20 Inspirational Grey Bathroom Ideas With Furniture

modern grey bathroom ideas

If you want to get some grey bathroom ideas, you may want to read the whole article. The bathroom is the smallest room in a house. Designing it to be comfortable and beautiful is a little bit tricky.

You have to be smart to decide the colors, styles, and the whole concept you want to have in your bathroom. Colors are the crucial thing to decide for a room. It is because the color of a room would give the feeling to the atmosphere inside.

One of the colors we’d like to focus In this article is grey. Grey is one of the most favorite colors to choose for a bathroom.

A lot of experts recommend grey colors for the walls, floors, and furniture of the bathroom. It doesn’t have to be all grey, it can be a combination of grey shades and other colors.

1. Bathroom With Grey Furniture Ideas

ideas about Light Grey Bathrooms

After getting the right things to do to the walls, you need to get your attention to be focused on the furniture. The choice of furniture is all based on the look you want in your bathroom. An ultra-modern look is the most popular look for the grey bathroom.

If want something to more traditional, grey is also a good choice. A classic claw foot bath may be a good choice for your traditional bathroom.

The three essentials to have in a bathroom are the bathtub or shower, toilet, and sink. There is also another furniture that completes the bathroom functionally.


  • Adds more value to the bathroom
  • Creates spacious feelings
  • Is good option for small room
  • Adds soothing feelings


  • With the wrong combination of color, it will look flat

2. Grey Bathroom Backsplash Ideas

White And Grey Bathroom Design Ideas

Grey Bathroom Ideas by decorpad.com

This bathroom jewelry needs to in grey color or a color that match well with grey. The grey color for your backsplash should be a bit different from other major grey shades. With the different colors of backsplash, it will add punch to neutral space. There are some interesting designs that may be matched with your personal taste.


  • It goes well with black which is the standard color of stove
  • It can be blend with any countertop’s color
  • It’s not hard to find
  • It can cover the walls


  • When it’s in bright color, it’s easy to get dirty
  • It only goes well blended with other neutral colors

3. Grey Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Best Small Grey Bathroom Design Ideas

Grey Bathroom Ideas by ristorantesunterracealassio.com

There are two styles of vanity in the bathroom. The first one is freestanding, the second one is built-in. If your space is small, free-standing is your choice. It comes in many various styles.

If you have a larger bathroom, the built-in vanity is the choice. It gives more space for countertop storage. The colors of vanity are also important like the styles. If your bathroom is grey, choosing the darker grey for the vanity is the right thing to do.

If you are brave enough to combine colors in your bathroom, you might want to choose this. Black is a great color to be combined with the neutral color like grey. It will accentuate the domination of the grey.

The grey bathroom black vanity could create a new focal point of the bathroom. So, choosing a black vanity for your grey bathroom would be the right choice.


  • Being the stunning focal point of the bathroom’
  • Blending really well with bathroom colors
  • Being a perfect storage space


  • It spends a lot of space
  • The price is usually expensive

4. Grey Bathroom Cabinets Ideas

Modern bathroom ideas in grey and white

Grey Bathroom Ideas by soak.com

People need cabinets in their bathroom to be a storage for bathroom’s stuff. A cabinet can be a part of vanity unit. You have to decide whether you want it to be black or

You have to decide whether you want it to be black or grey. If you want the bathroom to be all grey, you can choose a darker shade of grey for the cabinet. The furniture would still be a good accent for the bathroom color. You may wanna see some grey bathroom cabinet ideas.

Take a look at the floor standing vanity unit from Cesar III toilet. It gives a truly classic look for your bathroom. This traditional looking will evoke a timeless elegance feeling with statement appeal.

The door closing mechanism is soft. It will prevent from a noise and damaging slams. Handles that are made of hard wearing zinc alloy are attached to stop any potential rusting.

The cabinet will give you the storage solution. Your bathroom essentials would be safe and kept in a good place.


