiration. The colors are ranging from dark wood chocolate to minty green leaves to create different shade on the wall.

Here’s the rustic decoration for your bedroom paint ideas:

  • Mist grey colors and wooden furniture can complement each other and create a cozy atmosphere. If you’re more into warmer type-of-nuance, draw taupe or driftwood color can accommodate your need.
  • Leave some part of the windows unpainted intentionally, or use floorboard trimmed with the tone of mahogany.
  • Add some unpolished furniture to create a more rustic feeling. For example; a rustic farmhouse signboard can never make your wall goes unnoticed.

3. Soothing Bedroom Paint Ideas Using Blues and Greens

Bedroom Paint Ideas Using Blues and Greens


If you wish to have the ultimate relaxation, turn nowhere than the restful green and the calming blue. Both are known for their serene quality to bring tranquility in bedroom paint ideas.

Paint the wall with pastel green and fill the ornament with soothing blue, or vice versa. The softer hues of blue are said to have an effect to lower your blood pressure, while green can bring utmost meditation for a stressing mind.

Go for monochromatic wall decoration with a different shade, and carefully place your furniture to balance the surrounding.

4. Diffusing Pastel Colors for Master Bedroom Paint Ideas

Pastel Colors for Master Bedroom Paint Ideas


At the end of the day, the master bedroom is where you want to be. Decorating the wall with pastel colors surely can impact your mood. Rely on pastel purple for one side of the wall and cream for the other one.

Diffuse the color of pink and lavender for a crisp warmness that will match the purple bedding and curtain coverings. You don’t have to add extravagant ornaments to make the pastel color stands out in the room.

Simply put a soft-toned carpet or muting and toning the bedroom paint ideas will impact the overall look. Apply less abstruse color to create a more sophisticated atmosphere.

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5. Black-and-White Bedroom Paint Ideas for An Elegant Retreat

Black-and-White Bedroom Paint Ideas


You’ll never run out of bedroom paint ideas using black and white colors by adding the perfect ornament and furnishing can make it extravagant and elegant.

Well-thought placing of all-white bedding on a soft-padded rug is more favorable than placing in on the traditional frame. Paint the wall all-black and add a touch of shiny LED lights and white ornamental hanging on the wall.

There’s not much to do to make black and white bedroom ideas fascinating. Instead of playing with colors, you can employ meander accent on the wall or place a large mirror to reflect the refinement.

6. Play with Grey for Romantic Bedroom Paint Ideas

Grey for Romantic Bedroom Paint Ideas


Whether you’ll expect a fancy resting nest or a whimsical, dreamy atmosphere, grey bedroom paint ideas voluntarily proclaims as the modern finish. In a room full of resourceful ornaments, grey can be the best complement.

For a warmer retreat, mix it up with subtle lamps with a metal handle or pair grey and white that will make the room softer. This way, on the ceiling, hang some candle hangers, with contemporary painting for a muted atmosphere.

If you like a little variation and individuality, black can be the best troupe. Combining your grey bedroom with black or white also means the ultimate sophistication.

7. Use Orange and Yellow Colors to Enlighten Your Mood

Orange and Yellow Colors bedroom paint ideas

Tough some of you may consider the tow as tacky, but orange and yellow colors can actually brighten your mood. They are full of enthusiasm and excitement, bringing out what’s the best right for your bedroom paint ideas.

Orange and yellow complement each other well; you may incorporate a little touch of red, but don’t make a statement about it. Painting one side of the wall orange and the other side yellow is great, but you can also opt for a monochromatic wall.

Some modern wooden furniture in light brown or white will match the covering. Be sure to give the windows adequate space to generate warmer sunlight across the room.

8. Dramatic Bedroom Paint Ideas with Bold Pink and Light Colors

Bedroom Paint Ideas with Bold Pink

Your bedroom paint ideas will surely spruce up to the max with a bold pink, or as I suggest, fuchsia color. The color is surprisingly versatile and matches well with a different range of accent to make a dramatic fusion.

