20 Modern Boys Bedroom Ideas (Represents Toddler’s Personality)

cool boys bedroom ideas

Boys Bedroom Ideas – When your boy has grown up, he starts to be more active everyday with many super activities. It is also true as parents, you will support everything to them, particularly in designing the best space for your toddler.

Because the room’s design also has a contributive role to form your kids’ development, evoke his excitement by modifying his room like what is appealing him.You and your lovely one also can incorporate other’s inspirations with his favorite style.

If you face a bit confuse to find out, Take your time, we will show you 20 best boy room ideas before you pick up one that really represents his character. Now take your time to figure out!

1. Cheerful Play House Boys Bedroom Ideas

boys bedroom ideas for small rooms

Boys Bedroom Ideas by homedesignlover.com

Kids’ room familiarly relates with fun and attractive vibes to divert they boredom. So whether the room large or small, make sure to give a little plenty of space to put his toys and stuff. Designate a special area to pour their various actions through playhouse concept!

Firstly, use different vibrant color to make this room lively. Pick some of their favorite robot characters as wall art accent. Fill featured wall with symmetry frames arrangement with their favorite pictures. Let its colors go balance with aligned scheme.

Paint the whole wall with off-white hue to normalize its look and make it more spacious and clean. Surrounding bedding zone with a calm look to rest his eyes, choose neutral color for furniture element. Accentuate it with their favorite robots for the cushion patterns.

The last, to set a convenient and safe space for your boys to play on the floor, choose anti-bacterial wooden material. You don’t need to worry when they spend their entire day playing on the floor!

2. Modern Superhero Boys Bedroom Ideas

boys bedroom ideas for small rooms

Boys Bedroom Ideas by pinterest.co.uk

Create a whimsical look yet super fun space to your little batman! If you want a fully batmen atmosphere without leaving a modern and simple vibrant, you can combine these styles into a monochromatic superhero. Some considerations are outlined below:

  • To get overwhelmed of superhero spirit, Place wall sticker with identical piece of batman character. Complement it with skyscraper silhouette as your toddler background while playing role.
  • Complement his superhero accessories with his name initial to mark your toddler zone.
  • Incorporate your modern design with industrial charm through bedframe, standing storage, nightstand and lamp design to a boyish look.
  • Be consistent with color selection by choosing black and white palette to overall look and get a perky.
  • Dress your comfortable quilt with white color, which is accentuated by batman symbols. Quite enough to attract someone attention to come in!

Besides it looks modern and fun, white color, as the room background will always lead your kids’ room to be clean and bright.

3. Adventurous Treehouse Boys Bedroom Ideas

Circus Themed Boys Bedroom Ideas

Boys Bedroom Ideas by architectureartdesigns.com

Treehouse may be perfect idea to your adventurous toddler. Create a special atmosphere by adding wide-range of nature’s accouterments into his space.

    • Add a striking accent into a featured wall by drawing a huge tree to enliven a greenery and cool sense.
    • Attach “play-house” area above the bed and link them with suspension bridge. Choose rope and wood material for a natural vibe. Dress bed cover with neutral color of brown.
    • Complete it with rustic material to his desk and chair for a warm and natural look.
    • Put a thick and soft carpet so you don’t need to worry if your toddler will be down and potentially get hurts while playing. Hang a gorgeous hammock below the house so he can feel perfectly lying on the real open space.

Now the room is such a perfect character fitted to your little adventurous in finding more inspirations!

4. Play with Attractive Wall Sticker

Creative Wall Sticker boys bedroom ideas

Boys Bedroom Ideas by tenstickers.co.uk

Focusing on wall ideas also potentially stimulate your little boys’ visual ability and creativity. Put a super eye-catching and attractive car wall-sticker, so he can play and learn about transportation at the same time!

For its paint idea, play with premier color combination to wall stickers. Paint finishing wall with sky charm to get a calm look yet very playful. Wooden material on the floor and bedding set give a calming feel, make slumbering is a fun and bliss to your boisterous toddler.

Don’t underestimate every single detail on the room. Little accent on the cabinet’s handle and bed cover with sky blue color build a perfect cohesive look with the wall. A playful concept combined with natural calm scheme is a perfect space to rest and playing!

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5. Eclectic Boys Bedroom Ideas

Eclectic Boys Bedroom Ideas

Boys Bedroom Ideas by thebooandtheboy.com

To reach a vivid and interesting room, combine various styles of industrial, classic and Scandinavian room to your old toddler’s dreamy space.

Don’t limit yourself to the vibrant color with homogenous textures only!! If your child asks a restful space yet comfortable, go with almost all neutral tones such as brown, grey, white, and a little red and yellow touch.

