20 Decorative Hat Rack Ideas You Will Ever Need

modern hat rack ideas

Hat Rack Ideas – Hats come in so many kinds. The most worn types are pork pie, newsboy cap, bowler, beanie, Breton, turban, baseball hat, fedora, cartwheel hat, and visor. Unfortunately, due to their particular shape that cannot be folded, it is rather difficult to organize them, isn’t it? Therefore a hat rack ideas somehow will be handy for you.

Especially, if you are a hat lover who has many collection series. Either putting them in a display or piling them high, you will need a lot of space. Not to mention the hats you just used, where to put them?

Now, instead just throwing them wherever, why don’t you think to have hat racks? Organizing hats using racks will prevent your hats from getting squashed and dusty. Hat racks are for sale both online and offline store. Or just make them yourself.

There are so many hat racks DIY tutorial both articles and videos scattered on the internet nowadays. By making them yourself, you can add your own preference and save some money as well.

This article gives you twenty hat racks ideas as a reference under two sections. The first section consists of twelve DIY ideas while the second one consists of eight hat racks for sale and where you can buy them.

Included below are baseball hat racks ideas, homemade hat rack ideas, hat display rack ideas, as well as a hat and coat rack ideas. Who knows? Some of them may be to your likings.

Do Them Yourself

There are twelve ideas of hat racks below. If nothing satisfies your expectation of perfect hat storage, you can look for different ideas, like hat rack bench, hat rack cowboy, and hat rack dance ideas.

1. Copper Hat Rack Ideas

hanging hat rack ideas

This hat rack combines a copper pipe, pegs, and rope in its making process. Copper, as the highlight, and other metals are trending to be incorporated as home decoration. The usage of pegs to hold the hats is quite extraordinary also since most of hanging organizer use hooks.

But then again, pegs may leave marks at your hats if you clip them for too long. So it is advisable to regularly release them from the pegs for a couple of minutes and put them back later afterward.

However, a little disadvantage caused by some mere pegs can’t be compared to the great benefits you’ll get. While this copper hat rack helps you in organizing your hats, it is one artistic decoration for your walls, too, at the same time.


  • Able to store a lot of hats
  • Can be used to hang clothes


  • Have to be bothered by pinning and unpinning up whenever you want to wear or store the hats

2. 1-Hour Hat Rack Ideas

hat hanger ikea

Wall Hat Rack Ideas

You will love how sturdy the boards of this hat rack type hold your belongings. A clever hooks selection makes it be a complete package. 1-hour hat rack is named so because you only need right one hour to build this one.

But pay attention, it’s way harder than making a copper hat rack because many tools and materials involved.
Overall, 1-hour hat rack is perfect to fill up your entryway and helpful in storing your traveling accessories, like hats, coats, and backpacks.


  • A great way to make use of an unoccupied spaces or walls
  • Can be used to hang backpacks and larger items as well


  • Though only one hour, this one DIY hat rack is hard to make

3. White Tree Hat Rack Ideas

hat hanger for wall

Hat Tree Rack Ideas

This idea is one of so many cool hat rack ideas. As it is super simple, it costs you almost nothing. Just find any tree branch in any shape, but the thin one is preferable. Paint it white afterward, attach some hooks, and hang it on the wall. And that’s all you need to do to make a white tree branch.

However, you can always match the color to the whole room decoration or theme, of course. White is not a must and just seems perfect for a dark wall. If you have a white wall, you can paint the tree branch with whatever color you see fit.


  • Fits between almost every themed spaces
  • Very easy to make and remake
  • Gives natural touch
  • Unique


  • Mold damage may occur in time since the branch is from anywhere instead from a fine tree

4. Standing Hat Rack Ideas

creative firewood hat rack

Hat Rack Stand Ideas

This standing hat rack stand is surely included in creative hat rack ideas. Don’t underestimate the lesson given in your Boy Scout times because, finally, it comes in handy with the use of dowels in making this rack.