  • It has soft mechanism of door closing
  • Truly classic looks
  • Your bathroom will look elegant


  • Not for modern-style enthusiast
  • Expensive price

5. Grey Bathroom Bench Ideas

Modern bathroom ideas with tiles in grey

Grey Bathroom Ideas by signaturehardware.com

A bathroom bench or stool tends to be used for the seating of vanity. You can buy the bench separately or as a unit of vanity. For a large bathroom, the bench is built-in. It is attached the wall beside the vanity. For a small bathroom, you can buy a stool or a bench separately.

There are many stores that offer benches and stools with various styles. The grey bench can be a nice touch to your grey bathroom. Choose the color similar to the vanity.


  • Benches in bathroom would be great for seating
  • Useful when using vanity


  • Require extra space

6. Grey Bathroom Decoration Ideas

Best Small Grey Bathroom Design Ideas

Grey Bathroom Ideas

You can also create a grey bathroom art for your satisfaction. If you love something that is related to art, you may wanna look at some antique stuff you can put in your bathroom. Or, you can just have artistic things such as paintings, pictures, antique flower vases and etc, to add some decoration to your grey bathroom.

For the wall, you can choose a dramatic grey shade and then decorate it with pale and interesting accessories. There are some recommended accessories for your grey bathroom decor.

The bathroom sets, laundry baskets, and bathroom towels are the options of accessories you can put in your grey bathroom. Those accessories should be in grey color too.

A good choice of accessories would bring the bathroom to life. There are some grey bathroom accessories available in online store. You have to consider about the style you choose for the accessories, to match the style of the bathroom.


  • It will make the room more interesting
  • Decorative looking instead of boring flat


  • It can be cluttering When’s not done right

7. Grey Bathroom Accessories Ideas

Great Grey Bathroom Design Ideas

There’s a bunch of options for accessories you can have in your bathroom. Bathroom wastebaskets or bins, grey bathroom rugs, and so on. For the waste bins, the material can be steel, plastic, weave, or wood.

Choose the material of the accessories based on your bathroom style. In this section, we are focusing on the grey color.

A metal or steel bin is probably a good material to choose. It is because the color of metal looks grey. So, it will definitely match the whole grey style you have in the bathroom.

The grey bathroom baskets and the grey bathroom bin are the ones that made of steel or metal. If you are more interested in wooden or weave, you can look for the natural wooden color that matches the grey bathroom.


  • Metal is well-known for its durability
  • Naturally grey
  • Fancy-looking


  • Likely to have stained

Grey Wall Paint Colors and Floorings For Bathroom

Modern Grey Bathroom with Classic Fittings

Grey Bathroom Ideas

When it comes to choosing the paint for a bathroom, you may be confused about what type of paint to use for the bathroom.

Generally, when the paint is shinier, the cleaning will be easier because it will resist moisture better. A lot of people recommend using a semi-gloss paint for bathrooms because it repels moisture virtually.

If you have a bathroom that is not used regularly like a guest bathroom, it is recommended to use eggshell and satin sheens.

A semi-gloss grey bathroom wall seems like a nice choice for your grey bathroom. That kind of paint would make your bathroom walls to be always clean. There are some options of grey wall paint color you can choose for your bathroom.

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8. Comfort Grey Bathroom Ideas

ideas about Small Grey Bathrooms

Grey Bathroom Ideas by hubspot.net

6205 Comfort Gray by Sherwin Williams. It is painted in soft hues of gray and green. With this paint color, you can make the easy transition up to the white ceiling and down to grey bathroom floor tile with darker colors.

Take a look at the photo, is it comfortable enough for you? If you are comfortable with it, then the comfort grey is a success for your bathroom colors.