To attract more attention to his room, add a Scandinavian tent as his contemplation room or reading nook. Play with various-ranged of textures.

Opt fur material appearing on the layer rug and double side quilt to reach a calm vibe and relaxing. Complement it with stripes pattern to the pillow.

Play with industrial element through standing lamp and the sculptural tree branch chandelier as his best companion while sleeping. Now your kid’s eclectic room is super inviting!

6. Peacefull Studying Space for Boys Bedroom Ideas

Study Room Theme boys bedroom ideas decorating

Boys Bedroom Ideas by pinterest.co.uk

Instead of considering a perfect space to play and rest, setting a comfortable and enjoyable studying space is a must!

Since your older boy has entered to school and will reach a higher education, it is a perfect time to create a mature flair to your older boys bedroom and studying area.

  • To get a cool boys bedroom that accommodates learning space area, go with muted blue and white scheme as an inviting combination for a peaceful and restful room.
  • Create as many as functional storage on the studying spot, such as hanging rack and wheel cabinet so your child easily reaches his school stuff.
  • To create room looks wider, optimizing your bed as additional storage with lots of drawers. It also may help your kid for ease keeping the stuff. The room will be quite organized and tidy.
  • Complete the room nuance by adding eye-catching window curtain and perfect color scheme of pillow cushion and its quilt with neutral color. Neutral scheme will never go wrong for a long time!

Now through the room design, homework time might just be a little easier to your lovely one!

7. Breathtaking Safari Boys Bedroom Ideas

Safari boys bedroom designs ideas

Boys Bedroom Ideas by candysdirt.com

Are your twin toddlers a big fan of lion king? This is the right time to surprise them with an overwhelmed safari retreat! Set every single spot with lively touch, as many as similar like the real savannah.

Start with designing an incredible safari car as their bedding area. Play with army color and brown scheme to fit into safari theme. Accentuate it with vintage lantern hanging on the car that may accompany them in the night.

For color scheme, choose white hue for overall background look to stress safari stuff’s as the focal point. Indeed, neutral color never goes wrong!

Add these super real animal dolls to activate “safari” atmosphere. Spread them into different spot with super cute pose.

The last, to accentuate a dramatic nuance of savannah, create a full moon wall art as a real background. Now your children room is ready to inspire other little hunters!

8. Sophisticated Climb Wall Boys Bedroom Ideas

boys bedroom colours ideas

Boys Bedroom Ideas by contemporist.com

Allocate his super active personality with positive outdoor activities that you can set inside his sleeping space. Fun is endless when his hobby comes from room decoration!

If you have a quite high of room elevation, you can maximize its wall space by creating an attractive climb wall. Paint it with colorful schemes to get energetic charm.

Don’t forget to set mattress heading on the climb wall to keep him safe while climbing. Safety is your primary priority!

Add wooden schemes to his loft bed, desk, and floor to get a natural look and long lasting. Now your kid’s room will make everyone super excited to enter and play!

9. American Football Boys Bedroom Ideas

American Football Boys Bedroom Ideas

Boys Bedroom Ideas by rhbabyandchild.com

Add his favorite sport inside his bedding space to be a super cool look to your little American football captain! Here some steps to look its room more amazing:

  • Play with neutral pallets that represents American football’ character. Use wood scheme on the furnishing to get a warm yet masculine look.
  • Attach an industrial stars lamp as a focal point, romantic retreat to accompany him in the bedtime.
  • Incorporate industrial-styled with gorgeous standing lamp and chair that is sure to grow everlasting as he grows older.
  • Last but not least, cover the entire floor with bold stripes rug to a playful charm and comfort feel.

More energy released should be started from an inspiring space!

10. Inspiring Built-in Window Bedroom

boys small bedroom ideas

Boys Bedroom Ideas by bhg.com

Create another excitement spot to your 10 years old toddler by optimizing window through built-in window seat and cabinet. Here some steps you can follow to get a perfect look to its area:

  • Surrounding window with multifunctional custom cabinet as his toys storage. Organized storage will teach him to put his stuff on the right place and learn to keep his room always clean in an orderly manner.
  • Use off-white scheme to entire versatile cabinet and let the accessories work as the room accents. This neutral cabinet can always go with your toddler when he has grown up.
  • Set a cozy spot to kill his boredom by placing a custom sofa which heading on the window. So he can enjoy a picturesque view outside while playing inside. Play with red color to enliven the window area.
  • Get a fun vibes in white background by hanging bold-colored curtains.
  • Set a playful tone by embracing red and blue colors. Repeat a particular element to create a sharp look into the loft bed, sofa, and pillow. A whimsical and super attractive space to giggling with friends

11. Circus Themed Boys Bedroom Ideas

Circus Themed Boys Bedroom Ideas

Boys Bedroom Ideas by designspongeonline.com

Challenging your toddler’s room with unpredictable bedroom concept through circus-themed room to an active imagination!

