7 Astonishing Floating Shelves Ideas (Highlight Your Space)

Heavy Duty Floating Shelves ideas

Do you need some extra spaces to store the goods at your super skinny house? Why don’t you utilize the key element of your dwelling – the wall?

The tricky way to make the best use of the brick structure is to create the handy DIY floating shelves. They bring out both simplicity and appealing interior fashion.

With your own extraordinary creativity plus these 7 remarkable floating shelves ideas, the furnishings will find their impeccable shape.

1. Boost Your Mood with the Rustic Wood Floating Shelves!

Rustic Wood Floating Shelves ideas


Impress your guests with the stylish creation calling forth the timeless country charm throughout your corner with the rustic wood floating shelves. The two piece-set does match with a lighter backdrop – butterscotch for instance.

To accentuate the soothing farmhouse surrounding, picking out the walnut base is such a nice preference. The saving-space furniture is where you can place your favorite objects from rare antiques to sweet knickknacks.

Is it complicated to stick the wooden shelves? The response is definitely no.

2. Many appeals from Heavy Duty Floating Shelves

Heavy Duty Floating Shelves ideas


Living up to its name meaning to bear a burden, the floating shelves called heavy duty are invented to ease the homeowners to lay down dishware and crystal glass objects. The sets of wooden chunky board fit for your both kitchen and living space.

The feature of this typical selection allows you to apply any timber. Unless you don’t want it long-lasting, the hardwoods would be utmost and awesome. Meanwhile, the softer ones build the lovable refined finish.

Earlier than constructing this, consider, in good sooth, the thickness of the lumber – it should be at least 7 inches deep.

3. Stunning Cube Floating Shelves to Attract Your Kids

Cube Floating Shelves ideas


One of the trendiest floating shelves ideas that won’t be dismissed by your children’s attention should be no other than the cube floating shelves. One out of these two lists might strike a chord with you:

  • Contemporary Cube Floating Shelves

These modern style drifting pieces attached to your brilliant wall are able to send out the leading-edge elegance. Not only is this catchy thing rich in wood-like finish corresponding to your lifestyle but also the budget.

  • Retro Cube Floating Shelves

These sorts boast a number of colors and forms you can go for a pick. The lustrous surface and unusual artistic touch will make your heart melt and your jaw drop. The 3 pieces nicely arranged from small to big are masterly.

4. Ignite the Vibe with Modern Glass Floating Shelves!

Modern Glass Floating Shelves ideas


Your next DIY idea is the modern glass floating shelves. The centerpiece of this transparent kind is, for sure, not only the glass component but also the brackets ranging from silver to chrome. The rectangle variety is likely more celebrated.

The ground why most homeowners select this one begins when the wooden shelves look weighty or might be monotonous. Arguably, the glass sort is such a recommended alternative enriching the zeal in the entire house corners of yours.

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5. Espresso Floating Shelves for the Upscale Room’s Warmth

Accenting the bottom line of your interior’s grace with espresso floating shelves is such a precise step while having the DIY. Made up of solid dark wood, this limelight is capable of sparking either your resting nest or kitchen with the jet black witchery.

Instead of coming with the regular pattern just like the rests, this swarthy guy features a motley range of variety you surely favor. Finding the quirky look for the advanced decoration? Go get the intersecting variation or the one with U shape.

6. Maximize Your Cramped Space by the L-Shaped Corner Floating Shelves

L-Shaped Corner Floating Shelves ideas


Are you fed-up knowing the fact you have no more space for chic decoration? Get rid of your dismay and take advantage of the remaining part – the corner. For the execution, we suggest you apply the L-shaped corner floating shelves.

Establishing this cool wooden furnishing is at the flick of a switch. You definitely require several materials such as plywood, timber, poplar, as well as beadboard. Bear in mind that determining the depth of the shelves is such a vital point.

7. Stainless Steel Floating Shelves for More Inspirational Solution

Stainless Steel Floating Shelves ideas


The stainless steel floating shelves positively lead the interior sophistication to the higher stage. These metal-based units use the long mounting frame already integrated so that you could attach them to the wall easily.

Here are some advantages of installing the stainless steel floating shelves:

  • In the term of durability, one of these inspiring floating shelves ideas is superior. The shiny pieces can be there on the wall for a couple of decades.
  • The shelves have clean, sleek details on each angle.

Finally, those floating shelves ideas offer a dazzling array of aesthetic values that make your livelong space look more up-to-date and enticing. Go choose your liking.

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