20 Exciting Grey Bedroom Ideas for Extraordinary Place to Sleep

modern grey bedroom ideas

Grey Bedroom Ideas – At first glance, grey may seem ordinary and bland for a bedroom. However, with the right choice of color combination, grey will expose its interesting side. Grey bedroom ideas, in fact, are listed as one of trending styles for bedroom decoration.

Whether you combine grey with similar neutral colors or mixed it with brighter palettes, you will get a grey bedroom with an interesting point that can match any style and design. Grey is a good match for various bedroom themes.

If you are still looking for inspiration to include grey in your bedroom design, these 20 grey bedroom ideas will help you decide which grey gradation and style that is best for you.

1. Monochromatic style in grey and white bedroom

Monochromatic style in grey and white bedroom

In a monochromatic bedroom style, grey and white complement each other and create a harmonious design. Since both of them come from the same color scheme, it will be easier for you to combine them in one style.

While grey is chosen for the wall, apply white to the additional furniture like seats or draperies. Both colors are a comfortable choice for the bedding. For more stylish look, patterned pillows will do the work.

In addition, grey and cream can be added to a monochrome bedroom. It goes well with the theme, and on top of that, it gives your room the lively features. Choose cream for decorative furniture such as lampshade or chandelier.

2. Minimalist grey bedroom for small space

Minimalist grey bedroom for small space


When you choose minimalist grey bedroom ideas, remember to keep it simple. Include only the essential furniture and avoid any complexity in design.

Plain bedding arrangement can be a good starter. Moreover, you can choose space-saving furniture to complete the minimalist style. Pick slim stool instead of a wooden drawer as a bedside table and simple-designed lamps instead of a chandelier.

You need to come up with other small bedroom ideas to optimize furniture arrangement in small space.

3. Modern grey bedroom ideas

Modern grey bedroom ideas

A modern bedroom counts greatly on a smooth surface and commodious space. Here are some other essential features that should be available in a modern grey bedroom.

  • Simple bedding with low bedstead and clear-designed headboard. Such arrangement is a typical example of modern decoration.
  • Deeper shade of grey paint for the bedroom wall. Besides sticking to the theme, grey wall suggests calm, yet evocating features of a fashionable design.
  • Wooden flooring in brown or other earth-toned colors to give the room a warm ambiance.
  • Contemporary artworks or futuristic ornaments for wall decoration to make the room livelier in its modernity.

4. Grey and beige for neutral and stylish look

Grey and beige for neutral and stylish look

Grey and beige colors in a bedroom reflect chic and sweetness. Beige harmonizes the bedroom tone, while grey elegantly conveys a pleasant look. The ambiance of this color combination should be supported by the right choice of flooring and furniture.

First thing first, pay attention to the flooring. To create a neutral appearance, dove-grey is a better option. Beige plays an important role in making the room more stylish if it is applied to complementary features such as draperies, bedspread, and chandelier.

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5. Grey bedroom ideas with pop of color

Grey bedroom ideas with pop of color

One advantage of applying grey bedroom ideas to your sleeping space is that you can combine grey with almost every color, even with stronger shades. For you who want to mix grey with a pop of color, take a look at the following color choices.

  • Grey yellow bedroom will brighten up the mood, just like sunshine on the sandy beach. Patterned grey wallpaper and textured yellow bedding are the right options for this theme.
  • Purple and grey bedroom creates a glamorous look. While grey is used for the floor, you can choose soft purple as the wallpaper. Add a touch of luxury by providing a purple sofa near the bed.
  • Grey and green bedroom will give you a refreshing mood. Grey is neutral, while green is natural. Combining them into the room interior and the bedding expresses calming and relaxing emotion.

6. Grey and brown color schemes for peaceful ambiance

Grey and brown color schemes for peaceful ambiance


Both grey and brown reflect the earth element, and therefore, will give you peace and warmth when you use them in your bedroom. Brown is one of grey’s undertones so that it will be best to be placed on a less dominant feature such as flooring.

