7 Birthday Cake Ideas Inspired by Fantasy Fictions (Geeky but Delicious!)

lord of the rings cake

Birthday is a special day for everyone, and a perfect cake will seal the deal. Fantasy fictions create some of the best birthday cake ideas.

Surprise your loved one with a creative cake that displays the best features of his/her favorite fantasy fictions!

1. Potter Birthday Cake Ideas

harry potter cake


Creative Harry Potter cakes will make fans of any ages happy. Simple white cake with Sorting Hat, HP letters, Golden Snitch, and Gryffindor scarf (like in the image) is a reference everyone will instantly get.

Want more variations?

Change the color of the scarf to represent favorite Hogwarts house.

For more details, create Hogwarts house symbol on the cake, or be more literal with a stack of “books”, consisting of all Harry Potter books cake with titles from icing.

You can get more creative with unusual cake shape. A big Golden Snitch ball, for example, will impress all the birthday guests.

Also, do you know that Mrs. Wesley actually makes a Golden Snitch cake in the last Harry Potter book?

2. Tolkien-inspired Birthday Cakes

 lord of the rings cake


J. R. R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth has inspired various cake projects, both for adults and children.

The most popular idea is creating a cake with The One Ring inscriptions around it. Book-shaped cake with titles like The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings is also popular.

If you have extra budget or creativity, more detailed cakes will truly bring Middle-earth into the birthday celebration.

Hobbit house, Minas Tirith, or a detailed red dragon figure will make your birthday cake memorable.

3. Hunger Games Trilogy Cakes


The Hunger Games trilogy will make a great birthday cake theme for teenage boys and girls.

You can choose iconic images, such as the Mockingjay pin or district symbols from the book’s world, to adorn the surface of the cake.

If you want something with the simpler layout, you can always go for the book shapes, which are among the most popular birthday cake ideas.

The trilogy has distinctive cover colors for its U.S editions (black, red, blue), which will make your cake really stands out.

You can be more detailed with decorations that represent every district, such as fish for District 4, fruits for District 11, coal for District 12. Or, get the spirit of Girl on Fire by decorating the cake with flames!

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4. Quirky, Alice-inspired Birthday Cakes

Get creative with fantasy theme with quirky ideas based on Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland.

Since Alice goes to the world where proportions don’t matter, you can get crazy with the shape by altering structures and mixing colors.

The above cake, for example, offers the diverse mix of colors and shapes in the design. While the cake looks perfect for girls, it is by no means simple.

The proportion and shape are a little twisted, creating the quirky look just like the world Alice visits in the story.

To create a more familiar look, add elements that are featured heavily in the book. Playing cards, Queen of Heart’s symbol, white rabbit, and pocket watch can be featured on the cake’s decorations, creating more direct reference.

5. Birthday Cakes with Classic Novel Quotes

shakespeare themed cake


Writing is not a strange decoration to put on a birthday cake, but what if the text is taken from famous novels? Inspirational quotes can be artsy birthday cake ideas.

There are many fun or pretty quotes you can put on the cake, such as:

  • “With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come” (from Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice)
  • “Happy Birthday, Seaweed Brain” (from Rick Riordian’s The Last Olympian)
  • “Grow Old Along with Me!” (from poet Robert Browning)

Whether funny, inspirational, or touching, quotes can be really personal decorations for a birthday cake.

You can add other elements from the related book, so everyone will instantly get the reference.

6. Cakes with Magical Creature Toppers

Wedding cake topper


Iconic magical creatures from fantasy world are the easiest options for fantasy cake toppers, something that many people already know.

Inspirations from popular fairy tales or folktale can be instantly recognizable, and help you prepare a fantasy-related surprise.

Dwarves, elves, fairies, dragons, or mermaids are perfect toppers for boys and girls, especially if the birthday kids have no particular leaning toward certain fantasy fictions. Fantastic decorations will brighten up any kids during their special day.

7. Cakes Inspired by Foods in Fiction

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory cake


Many fantasy fictions have iconic foods that are eaten by characters in the books. They can be “real-life” foods, or fantastic treats the authors invented for their stories. Here are some ideas:

  • Assorted candies from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Leaf-wrapped bread from Lord of the Rings
  • Carrot farm from Jan Peck’s The Giant Carrot (and other numerous children’s books)

When you bring the cake design to the bakery, make sure to describe the fantasy foods in great details so the shapes can be translated properly to the cake.

Fantasy fiction lovers will appreciate creative references of their favorites on special days, including their birthdays.

Incorporating the fantasy fictions into birthday cake ideas is something that will make any birthday celebration more exciting.

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