  • Place a mini ferris wheel as a focal point and transform it into a super cool toys’ storage. It may be a super friendly kids’ storage through wheel rotation system. So your little boys can turn the wheel easily when he wants to keep his toys by himself.
  • Use a calm scheme to entire room. Paint the whole wall with muted mint to get a peaceful nuance yet eye-catching look. Balance it with red accent into the rug, small accessories, and the bold of window curtain. Don’t accentuate it too much for a balance look!
  • Bring in woody tones for a rustic look to your furnishing. To optimize the space for a small room, create multifunctional bedding set which can be utilized as nightstand and bench as well.
  • Add an extra lighting with retro bulbs that attached on the featured wall to enliven a “festival” feel.
  • Just need to give a white touch on bed pillow cover for a restful room and balance look.

Unpredictable concept is always amazing for stimulating your lovely toddler’ creativity!

12. Warm and Masculine Orange Boys Bedroom Ideas

Warm Orange boys bedroom paint ideas

Boys Bedroom Ideas by realsimple.com

Lets incorporate monochromatic concept to get a different sense of your kids’ room. This modern room with orange touch evokes a playful feeling without being babyish anymore.

  • Orange shade on the featured wall complement white black color frame the overall room’s appealing, make it lively and warm.
  • Create gorgeous displays with asymmetric square frames on the featured wall and shelves with the toys.
  • Put a small touch of old stuff to his bedroom to get a contemporary accent.
  • Be bold to explore various patterns into his room. Go through monochromatic pattern, appearing on blanket, rug and wallpaper. Don’t worry with a perky look due to patterns, it still gives off a chic charms and dynamic look as long as you are smart enough to combine the right pattern.
  • Even though orange and black produce a strong nuance, white shade is predominantly used to normalize its look for a perfect peaceful bedroom.

13. Cool Canopy Boys Bedroom

Fantastic Curtain Bedroom

Boys Bedroom Ideas by kidsfurnituresale.com

Remove a monotonous feel by playing with bed canopy as a new focal point yet masculine. Here some tips you may try:

  • Display the bed canopy boys above the bed with three mini curtain rods and display them similar like a tent form.
  • Make an extra cozy room with parachute material with navy tone for a boyish feel.
  • To get a boyish look, choose predominantly wooden scheme with navy accent.
  • To reach a full of coziness meaning to the bedroom, dress bedding set with soft quilt material. Play with simple pattern, which is still in neutral color scheme. Accentuate his bed with starts navy blanket to a fun look.
  • Keeping his furniture with solid color. Opt vintage-wooden furniture for an inviting room. So you can easily modify the room style as he wish.
  • Clean white walls and ceiling paired with warm, wood tone furnishings create a classic elegance.

Bed curtain, another soft headboard with a super easy way to match!

14. Dinosaurs Boys Bedroom Ideas

Dinosaurs boys bedroom wallpaper

Boys Bedroom Ideas by zeppy.io

Give your toddler opportunity to spend his entire day with his adorable dinosaurs! If you dream a playful room with a slow charm, try analogous color with green, blue, and orange combination. Mute the orange tone to avoid too much intensity.

A cheerful nuance is built through dinosaurs’ character that placing on the wallpaper, poster, accessories and cushion cover.

Be brave to create experiment with other’s wall spot with bold stripes wallpaper. It looks definitely matched to the entire room with aligned color. The last, leave a higher room sense optically through Vertical stripes as the wallpaper.

Since patterns have been spread to the entire room, opt a simple bedding set style with predominant blue gradation for a fresh look.

The room is quite controllable when it is engaged with rustic furnishing. Now your dinosaurs’ fan is ready to dream of with his favorite one!

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15. Boys Bedroom Ideas On a Budget

Boys Bedroom Ideas On a Budget

Boys Bedroom Ideas by gltc.co.uk

Think out of the box! For an instant playtime vibe and optimizing a small bedroom, now drawer is also possible to be your kid’ favorite spot to play! These steps to support this idea:

  • Customize a wheel drawer beneath on the bed as a playing board. Breaking down drawer into two parts, where the top area is used as a playing base while the bottom as the toys storage.
  • Transform drawers as a board game when he pulls and builds their artificial construction elements.
  • Low drawer with wheels is totally reachable and easy to move, Separation storage with specific toys stimulate the kid to manage their toys based on what he needs.
  • Use a natural furnishing element so it can be matched with bold toys color.
  • Let the drawers as a focal point. Leave a neutral appearance for the overall look. Implement it into bedding area and floor and accentuate it with his favorite dinosaurs character for a fun retreat.

