20 Fantastic Girls Bedroom Ideas with Inspiring Makeover Tips

amazing girls bedroom ideas

Girls Bedroom Ideas – When you think firstly about modifying your daughter sleeping room, absolutely you will consider her convenience, fun, safety, and importantly psychological aspects, where the room can stimulate her feelings and creativity.

No need to be super pragmatic by directly putting traditional pink nuance to get a girly atmosphere. No worries! This is your opportunity to turn the ordinary bedroom into a Very special retreat.

These 20 girls room inspirations helps you in realizing a perfect little’s dreamy space. Color preference, furniture ideas, and particular tips will be clearly describe to create your daughter’s room to be super attractive! After all, you will know which one represents your toddler’s personality!

1. Character Bedroom

baby girl bedroom ideas

If your little girls are big fan of some characters, you can place inside their favorite one as the best sleeping companion.

You don’t need to change it by placing their character into a massive furniture or wall. To get an attractive look yet calm, you just need to play with super detail accessories from a wide-range of your little girls’ collections as a focal point.

Place it on the proper spot, such as on the floating shelves. Also some of them can be hanged on the wall for a balance look. Put these collections artistically according to the color scheme arrangement. A big mouse deer doll on the floor contributes to a lively room. Modify your old as their favorite nightstand with multifunctional use.

Dressing bedding area with aligned color scheme and white shade. Complement it with a super cute character rug. The best bedroom solution for everyone who dreams a relaxing space yet a playful bedroom.

2. Play House Girls Bedroom Ideas

girls bedroom furniture ideas

Having a huge space for your little toddler? Inspire others by allocating her special playground area inside her space. Create a small house bedframe as her little kingdom so she can feel deliberately free to arrange her own space.

Designate her playing area under the bed to maximize the space. Accentuate the room with pinky touch on the carpet, bedding area, and her playing furniture. Combine it with neutral color to get a calm look.

The last touch, hang stars pompoms to get a perfect playing house nuance. Now your child is totally enjoy in spending her entire day inside her “private house”!

3. Cozy Hanging Chair Idea

small girls bedroom ideas

Create another excitement and convenient version of your girl’s room by putting a super inviting hanging chair as her relaxing area. To get a full of coziness space, here some steps can be followed to enrich the room accents:

  • To the chair material, opt natural touch like wicker model with light color so it matched perfectly to the rest of the room’s scheme color and looks lighter.
  • Complete it with neutral palette on these cushions and fur blanket as her best companion to elegantly harmonize with surroundings and visually cozy. The eye naturally drawn to the chair area when someone enters the room.
  • Choose a large asymmetric carpet under the chair to complete deep white tone of the overall room, super convenient to accommodate your daughter’s activity on the floor.
  • To echo the simplicity character consistently, placing neutral color and calm pastel touch to her storage and some furniture.

Hanging chair concept, what a perfect addition for coziness space!

4. Beautiful Princess Bedroom

girls bedroom suite ideas

It is a great time to treat your twin daughters like princess. If they are in transitional age and demanding for a calm effect, associate the room with a princess style!

  • Complement pink colors with neutral hue of white to get a bright room and optically spacious.
  • To get a perfect accent, focus on bedding area by dressing it with bed canopy. Complement it with bold polka pattern into your pillow and quilt set to a playful retreat.
  • To the wall idea, paint it with soft pink tone without any ornament to create a peaceful feeling. Avoid too much pink dominance since it can lead to anxiety and agitation.
  • Complement a final touch with classic chandelier for a Victorian vibe. Optimizing natural light by creating big open window to your children room.
  • Choose white scheme to all furnishing item. Solid color can be everlasting so you can easily modify them when their styles are changed.

5. Playful Animal Wall Bedroom

girls pink bedroom ideas

This room is suitable for your child who is a big fan of animal but dreaming for coziness. Safari kids map mural may be a great concept to get a dynamic, cheerful look, and importantly super informative!

Neutral color with off-white hue never goes wrong to set a relaxing charm yet natural. To get overwhelmed animal vibe, complement it with rabbit doll and animal printed on the blanket.

Accentuate the bedding set with orange and white combination for a playful look. For the last touch, complement it with bold stripes rug for a comfort look, as the best place to play on the floor. The neutral color with animal wall murals is totally fun, inspiring and educative!

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6. Stunning Horse-riding Girls Bedroom Ideas

girls bedroom design ideas

Is your child passionate with a particular hobby? Place your daughter’s hobby atmosphere into her space, let the space motivates her everyday! Horse riding room may be a perfect inspiration for your little equestrianism.

To avoid a masculine impression, combine it with neutral palette such as white and black and put pink as the center of attention. Emphasize horse-riding charm through big silhouette wall art.

Maximizing hanging storage attached on the wall as memory space to put her photos and medals. Create a multifunctional bed by optimizing storage area heading on the other side of her bed area.

A perfect idea for releasing her energy!