  • The darker color is in the right portion
  • Grey’s soft hues blend well with green
  • The floor tile balance the color combination for the whole room


  • If you want stronger color, this one is not for you

9. Rockport Grey Bathroom Ideas

Glamourous Black and Grey Bathroom Design Idea

Grey Bathroom Ideas by hubspot.net

HC-105 Rockport Gray by Benjamin Moore. This soft gray paint will work well with the crystal light fixtures and cabinet knobs.

It can be a classic choice for contemporary homes. The light fixtures will be sparkling around the room.


  • Crystal and soft grey are stunningly exciting.
  • Not too much sparkle to beat the grey
  • Looks fancy


  • It’s not for traditional style enthusiasts

10. Agreeable Grey Bathroom

Dulux Grey Bathroom Design Ideas, Renovations

Grey Bathroom Ideas by hubspot.net

7029 Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams. It is a perfect choice for a grey master bathroom. it accentuates subtle highlight in the grey tub design and tile grey bathroom blind.

The floor tile is made of faux wood with natural brown hues. It is well-combined with the medium brown cabinetry.


  • Natural brown flooring speak for itself
  • Brown is a perfect match with grey especially wood
  • Perfect option for master bathroom


  • The durability of wooden floorings are questioned

To create energetically eclectic looks, try combining the grey walls with the brighter-color surfaces and accessories. To compose calming monochromatic havens, you can combine driftwood and charcoal greys. If you want to to be bright, you can choose to have light grey bathroom ideas for your inspiration.

The Color Combination In Grey Bathroom

Sometimes, we might feel bored with the whole grey room. Some experts recommend giving a little bit combination of color to your room to make the room more alive.

There are some colors that go well with grey. Here is some recommended combination you might wanna check out:

11. Blue Grey Bathroom Ideas

Modern Luxury Grey Bathroom Designs

Grey Bathroom Ideas by houzz.com

This blue grey bathroom design is created by Time Clarke Design. They call it as Native Woods. It is actually a bathroom for kids, but you can also apply it in your small bathroom. It is simple and streamlined. It has a sanded glass tile which is installed vertically like a bamboo pattern. This is a contemporary bathroom idea that can inspire you.

The floor, wainscoting, and counter are Lagos Azul limestone. It is completed with a bi-fold glass door that protects the bathroom from shower splashing. That kind of door wouldn’t make bathers feel closed in.


  • Soothing color combination
  • Naturally refreshing


  • Darker color is not recommended

12. Red Black and Grey Bathroom Ideas

ideas to decorate a grey vintage bathroom

Grey Bathroom Ideas

The ideas of this color combination is to make a neutral color like grey to be the background color and the red-black color to be the accent. You can choose the accessories with black or red colors.

Experts identify red and black as the dynamic duo. This combo looks classic in grey. To make the combo go well with grey, you need to choose the accessories color to be at the same temperature as grey.

Choosing the right shades of black and red for harmonization to grey is crucial. You can do some research first to find out the looks of those colors are combined.

You can use some samples, cardboards, etc for creating a mood board. From there, you can decide the which are the right shades to choose.

Grey background will give a sophisticated and timeless look to the bathroom. You can just paint the walls and ceiling with soft, dove grey.

Then, balanced it with the floor tile in dark colors. For the tub, you can just surround it with faux-granite panels to pick up the colors of floor and wall. The bright red and midnight black accessories will bring the bathroom to life.

You can just hang red towels from a black bar for the towel. You can also put a black vase with a bouquet or red flowers.


  • The greatest accent color combination
  • Good color choice of accessories


  • Too much red and black will ruin the feelings

13. Navy Blue and Grey Bathroom Ideas

ideas about Gray Bathrooms

Grey Bathroom Ideas by houzz.com

Navy Blue or dark blue is one of the safe paint colors that still makes a statement. It’s different with light blue and grey bathroom ideas. Navy blue will add a traditional, Mediterranean, and traditional look to a room. In this case, the combination of navy blue and grey for a bathroom is a good option.

The sophisticated and timeless feelings will be blended with the traditional and Mediterranean looks. Those are fun together. It will create a calm, soothing bathroom that you will be comfortable inside.