The materials needed aren’t difficult to find. Besides dowels, you only need a hot glue gun, jute, and S-hooks. Larger dowels and some screws may be required, too, if you want it to hold some heavier things.

The purpose of this rack should be to resolve your confusion on a wet season when you enter the house with drenched traveling accessories. Therefore, the best suggestion is to place the rack in the corner beside the front door and don’t forget to place a mat under the rack to accept the water drip.

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5. Animals Hat Rack Ideas

western hat rack ideas

Wall Hat Rack Ideas

This one is all about throwing creativity into small space. Animals hat rack really goes well inside children’s bedroom. The things you’ll need are a piece of wood, some animal toys, a saw, 2 different colors of spray paints, sandpaper, hardware for hanging the wood –pairs of a bolt and a screwdriver-, and hot glue gun.

With animal toys as the hooks, you can’t hang heavy things, of course. But then again, what is heavier than a baseball cap kids can have inside their room, right? So, it’s not a problem, anyway. The color selection is up to you and your kids’ preference.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to make


  • Only for storing light and small things

6. Pegboard Hat Rack Ideas

diy hat storage

Wooden Hat Rack Ideas

Pegboard hat rack comes in handy if it is placed near the front door. It helps you organize things you usually bring together when you leave the house; bags, hats, sunglasses, scarves, keys, and other things. So you won’t have one of those days of leaving the house with any commotion in terms of searching the scattered necessities.

To make this hat rack yourself, you will need a thick board or plywood, wooden dowels, circular saw, miter box, sandpaper, yard stick, pencil, drill or drill press, Forstner drill bit, screws, and screwdriver. The thickness of wooden dowels determines how strong your pegboard rack can bear the weight when it’s in use.

Despite how hard it is to make a pegboard hat rack, you can’t doubt its function in helping you surviving every busy morning. As long as you remember to store your belongings there, surely.


  • Dowel as pegs is sturdier than hooks or bolts
  • You have the option to change the placement of your pegs


  • Rather hard to make

7. Colorful Hat Rack Ideas

homemade hat rack ideas

Hat Display Rack Ideas

This hat rack type is one of the best hat rack display. Rather than a hat rack, it is more proper to call it hat stand. The things you need to make this hat stand will be 16 gauge wires, craft wire, tacky glue, wire cutters, scissors, tape, and yarn in several colors.

In the making process, you will experience how to accurately wrap the gauge wires with the yarn which seems take all your time. But you won’t be disappointed with the outcome. Displaying and organizing your hats at the same time? Sure things this colorful hat rack can do.


  • The instruction is easy to understand by anybody
  • Durable
  • Able to pile up a lot of baseball caps on one stand


  • The wire wrapping in yarn takes a lot of time
  • Baseball caps are okay to be piled up, but not for another kind and shape of hats

8. Multi-Hooked Hat Rack Ideas

cool hat rack ideas

Hat Rack Ideas

Multi-hooked hat rack is very simple and only needs 15 minutes to make this. It is so useful in storing hats, keys, handkerchiefs, scarves, and small umbrellas. You only need a pre-cut wood plaque for the base, painted hooks, and hardware to hang the rack on the wall.

What you have to do is just screw in a muddle of painted hooks on the wood plaque you find at any craft store and install the hardware on the back side of the plaque. And it’s ready to mount.

The multi hooks may look like a jumble to you because they’re not in accordance. Well, that’s the main goal, though. With a different shape of hooks, it can hold a different kind of hats. You just need to suit which hat goes to which hook.


  • The making process is simple and only needs a little time


  • Suitable for storing small and light things only

9. Designer Hat Rack Ideas

wall mounted hat rack

Hat Rack Ideas

This hat rack has designer look but costs way more affordable than designer creation. Things needed to make this project are knobs, spray paints, drill, and a rack. What a very affordable combination, right?