7. Cheerful Rainbow Girls’ Bedroom Ideas

best girls bedroom ideas

If your daughter is an expressive person, be bold to try rainbow concept. A wide range of color palette totally eases you in determining interior elements.

  • To get a visually bright and feminine look yet still in natural sense, combine it with white hue as the basic color.
  • Dress your bedroom with gorgeous rainbow rug and candy chairs, put them in the center as a focal point. Hang the breathtaking handmade bunting flag to pop her space and enliven the room.
  • Complement it with colorful toys placing on the cabinet area. Focusing on a big ventilation to reflect maximum natural lighting and amazing view inside her room.

Now you don’t need to worry about the color tone. A good try to escape from a monotone!

8. Charming Tosca Girls Bedroom Ideas

older girls girls bedroom ideas

If your older girl is a calm personality and dreams a convenient atmosphere to go relax, choose tosca with white combination for overall room scheme. Opt neutral color the whole furniture for a sustained used.

Dress double side quilt cover with tosca and white shades. Add it with super warm fur blanket to complete her bedding time Exploring unique pattern with aligned color on the pillow cover and cushion to get a matched look yet dynamic.

Transform your old chest into a multifunctional fancy storage that can be used as her container or side table. Turn a balance look by placing chandelier wall sticker and some posters to brisk the room. Don’t forget to complement it with asymmetric tosca rug.

Now playing in her Tosca nuance is a very awaiting!

9. Self-adhesive Wall Girls Bedroom Ideas

decoration bedroom ideas for girls

If you want to stimulate your 10 years old daughter creativity with a simply way, you can express it by spotting self-adhesive wall to your toddler’s room. Its room’s character is appeared by colorful wallpaper that may build a cheerful feeling and enthusiasm in doing positive activities!

  • For the brilliant color ideas, opt white scheme entire the room for the wall base to get a balance and clean look. Choose safe paint material that contains toxic contain into her room.
  • Incorporate it with playful accessories such as dolls and miniature, opt these colors aligned with entire scheme. A predominant touch shows by the bold stripes rug that enlivens the room.
  • Place natural touch through wooden tone on the furnishings and the floor for a natural and balance nuance. Wooden material will remain in the room through all stage of age. So choose a sustain furniture for her grown, since accessories, wall, dolls can be easily changed after she getting older. Hang her pieces of drawing on the wall. Let the pillows and rug to be super expressive look!

Self-adhesive wall with bright color, a good try to create stimulating and energizing atmosphere on children bedroom!

10. Chic Scandinavian Girls Bedroom Ideas

girls bedroom ideas for small rooms

Create a magical look for your precious one by transforming her old room into a stunning Scandinavian vibes. Breaking away from traditional girl room with pink color! Choose muted color of blue, brown and white for a bright look yet calm!

  • To get an all out and fabulous bohemian room, place kids Indian tipi as a reading nook. So she can enjoy her reading time instead of playing in the reading nook.
  • Complement it with tumbler lamp for a warm feeling yet romantic. Complement it with eye-catchy rug that accommodates her activity while playing or freely lying on the floor.
  • Explore the room with wide range types of materials such as linen, fur, tile and wood to get a convenient space yet inviting.

11. Amazing Fantasy Girls Bedroom Ideas

best little girls bedroom ideas

Let your pretty daughter’s imagination improved through fantasy bedroom!

Start by creating a magical bed frame with beautiful good chariot as a focal point. To support a fantasy look, play with nature theme through beautiful wall sticker. Choose brick pattern to get a real castle sense.

Serve your eyes with natural landscape view on the window area. Incorporate overall vibes by covering the floor with woody tone with an artificial footpath.

Don’t forget to use classic furnishings to activate a sense of princess. Now you will get an overall super detail spots in every single corner that persuades everyone to come in. Your totality has been paid of with a super fantastic fairy tale bedding space!

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12. Back to Natural Stuff

girls bedroom organization

If you feel bored with too many details, back to the natural stuff to your older girl’s bedroom!

Dress her overall room with wooden touch into her bedframe, ceiling, and floor area. Design your customized bed with multifunctional storage underneath the bed.

Create wicker handmade hanging lamp for a unique and simplify look. Set an overwhelmed room through white tone entire the room to get a spacious look, clean, tranquility. You still can play with some accessories with another bright color but don’t make it too dominant.

Complement it with a beautiful round rug and some chairs arrangements to create a convenient studying spot with her friend. You can modify your old steel chairs with woody touch. To get a clean and cozy room, use white wooden parquet as the floor cover.

Natural style for a restful mode setting is totally

13. Yellow Look Girls Bedroom Ideas

easy girls bedroom ideas

For the energetic one, lets dress her room with yellow palette. A perfect color combination between yellow, grey, and tosca on the wall promote a welcoming feeling.

Choose triangular wallpaper with predominant grey scheme and playful combination with yellow and tosca tone. Yellow scheme placing on the studying spot is a right room decoration’s idea to stimulate child’s excitement and concentration.