It doesn’t have to be pink all over the room, so you can have a little spice in it. One side of the wall in fuchsia is enough, when you paired it with monochromatic carpet and sheet.

The ornaments can be of any color, but mint green, olive, grey, white, turquoise, and light blue are the perfect pair of bold pink.

9. Pink and Purple with Girlish Touch for Bedroom Paint Ideas

Pink and Purple Bedroom Paint Ideas


This type of bedroom paint ideas will create some sort of Barbie-ish mood. When it’s not enough to paint it pink to make a girly statement, adding purple is known to add sophistication touch to your bedroom.

Both can work the aesthetic part effortlessly, especially if you turn the table and decide to go for all-around girlish ornament. A shoulder-tall book shelf with purple rug and work station can give a modern vibe.

Pink is especially loud and proud, so combining with purplish lavender or soothing amethyst will give you both bright tone and friendly atmosphere.

10. Floral Pattern with Colorful Shades for Feminine Bedroom Paint Ideas

Feminine Bedroom Paint Ideas


When color is not enough to define you, play with a pattern to create the ultimate bedroom paint ideas. Floral pattern, in this case, is the peerless match for a dreamy escape. Here’s how to do it:

  • Paint the wall by incorporating floral pattern in pastel colors like lavender, minty green, or rose. A floral pattern can also be incorporated into the bedding and curtains.
  • Add some fuzzy rugs with complementing color tone to match with the decoration.
  • Give a touch of feminine ornaments with flower plants. If the real ones potentially add trouble for maintenance, choose the plastic flowers.

Feminine bedroom with floral patterns in deluxe textures will embody the elegance that is hard to beat.

11. Classic White for An Old-Fashioned Style in Bedroom Paint Ideas

White Bedroom Paint Ideas


When some people may regard white as dull and boring, you can make it looks a little more extravagant using stunning bedroom paint ideas. All-white room decoration is classy, pure, and represents perfection.

White color can go with almost any shade, but you may want to keep it simple yet elegant using monochromatic color. Paint the ceiling white and put some wall coverings or paintings in similar color tone with the bed sheets, the desk, and rug.

If you want to give an extra touch of color, play with the ornaments such as a vase of flowers or wooden wall hangings.

12. Go for Brown and Rustic Decoration for Bedroom Paint Ideas

Brown Decoration Bedroom Paint Ideas


Let nature take its course. Another way to steer your bedroom in a rustic way is using brown; the color of Mother Nature. The idea is to give your room a sense of simplicity and evoke warmth in a more comfortable nest.

For the bed, employ the use of weathered woods and leave it unpolished where it has appealing roughness; simply apply the coating would do. Combine with wooden floor and raw wood material for the buffer ornaments to create a better aesthetic.

When everything brown looks boring to you, add some other rustic colors such as teal haze, forest valley, or red maple that’ll go along pretty well.

13. Lavender and Yellow Creates the Lightest Mood in Bedroom Paint Ideas

Lavender and Yellow Bedroom Paint Ideas


The combination of lavender and yellow may look pretty contrasting, but they can actually complement each other for a little color variation. But keep in mind: no blue. Lavender and blue have similar tone or shade that you want to avoid if desiring for anything diverges.

Place lavender bed with a yellow covering or vice versa, and use bold tangerine for the accent wall, for example. The bright and sunny element of yellow will complement the soothing quality of lavender.

Together, the colors will make decent bedroom paint ideas. Add some contrasting wall hangings and paint the ceiling in light yellow for a brighter ambiance.

14. Colorful Bedroom Paint Ideas with DIY Pattern

Bedroom Paint Ideas with DIY Pattern

Embodying colorful life in your bedroom paint ideas signifies that you are a cheerful person, and are up to anything. Colorful-patterned accent wall is easy to create, and fit for any decoration. Here’s how you can make the design:

  • Chevrons pattern is easy to create a higher-end look. Use tape to paint the zigzagged accent with color gradation.
  • The striped pattern is elegant and adjustable with your room size; if it’s small, paint it with a width of 6 inches; if it is large with high ceiling, paint the stripes with a width of 12 inches for a bolder impact.
  • Make sure you use the similar color tone for the other ornaments to match with the decoration.

