7 Creative Gender Reveal Party Ideas for Instagram-Ready Photos

gender reveal party decorations

Revealing the gender of your unborn child (or children) will be a special event with these gender reveal party ideas. From cute snacks to creative games, you can create Instagram-worthy photos and great memories for everyone. Here are some ideas you can copy.

1. Gender Reveal Sweet Foods Party Ideas

baby shower party favors


Create your own “bun in the oven” to surprise your guests. Here is how you can use sweet foods to announce the baby’s gender:

  • Bake a pink cake for girl or blue for boy. When the cake is almost ready, gather the guests in the kitchen, and take out the cake.
  • Bring out sweet buns wrapped in cloth to reveal, with pink or blue toppings. You can also write “It’s a boy/girl” on top.
  • Order cupcakes with pink or blue frosting. Give individual cupcake box to each guest, and ask them to open the box together.

You can also plan this reveal with other sweet food types, such as cookies or pudding. Just make sure the decorations are instantly recognizable.

2. Gender Surprise with Party Balloons/Piñata

make a donkey pinata


Gender reveal balloon popping is a classic way to surprise your guests. Fill a neutral-colored balloon with blue or pink confetti (or both, if there are multiple babies with different genders). Gather the guests before popping it.

One of the most classic gender reveal party ideas is putting a bunch of pink or blue helium balloons in a giant box. Open the box and let the balloons fly, and enjoy the pleasantly surprised expressions from your guests!

Another fun way is to hang a custom piñata and hit it repeatedly until pink or blue confetti, plastic balls, or candies fall out. You can easily find and order custom piñata, which is specifically designed for gender reveal party.

3. Creative Photoshoot to Reveal Gender

Spice up your Instagram album with a unique photoshoot to reveal your baby’s gender. Here are some creative ideas to try:

  • Bring a heart-shaped balloon with an attached box under it (pictured). Draw pink or blue strings from the box for the reveal.
  • Wear a white shirt or dress you can discard. Bring a can of pink/blue paint. Dip your palms into the paint and create handprints on your belly.
  • Have regular poses first, and then take a close-up shot of your belly with a little boy or girl doll.

These simple but unique ideas will surprise everyone in the most memorable ways!

4. Simple but Fun Gender Reveal Games

 Gender Reveal Games


Incorporate simple but fun games in your gender reveal party ideas. You can be a little naughty with the “We’re here for the sex” symbols like in the image above, and offer guests options between boy and girl cards for final voting.

You can also have a balloon dart game. Blow 20 black balloons, and fill one of them with pink or blue paint. Give guests darts and ask them to throw until the filled one is hit. If the babies are twins with different gender, fill one balloon with pink and blue plastic balls.

Another great idea for twins is preparing water gun for your guests, filled with pink and blue-colored water. Stand in the middle, and let them spray to see the genders of your twin babies!

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5. Wrapped/Boxed Gifts for Gender Reveal Surprise

Gender Reveal Surprise


There are many simple but creative party favors or gifts that double as a surprise. Using boxes with both pink and blue colors (like in the image above), put surprise gifts such as a pink or blue mug, tumbler, or cookie jar. If you have twins, put two of the items in each box.

If you have crafting skills, put something that you made in each box, such as crocheted doll, clay bowl, or bead jewelry. Not only it makes cool gender reveal gift, but it also a sign of appreciation for the guests.

6. Gender Reveal Party with Older Siblings

sibling gender reveal photoshoot


Gender reveal party with siblings can be something simple but fun. Buy silly string cans with gender-related color(s). Use them to spray one another while getting everyone surprised. This is simple fun that older kids can enjoy.

You can also prepare a giant cardboard box, wrapped in paper. Put pink/blue ball, playdough, or other toys in it. Ask your older kids to quickly open the present. Make sure they know the meaning of getting a blue or pink item!

Don’t forget your creative photoshoot! You can make the sibling to carry a board with “big sister” or “big brother” written on it. You can also make a custom t-shirt, like in the picture.

7. Gender Reveal during Special Holiday Celebrations

Gender Reveal Celebrations


Finally, if you are approaching any special holiday, just incorporate the gender reveal in the party! Create pink and blue decorations to remind guests that this is a gender reveal party. You can serve pink-and-blue holiday foods, complete with cocktails or punches.

These gender reveal party ideas not only creative and fun, but they will also create the best memories among your families and friends. Plus, your Instagram feed will become more cheerful!

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