Let other furnishings in the room follow the theme. To create peaceful atmosphere, soft and silky bedding is preferable. You can add the state of comfort by putting a set of brown armchair and an ottoman on a room corner.

7. Grey bedroom ideas with three-color combination

Grey bedroom ideas with three-color combination


With another neutral color like white, grey can form a beautiful scheme—the key is to use a three-color combination. Combining more than two colors is also good for bedroom paint ideas. Two examples below are worth to consider.

  • Grey white and pink bedroom: This color combination will work with low-headboard bed and small furniture. It expresses delicacy and elegance.
  • Teal white and grey bedroom: Looking more outstanding than the other colors, teal should be chosen for decorative furniture. Meanwhile, grey or white can be applied to the wall. For the bed, use the combination of teal and grey covering.

8. Different shades of grey create different effects

Different shades of grey create different effects


Even without brighter colors, grey in a bedroom is still able to stand out. If you have a hard time to decide between the dark grey bedroom and pale grey bedroom, combining different shades of grey is a great idea.

From subtle to glamorous, grey in various shades will create different effects. Light grey, for example, is best applied to the floor and bed to convey a pleasant impression. In the meantime, darker shades add the visual influence if it is chosen for the wall.

9. Red and grey combination for master bedroom

Red and grey combination for master bedroom


Red in grey bedroom ideas brings exciting factor, especially when it is used for master bedroom decoration. You can start by choosing a modern bedstead that is rich in design. Adding red to the bedding will surely warm the room.

The lighter shade of grey is best chosen for the wall as it will make the room look more spacious. To balance the theme, put essential furniture in similar groups of colors. Dove-grey and red or grey and burgundy are some color choices that you can use.

10. Sleep in luxury with the combination of grey and silver

Sleep in luxury with the combination of grey and silver


Combine grey and silver to get a luxurious bedroom. Metallic appearance obtained from this color scheme plays an important role in making the room look exclusive.

To begin with, choose patterned wallpaper and textured flooring in grey and silver palette. Provide a large bed with voluminous headboard. To support the exclusive style, shiny adornment and glass furnishing are best chosen for decoration.

11. Sea-inspired bedroom using blue and grey mixture

Sea-inspired bedroom using blue and grey mixture

For those who want to bring the ambiance of nature into a bedroom, sea-inspired theme using grey and blue is a good option. It suits the room in a perfect way like the mixture of sea and sand on a beach.

The combination of light blue and grey for the bedding makes the room look more attractive. Paint the wall pale grey and enhance the element of earth with brown-carpeted floor. Decorative chandelier on the ceiling will complete the natural touch.

12. Romantic grey bedroom ideas for couples

Romantic grey bedroom ideas for couples


In addition to the choice of color, lighting arrangement is important when it comes to romantic bedroom design. Adjust lamp on the bedside and the ceiling in such a way so that it will lighten up the ‘dull grey’ and turn it into the ‘glam grey’.

Grey bedroom ideas for romantic effect mostly use the combination of gold, black, and grey. Besides being applied to the wall, black and grey are good for the bedding. Meanwhile, gold can be a good pick for comfy bed cover or standing headboard.

13. Cozy grey bedroom ideas with the right furniture

Cozy grey bedroom ideas with the right furniture


If comfort is your main purpose when designing a bedroom, pay attention to the following choices of furniture that are filled with warm and cozy features.

  • Grayish foam pillows. You can’t have too many pillows in a bed. Choose foam pillow from any shape or size that is most comfortable for you.
  • Low-stand bedside tables. They will make you more convenient when reaching anything placed on them.
  • Thick bedcover without linen. Such choice for the bedding will give you unlimited coziness when sleeping.

14. Scandinavian bedroom designs with grey as the main color

Scandinavian bedroom designs with grey as the main color


The most distinctive features of Scandinavian bedroom style are large space, raw materials, and neutral palettes. Along with neutral colors like white or beige, soft grey is obviously a good choice for this style.