Ranging yellow to tosca shade into her detail accessories. Place them on the floating shelves. Put a cut cloud fur rug to accompany her in the studying time.

Don’t forget to emphasize yellow color as a main theme and muted a bit tosca color for a great balance. Absolutely true if yellow color will never go wrong to build a full of happiness and energy!

14. Painting Room

little bedroom girls paint ideas

Crate a huge inspirational space on the wall as another creative way to express her ideas. To get a bit unique concept, try to explore more the wall functions to enhance a sense of playful to your little toddler’s bedroom.

Produce printed squares as drawing and writing base so your girls can deliberately express her spontaneous idea and reflects what she has done before. To support a spirit vibe, deliver it through bright color and choose wooden parquet to keep your daughter safe and comfort.

Hang colorful lamp to attract more attention parallel with board wall. Its room is totally amazing and full of spirit soul for your creative daughter.

15. Bohemian Chic Bedroom

Bohemian Chic girls bedroom ideas

Try to be bold by starting incorporate rich variety of patterns into one room. Replace a traditional neutral base with her striking favorite patterns and play with them a lot. Dress bedding area by floral patterns with harmony shades.

Use your old vintage bed and paint it white to neutralize overall schemes. Modify your old mirror into handcraft as a center of attention. Engaging the classic chandelier with gorgeous handmade accessories to get a sophisticated look.

Choose a bit calm wallpaper to normalize your eyes after having been stimulated by these contrast colors. Now this experimental room is totally stunning with full of detail and fun!

16. Diy Project Girls Bedroom Ideas

girly bedroom decor ideas

Encouraging her art creativity through DIY project. Instead you can revamp her room and modify everything she has before, DIY project to your daughter room may bound your chemistry with your lovely one.

To get a perfect bedroom alteration, let her chooses her favorite own style to be placed on her inspirational space. Opt the bright and fun color with off-white as a basic to get a versatile vibes and clean. Place your DIY handmade paintings with her throughout the room to appreciate her own creativity.

To alter such an easy transformation into the furniture, paint them with stripes pattern, remain it still in white combination. Maximizing the corner room with a gorgeous custom shelf. Inspiring room to an inspiring person!

17. Attractive Ice Cream Girls Bedroom Ideas

young girls bedroom ideas

For two girls who are sharing a room with different ages and distinctive favorite color as well, you can come up with creating their perfect bedding area by placing the unique pieces of room with ice cream colors.

Ask their inputs about their favorite color to be done on their bed so they will perceive they have their own space. Recycle your old stuff, such as bedframes and nightstand and done them up with colorful statement.

Back to white color to cover brick wall and give a contrast look to these colorful frames. Let them be a central of attention. Provide a good-looking carpet with soft material to accommodate your toddlers’ activities so they are safe when they are just lying on the floor. Colorful will never be distractingly yet it is totally stunning! A delicious bedroom to case out the boredom!

18. Cottage Room

cool bedroom ideas for girls

Let your twins enjoy the amazing bedroom as their own world. Build a specific spot area as her little house contemplation!

Adopt cottage concept to set a peaceful space through a half of hiding space behind the wall as your daughter’s private space. Maximize the space inside by creating some floating shelves your toddler’s reading storage.

Frame the wall with the form of house. Make it super real by painting a beautiful green space surrounding their “little cottage”. To get a dramatic look, accentuate it with soft materials of floral curtain as their own “house” partition. Choose a plain cushion with simple pillow cover’s pattern to neutralize overall scheme.

It is such a cool bedroom ideas to dream of in a peaceful charm!

19. Ocean Girls Bedroom Ideas

girls bedroom accessories ideas

To get a perfect balance between calm situation and vibrant look, bring the feel of the sea to your little surfer. Start with natural material exploration such as woody tone and straw material attached on the window for a Hawaii charm.

Set the room feels like a real beach circumstance by adding worthy-sea accents like surfing board, coconut tree, hanging chair as a perfect escape, and themed poster. Paint the wall with blue ocean hue to achieve a calm look and relax. Balance it with off-white color on your bedding area complement it with her surfer girl’ favorite cushions.

Nautical concept is totally demanding to learn about world element!

20. City Icon Girls Bedroom Ideas

bedroom ideas for teenage girl

Hope to dream British country tonight? Take a world tour with the most favorite city by implementing city icon theme to your daughter bedroom!

Add London’s city icon’s stickers with a suitable color scheme in one side of room so your daughter will be familiar with the city character. For wall inspiration, be more consistent and balance in choosing interior elements colors for a strong room character that are aligned with London concept.

White room boasts a sophisticated look by stressing red and black color. Turn red and black schemes just as an accent for a lively room. The room is super recommended for a daughter with no pink color attention. Make a slumbering and playing activities be totally bliss!

So what do you think after taking these inspirational bedroom tours? Hopefully though these practical solutions above, you can fully determine her bedroom expression that represents who she is! So she can really love her new bedroom look for many years!

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