Superb 7 Engagement Party Ideas for Travelling Enthusiasts (While Staying On a Budget)

When traveling is your life, you would want to celebrate it with your loved one. Incorporate traveling hobby into engagement party ideas is great to create the most memorable day in your life. Here are some ideas you can try for your own party.

1. Invitation Engagement Party Ideas

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Make your party memorable right from the start. A unique travel-themed invitation will delight your guests, even the nontravelers! Don’t forget to use appropriate invitation wording that makes imagination soar.

This creative invitation, for example, depicts two different U. S. states where the couple met, live together, and later got married.

The simplicity of wordings accompanies the meaningful design. A little red heart accent spices up the invitation, making the special day memorable.

If you want something more unique and meaningful, make invitations in the form of passports. Use the original passport cover, but change the contents to introduce you and your mate. Your guests will get charmed with such cute invitations!

2. Outdoor Engagement Photoshoot and Party

engagement photosoot

If you have a small budget, having a backyard party instead of indoor will go well with the adventurous theme. Use a wildlife locale near your residence as the venue, such as small forest or pond. You can also pick a nearby public destination, such as a lake or beach.

Show off your adventurous side by having an outdoor photoshoot. Make it fun by combining rustic outdoor scene (forest, river) with prim costumes. Cocktail dress and collared shirt definitely look standout when you wear them in the forest!

3. Vintage Trip-inspired Party Decorations

travel themed wedding

Incorporate retro charm in your engagement party ideas using vintage travel kits for decorations. Here are things you can incorporate:

  • Party banners from luggage tag-shaped paper and old postcards
  • Vintage maps with countries circled, to symbolize the destinations you have visited/want to visit together
  • Old suitcases to display flowers, with balloons attached on them

The best thing about this idea? You can use old stuff you can find in the garage for the decorations, and further, save the money.

4. Romantic Candle Light Engagement

Candle Light Engagement

Spice up a classic candlelight dinner party with the travel theme. Have a nice outdoor setting, with rustic wooden table and wooden chairs. Decorate the table with fresh flowers and fallen leaves, to match the outdoor adventure theme.

Create rustic centerpieces by stacking travel journals with a small globe on top. Or, use a traveling mug to arrange flowers, dry twigs, and wild grasses. Better yet, hide the surprise engagement ring in the small globe!

Have a variety of global foods to serve in the candlelight dinner. For example, you can have samosa or bruschetta for the appetizer, curry rice or filet mignon for the main course, and gelato or tiramisu for dessert.

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5. Adventurous Gifts and Party Favors

Travel-themed creative gifts will create an adventurous vibe in the room. Use luggage-shaped boxes to pack the party favors, and put them on a table with “Baggage Claim” board, which will invite smiles from your friends.

Use your travel-themed engagement party ideas to encourage your guests for taking the trip themselves. Here are the practical party favors you can include:

  • Colorful travel journals with blank sheets
  • Passport wallets
  • Pressed hand towel cube (grow into its original size after washing.
  • Miniature booze
  • Travel-size supply cases for personal supplies (soap, shampoo, lotion)

Include some simple kid’s toys like origami paper and candies if the guests bring kids. Make the party favor bags more personal by attaching “luggage tags” with each guest’s name!

6. Diverse Party Foods and Snacks

Party Foods and Snacks

Take your guests to your favorite destinations by serving diverse foods and snacks. Exotic food options, such as tropical fruits, Asian finger foods, and imported snacks, show off your knowledge about world cuisine’s diversity.

If you love adventurous trips, don’t hesitate about serving daring foods. Deer jerky, various BBQ foods, scorpion lollipops, and traditional desserts from various countries will attract your guests’ curiosity. However, prepare other “normal” foods so everyone can enjoy their time.

Want to stick to general options? Pick a food type, and serve its culturally diverse versions. For example, if you want to serve sandwiches, choose several types from various countries, such as Cuban, Cajun, Vietnamese, or Mexican.

7. Travel-themed Games for Everyone

Travel-themed Games for Everyone

Travel-themed games at your engagement party should be easy enough to be played by everyone, but not too tiring or difficult. Prepare paper roll, tissue, and various fabrics, and challenge your guests in impromptu “dressing race” based on names of countries.

Another simple but fun game is a guessing game. Guests are divided into pairs, and one uses gestures to describe a country. The other must guess it using only “Yes/No” questions. The winner can get a special prize that is excluded from the party favors.

Traveling feels best if you do it with your loved one. These engagement party ideas are the perfect start to have adventures in your next phase of life!

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