Accentuate the blue and grey domination in the bathroom with wooden or brown color of accessories. It will strengthen the traditional looks to the room. A little bit touch of white may be nice too.


  • A little touch of navy blue is impressive for grey bathroom
  • Some accessories and decorations of blue would be okay


  • Dark blue is not for small room

14. White and Grey Bathroom Ideas

Modern bathroom ideas with tiles in grey

Grey Bathroom Ideas by maistorplus.com

There’s nothing better-combining grey with any color than white. This is the key of a successful combination. Grey and white are in the same category of color.

They are in the neutral color family. So, getting them together in one room is the right thing to do. In this case, white doesn’t need to be the accent. It can be the second main color of the room. Paint the walls with grey color and let the rest of the elements in white.

In the picture, as you can see, there is a huge white marble white that accentuates with a little bit grey. It transforms the bathroom into a plush sanctuary. It can be called as boutique-style schemes which are trending now.

The polished marble wall gives a glamour feeling into the bathroom. If you do not have enough budget to get the natural stone look, don’t worry grey color would be a good solution for it.


  • Neutral color with Neutral color is the champion
  • It’s safe to play with neutral color family


  • Monotonous if not combined right

Inspirational Grey Bathroom Ideas:

15. Grey Bathroom Ideas With Concrete Walls

Best Black And Grey Bathroom Design Ideas

Grey Bathroom by ksassets.timeincuk.net

When it comes the color grey, you can go for a natural way. The color of concrete mostly grey, you can go with the concrete walls even without painting it grey, the color is already grey.

You just have to make it neat and clean. There you have it, a concrete wall with natural grey color. You can model it into any shape that matches your bathroom. This kind of material can be sensuous, tactile, and so beautiful.

Concrete will create a seamless finish from the floor to the whole wall. If you do not want it to be monotonous, you can add some other distinctive color to accentuate the room.

Color like red or pink can be a good thing to add the third dimension to the room. Take a look at the photo, all of the things inside that bathroom are colored neutral. Only that little bench has the color very different.


  • Natural is the key for comfortable bathroom
  • Rustic style is naturally applied


  • Easy to get dirty
  • Not easy to clean

16. Grey Bathroom Tile to the Ceiling Ideas

Dark grey bathroom with contemporary fixtures

Grey Bathroom Ideas by ksassets.timeincuk.net

This method is called as floor-to-ceiling tile. This will make your functional bathroom space to be something far more appealing than before. You can start thinking that adding tile to the ceiling of your bathroom would make a difference.

It does make a difference, you do not have to be afraid of spilling anything to the walls because it will be easy to clean.

For the tiles, you have to choose the color that will match with everyone in the house. Grey is the right choice of tile color. You need to put it from the floorings to the whole four sides of walls.

Take a look at the photo, the gray color is all over the walls. Make it neat, clean, and well arranged. Your bathroom will look as stunning as this photo. The dark gray as the flooring tile is a good match for the wall tiles.


  • Appealing look of bathroom
  • Easy To Clean
  • Popular choice of bathroom walls
  • Durability
  • Variety of styles, shapes, textures, and finishes


  • Not easy to install, required a lot of works
  • Uncomfortable for some people
  • When the color combination is not well-combined, it’ll be looking messy
  • Easy to be accidentally cracked

Choosing black and white as the accent of the room is a perfect choice. all of those three neutral colors are well blended together. Those accent colors are great to make the bathroom not looking flat. You can also add a little bit of glistening chrome for the accessories to complete the experience.

17. Grey Bathroom Ideas With Painted Wall Panel

Great Grey Bathroom Design Ideas

Grey Bathroom Ideas by madebymood.com

If you want to give your bathroom a fresh-faced new look, add a lick of grey paint. Like you can see on the picture, The grey shades are dominating the bathroom in a positive way. When you want to make your bathroom looking new and fresh, you can just paint the walls with grey color. The grey color paint on the bathroom photos is from Farrow and Ball collection.

