7 Hair-Raising Halloween Party Ideas for Adults [What’s New in 2018]

Halloween Party

Are you an adult hunting out one-of-a-kind ideas for your mad Halloween party this year? It is time to upgrade your preference – I mean, the one making others fall in extreme dread.

Stop thinking about what your kids conventionally eat or wear during the annual celebration! For sure, something good is not enough; try the wacky alternative.

Hence, test your creativity with these following DIY Halloween party ideas and turn them into gruesome yet eccentric creation.

1. Halloween Party Ideas with Finger Cookies!

halloween snack


Let’s begin the insanely creepy idea with food. Unless you don’t want to lose someone’s nerves, why don’t you create the Halloween finger cookies? I can’t imagine how your friends act in response to the bloody, numb human piece.

The main ingredients to make the unappetizing cookies include eggs, butter, all-purpose flour, vanilla extract, sugar, salt, green and red coloring, blanched almond, and strawberry jam. Here are the steps to process them:

  • To make the nail, simply halve the almond into thin pieces and put them into a bowl filled with red food coloring. Then soak the cuts until they are darkish red.
  • Whisk the egg yolk and vanilla in a bowl. Add the sugar, salt, and butter then blend them thoroughly for about 3 minutes. Add the flour and green coloring for numbness impression and mix the whole ingredient with a mixer.
  • After letting the green dough chill for about some minutes, it is time to shape the knuckles (for best result, let them big and uneven). Then, bake the fingers for about 12 minutes.
  • For the finishing touch, stick the almond nail to the product with strawberry jam.

2. Wear the Sugar Skull Mask while Hitting the Streets!

face painting for boys halloween


The sugar skull mask could be an awesome costume attribute for hitting the streets – one of the effective Halloween games for adults to frighten road passers. Painted by hand, the masquerade mask has artistic values you must adore.

The catchy trinket commonly used to celebrate the Dia de Los Muertos is printable. For the durability reason, choose the heavy cardstock paper.

3. What about Serving the Pitch-Black Poison Apples?

Pitch-Black Poison Apples


If the Halloween party planners are about to come across themes accenting the evil villains, serving your guests with the poison apples is nothing yet faultless. This inspiration originates from the Evil Queen of the Snow-White tale.

To make these raven delicacies, you require some green apples. For the fruits to look dark, just dip them in the simmering mixture comprised of corn syrup, water, granulated sugar, and sangria gel icing color.

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4. Show Your Ghostly DIY Halloween Lantern!

ghost pinatas halloween


Astonish your neighbors with the impressive illumination sending out from your own DIY Halloween lantern. These two varieties would be nice to pick.

  • Halloween Tissue Lantern; either kids or adults can make this type. The tissue paper from orange to white is applied to a plastic jar and adorned with horrible designs from ribbon-like jack-o’-lanterns and monster.
  • Painted Jar Lantern; if you own unused jars, you can benefit the objects. With the greasepaint, you are free to draw and color your wildest character.

5. Hear! The Mummy Candle Jar is Calling You.

the mummy candle


One of the easiest DIY Halloween party ideas you could realize with the obtainable materials is the mummy candle jar. Just comb out your storehouse and find the second-hand glass jar.

After cleaning up the translucent object, wrap it up with the bandages and strongly bind at the back part. To let it animate, adhere a couple of wiggle eyes to the mummified jar. Place a candle inside and lit it – the little mummy is ready to haunt.

6. Suck the Vampire Cocktail!

Vampire Cocktail


Your joyful Halloween fiesta sounds incomplete without the presence of cold refreshment. Do you want your drink look sensational and climactic? Try the Halloween vampire cocktail and feel free to become a Dracula.

The surprisingly thrilling kick is the fresh glory blood injected from a syringe. The darkish red liquid is the puree of sweetened raspberry. Meanwhile, the cocktail concoction is made up of orange juice, vodka, club soda, and ice.

7. Welcoming Your Visitors with the Creepy Eyeball Wreath!

Creepy Eyeball Wreath


To complement those cool Halloween party ideas, I recommend you decorate your main door with the notoriously eerie guy – the eyeball wreath. Instead of purchasing the home decorations by the online store, benefit the existing goods.

The primary components to create the masterpiece are the ping pong balls. Draw the pupil and color the iris with your permanent markers. Add the red veins to look more frightening. The last way is attaching them to the painted wreath.

To make the long story short, try these 7 stunning Halloween party ideas to bring horror charm on October 31st.

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