15. French-Inspired Bedroom Paint Ideas with All-White Decoration

Bedroom Paint Ideas with All-White Decoration


Diffusing bedroom paint ideas with French-style decoration is not a heavy task. To be frank, there’s not much going on in French bedroom; no bold colors, no significant accents, and no overbearing ornaments.

To decorate your bedroom with French style, all you need to have is white. Sit a white king-sized in the center of the room, also white; and place a white drawer with white-nuanced lamps.

Generally speaking, the French take this inspiration from the fancy Parisian hotels. An all-white bedroom can slay the look effortlessly.

16. Purple Color for A Better Self-Indulgence in Bedroom Paint Ideas

Purple Bedroom Paint Ideas


You’ve had the all-white decoration; now it’s time for purple to take over. Known for its luxurious quality, the color is suitable for bedroom color ideas to create a royal picture. Using purple will fill your bedroom with dream-like characteristics.

To stimulate your sense, use stronger shades of purple throughout the wall. When combined with pink, purple can be pretty and ladylike, but it turns to be surprisingly refreshing when coupled with white.

Decorate the room with purple-toned wall coverings, white bedding, and quilted rug. Place it under a cushioned chair for extra indulgence.

17. Bedroom Paint Ideas with Subtle Colors for Fresh and Fun Atmosphere

Bedroom Paint Ideas with Subtle Colors


Subtler also means softer. You can draw inspiration from colors like icy blue or minty green that leave the impression of bright without overstating the room.

Subtle colors are suitable for people who don’t like blinding shades but want something more vivid. Pastel green such as celery or pistachio goes well with classic ornament.

Although it’s a pastel shade, it doesn’t look at all pastel and more of elegant-like vibrant.

18. Darker Tone for Masculine Bedroom Paint Ideas with Bold Decoration

Masculine Bedroom Paint Ideas


Once you go for masculine bedroom paint ideas, the only thing that’ll come to mind is something esoteric and minimalist. The idea of a masculine bedroom is to keep up with simplicity in the most sophisticated way.

You can make everything comfortable using deep and dark color for a cooler atmosphere. For instance, put black cushioning and bedding, and combine with grey paint.

The picture shows a polished, simple, and mature design where function dominates transcendently. Decorate your bedroom using simple ornaments and classic chandelier lighting for bolder details.

19. Shimmer Your Bedroom Paint Ideas with Jewel-Like Color

Bedroom Paint Ideas with Jewel-Like Color


Rich in royalty quality, gold, and other jewel-like colors make the perfect bedroom paint ideas. The design is intentionally made to catch the eyes and represents understanding in knowledge.

Dark gold shades can work flawlessly with damask or faux bois pattern that is painted in lighter hues. Use white or cream for the furnishing to complement the bedroom look, with nice gold Overdyed or Persian rug.

If possible, adding glitter here and there can boost its glamorous effect and features wealth.

20. Be Adventurous with Boho-Style Bedroom Paint Ideas

Boho-Style Bedroom Paint Ideas

Bohemians are free-spirited that will go for no one’s opinion. To design bedroom paint ideas with boho style, you can try anything that comes to mind. One remarkable feature of the boho-styled bedroom is colorful patterns-blending; oh, and eclectic.

You can start by adding drapery textiles on the wall and ceiling in brown or red; place damask style carpet and lights across the room for a warmer atmosphere. Plants also make the best friend in boho-styled bedroom painting ideas.

The architectural design should be unique and define your own style. In general, orange, brown, red, yellow, and terra cotta or anything in saturated hues is best-complemented colors for boho style.

What do you think of those bedroom paint ideas? Be sure to take one and gleam in your rested mind while enjoying the décor.

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