The paint is establishing the style, personality, and mood of your decorating scheme in the bathroom. This paint color is enormously evocative. For the wall, you can choose the dramatic shade of great. As the accent, you can have the pale one and add it with interesting wooden accessories. In order to make a mellow contrast, the matt-finish is painted in mid grey. The roll-top bath is looking outstanding on it.

Another neutral color that can go blend with gray as you can see in the picture is the dark brown. The natural dark brown color from wood can make a great combination with grey. The tiny table in the corner makes a nice touch to the bathroom decoration. The white flowers also add interest to the corner.


  • Good option for remodeling or renovating
  • Establishing mood, style, and personality


  • Without decoration, it looks boring and flat

18. Grey Bathroom Ideas With Pale Colors and Reclaimed Wood Vanity

Dulux Grey Bathroom Design Ideas, Renovations & Photos

Grey Bathroom Ideas suncityvillas.com

This is a good combination worth trying. This rustic style of vanity makes a good point in the bathroom. The feelings of old and artistic are spread around the room.

The soothing combination of grey and white will add elegance to the bathroom. This rustic or country style is one of the hottest trends in home design. For the bathroom, is not uncommon.

Many people feel a bit worried about putting furniture with salvaged wood material inside a bathroom. But, this kind of furniture would be easy to restore it’s damaged.

The damage can be some marks on the wood, it will become part of the age’s patina. The light color of grey on the background will strengthen the rustic look of the vanity.


  • Pale colors are nice for rustic, classic, or vintage style
  • Reclaimed wood adds rustic feelings


  • Pale colors are not flexible
  • Uncomfortable for some people

19. Grey Bathroom Ideas With Wooden Ceiling

Dark grey bathroom with contemporary fixtures

Grey Bathroom Ideas by impressiveinteriordesign.com

If you want to go with relaxing feelings in the bathroom, this one should be your inspiration. Stone can be a good material for grey color room. If it’s well-taken care, the stone can be timeless just like the color of gray itself.

Choosing the darker shades of grey might give you a moodiness and sadness feelings into the room. But don’t worry, this color will call out the masculinity too. This can be your experimental choice to choose the gloomier shades.


  • Stone is timeless
  • Looks comfortable
  • Relaxing feelings


  • Not good color shades for small bathroom
  • The lighting has to be bright, to prevent dark bathroom

20. Grey Ultra-Modern Bathroom Design

Grey Bathroom Ideas

Grey Bathroom Ideas

It is become so popular nowadays because of the fact that having neutral color for a bathroom is always trendy and everlasting. The neutral color is better than braver and brighter color choices.

Another reason why this color becomes so popular is that of this trendy style for a bathroom. It is called ultra-modern style. This ultra-modern bathroom trends are growing. The minimalist settings work really well with grey.

This trending style will spread the look of smooth, sophisticated vibe, and contemporary surfaces. For making a grey bathroom, you may start with painting the walls and adding the tiles with one of the color shades.

As told before in furniture and fixture section, you need to choose the perfect style of furniture based on the sizes and designs of your bathroom. You need to keep things coordinated.


  • Ultra-modern style will be looking sophisticated and elegant
  • Up-to-date
  • Smooth looking
  • Contemporary surface


  • Not for traditional or classic person
  • If the grey is darker, ultra-modern wouldn’t become “modern”

Designing a gorgeous and comfortable grey bathroom is not that difficult but it’s also pretty challenging. The crucial thing you need is to watch closely for detail. You need to focus on a good idea about what you want your bathroom looks like when it’s finished. Make sure, you design the bathroom as same as you want.

After all, whether you have a large bathroom or small grey bathroom ideas in your mind. You need to consider what you want based on the space availability, the style you adore, and of course the budget you have for your grey bathroom ideas.

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