Besides on the floor and wall, grey can be used as the main color for the bedspread. When you want to go well with the Scandinavian design, choose bedroom furniture that is made of wool, fur, or felt. Wooden or stone are also good materials for decoration.

15. Rustic grey bedroom ideas for farmhouse style

Rustic grey bedroom ideas for farmhouse style


Farmhouse bedroom style is closely related to rustic furnishings and textured surface. Wood is mostly used in this design. Therefore, wooden bedstead and room decorations made of mood are obviously support the theme.

Grey in farmhouse bedroom gives the rusty and chic appearance. To create a rustic-farmhouse look, grey can be chosen for the wall and floor as well as for furniture accent. Together with brown, grey can also be an excellent choice for bedspread colors.

16. Grey bedroom in boho style

Grey bedroom in boho style

Boho style in bedroom interior is reflected in vintage furniture and detailed decoration. Alongside grey, other suitable colors for this style are white, navy, charcoal, and brown. It is also convenient to include pattern and texture in this popular design.

Traditional wooden bedstead will work best with decoratively carved headboard. To express bohemian grey bedroom ideas, choose dark grey for the wall and adorn the floor using accented grey carpet.

17. DIY accessories for grey bedroom

DIY accessories for grey bedroom


To decorate your grey bedroom, pick the right accessories according to the theme you raise. If you have difficulty in finding the right decorations, DIY accessories are the best option.

For more inspiration of bedroom decoration with DIY accessories, some room decor ideas from Tumblr below may come in handy.

  • DIY wall décor. Create a decorative wall using tape and regular paint. Stick the tape to some parts of the wall before painting it. Peel the tape after the paint is dry, and you will get the attractive pattern on your wall.
  • DIY lantern. You can substitute decorative lantern for ordinary bedside lamp by cutting some pieces of plastic in a symmetrical pattern and sticking them in the form of a lampshade.
  • DIY dream catcher. Using a wooden circular frame, lace cloth, thread, and some artificial feathers, you can create a dream catcher that will hush away all of your nightmares.

18. Grey bedroom ideas with accent wall

Grey bedroom ideas with accent wall


The accent wall can beautify your bedroom beyond ordinary wallpaper. It will emphasize the particular feature of the wall and make it look more attractive. Either texture or pattern, you can choose whichever accent that is best for your bedroom theme.

However, you need to balance the color proportion when it comes to accentuating walls in a grey bedroom. Besides the combination of grey and bright colors, neutral color schemes involving black, white, and grey can work seamlessly, too.

19. Pink and grey bedroom ideas for girl

Pink and grey bedroom ideas for girl


Grey bedroom ideas can also be applied to a girl’s room. Alongside grey, make the room blush with girlishness by giving it a touch of pastel shades. Soft colors such as pink, lilac, fuchsia, pale purple, or lavender, are suitable for this theme.

Pink is considered more popular than other similar shades. The mixture of pink and grey creates a calm, yet romantic appearance in a bedroom. Pink can be chosen for furnishing and decoration to make a grey bedroom shine brighter.

20. Masculine grey bedroom ideas for men

Masculine grey bedroom ideas for men

Masculine grey bedroom for men can be realized through the right choice of color combination. Black, white, grey, and other neutral palettes are best applied to create a manly appearance.

Use different shades of grey for the wall, rug, and bedding. Such color combination gives the room various senses that are still allied in harmony. As for the furniture, choose a modern bedstead with low headboard and match it with clean-cut furnishings.

Twenty grey bedroom ideas with various themes and styles should be enough for you to start decorating your dreamy bedroom. You can apply those ideas to master bedroom, guest room, or any kind of resting space to assure you fall asleep comfortably.

You are free to choose whether you want to explore one particular design or mix several designs in one style, as long as you enjoy yourself when decorating the bedroom and have more enjoyable moments when sleeping in it.

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