A hidden train track behind the bed concept, a must smart idea to try!

16. Fancy Aviation Themed Boys Bedroom Ideas

Aviation Themed Boys Bedroom Ideas

Boys Bedroom Ideas by hgtv.com

Another interesting idea that your son will definitely love! Surprise your little pilot with a new fancy airplane bed as his central piece. To activate a sky vibe in his room, some steps are outlined below:

  • Designate special spot area to place a fancy plane bed. Let it empty like in the sky and to get a simply yet elegant charm.
  • Support a sky environment by complementing sky-worthy accent like a cloud painting and a huge map on the wall, motivating him to be a real pilot.
  • A huge compass accents the ceiling as his best guidance while flying.
  • Create runway with neutral tone of light brown. It matches with overall themed bedroom.
  • Optimize natural windows for a fresh air and natural light.

17. Basketball Star Bedroom Ideas

boys bedroom themes ideas

Boys Bedroom Ideas by stylisheve.com

For a young basketball player, transform the room with superstar basketball theme. Here some ideas you may incorporate to enliven the theme:

  • Create a loft bed that can be divided into two separation rooms, top as s storage area, where he can put these trophies. While beneath as bedding and studying area with multifunctional storage as well.
  • Opt a natural loft bed with white shade, so you can easily modify his mezzanine since he will change quickly and his hobby may be changed too.
  • Choose the color carefully to avoid to getting overdone. Choose a broken white for the entire look, and take blue and orange tone as a basketball accent.
  • Basketball ring and the court line is the head turner. These such a perfect room feature to get a real vibe of basketball arena! Super simple yet still in a very playful vibe!
  • Interestingly, provide a punching bang to keep him constantly fit and support his stamina.

18. Perfect Nautical Boys Bedroom Ideas

Nautical little boys bedroom ideas

Boys Bedroom Ideas by wallmuralsgallery.com

Let your little sailor go on a sailing adventure with his friends through a perfect nautical bedroom. Create a fancy boat bed and idyllic sail for a real look as a big hit to your little explorer.

Play with navy shade for a sailor vibe, placing it into the entire wall and fur rug for a convenient space to play.

Give a little accent yet attractive by adding sailor accouterments, such as starts handcraft attached on the wall, eye catchy red and white of buoy to enliven “sailor” character.

Bring in woody tones for a rustic look by using the wooden ceiling and floor to represent a natural retreat and visually spacious.

The last, Complement it with sailor pattern with these color schemes to a perfect matched. Go for off-white tone of furnishing to a calm look yet gorgeous! Now your toddler and friends are ready to sail!

19. Spaced Boys Bedroom Ideas

boys bedroom ideas decorating

Boys Bedroom Ideas by pinterest.co.uk

Create an enjoyable vibe while learning about solar system. Draw an attractive-galaxy wall mural on the ceiling area.

Choose glow in the dark paint color for an interesting look when the lamp is switched off. So the bedtime will always be the most awaiting moment to him.

Hang the solar systems modeling to create a strong spaceships accent. Use the overall look with sky blue colors and dress his bedding set with aligned solar system’s pattern.

Matched color on the quilt set for a cohesive look yet totally calm. Incorporate blue hue with neutral material on the furnishings for a balance look yet inviting!

20. Natural Bedroom and Smart Storage

Natural boys bedroom accessories

Boys Bedroom Ideas by rooflab.blogspot.co.id

If you face a burden storage issue but still dreaming for a spacious room with an indoor open space, you may incorporate these steps into your kids’ bedroom:

  • Maximizing each spot with built-in cabinet to place your toddler’ reading set and toys.
  • Play with nature charm by placing greenery element like grass carpet as the best spot to have a small indoor-picnic and play mini baseball. Choose nature color tone with blue, green, and wooden scheme. Repeat it in furnishing and bedroom accessories.
  • To get a bright look and outdoor vibe, cover the entire ceiling with amazing sky wall sticker. Let your little baseball player enjoy the weather!
  • Use transparent curtains to soft separation for open walk-in closet. Now your kid finally owns his indoor field with a smart way!

So, what do you think? This is absolutely true creating your boy’s room is not an easy tasks, it requires more attention and consideration to do this.

His interests’ matter is a must too. Since the room’s design also has a contributive role to form your kids’ development, you can discuss and ask your little boy to know what he actually need.

This way is also to encourage his imagination and creativity. Make it fun! Enjoy your creative journey with your lovely one.

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