The view of colorful knobs accentuates the simple white rack. They can also be used as the hooks to help you hold your hats if the original ones are all occupied. But it’s hard to ignore the fact that it’s difficult to find the same look and, moreover, design.

Although many people said that this designer hat rack is not to their liking and they prefer to buy one instead of making it themselves, still the idea of making use an old rack and mere knobs deserves thumbs up.


  • Looks artistic
  • Doesn’t cost a lot of money


  • Hard to prepare similar knobs and rack like in the instructions

10. Yardsticks Hat Rack Ideas

homemade hat rack

Coat and Hat Rack Ideas

As the name implies, this hat rack project uses old yardsticks as its main material. If you love hat rack antique, you will go to adore this one. Flea market provides the yardsticks if you can’t find one anywhere. You are also able to camouflage the look to be more aged using sandpaper and glaze.

To make this hat rack, you have to prepare 5 yardsticks of similar thickness and length, plywood, 4 or more coat hooks, screws, Gorilla Glue, 2 picture brackets, saw, drill, and a razor blade or pocket knife. There isn’t any standard for how thick the plywood must be. It’s up to you.

For people who aren’t fond of rustic decoration, it is absolutely not the best option to have. Well, the aim of this hat rack is to make use your old things to decorate your home though. So it is okay to replace the yardsticks with similar thing yet has the new look.


  • In addition, to hang hats, it is perfect to be placed in the hallway to hang traveling coats also


  • It takes a lot of time during drying

11. Fallen Hat Rack Ideas

hat hanger for closet

Rustic Hat Rack Ideas

This hat rack will let you feel some outdoor atmosphere while you’re indoor. Because the main materials used in this project are branches you can find during garden pruning. So, it’s natural that you can’t remake this project identically like the original one.

The things you need to make this project are small branches that have strong wood sections, bypass pruner or pruning saw, cedar plank or other natural wood, drill or screwdriver, wood screws, and white latex paint. You can mount the outcome behind the door or on the wall.

The use of branches as hooks is definitely a clever idea as they have some hands protruding that allow more than one thing to hang. It’s a perfect thing to have in your bedroom next to vanity mirror. Furthermore, it’s so easy to renew it in case some branches are damaged. Just prepare some extras.


  • Very affordable
  • Easy to make though the instructions are rather long
  • Has the natural look and eco-friendly


  • Mold damage may occur in time because the branches come from any tree instead from a fine tree

12. Industrial Hat Rack Ideas

creative hat rack ideas

Hat Rack Ideas

You will see the making process of something new yet look old using vintage materials. Search through a local antique store to get the materials. They are 4 vintage screw hooks, 2 vintage yardsticks, 3 screws, pencil, drill, and measuring tape.
This industrial hat rack can also be used to hang clothes, like coats for example. And you can also have more than four hooks according to your needs. However, its simplicity may be a problem in time, as it doesn’t have more to offer the look.


  • Vintage lovers will absolutely love this creation


  • Too simple, it may be boring in time

Racks for Sale

1. Jokari Cap Rack 2-Pack

diy hat rack ideas

Hat Rack Ideas

This product is sold in jokari.com but it seems there’s an error on the said page and therefore you can’t access it, hopefully, temporarily. But don’t worry; Amazon has it as well for USD 9,50.

The pack comes with two straps and eight fixed hooks each. Per hook can hold one to four hats.
This hat rack door type has stretch tension system which allows you to hang it on most residential doors without screws. Make it highly easy to install in no time. However, doors with 1,75 inches thick (equals to 4.445 cm) or more need different hooks. But, you can also mount it on the wall, too.


  • Very easy to install
  • Protect the hats from getting bent, crushed, and other damages


  • Some purchasers notice that the hats easily fall off the hooks sometimes
  • Hard to see all the hats if the users put more than one hat on a hook

2. Cap Rack 18 System

Diy hat organizer

Over the Door Hat Rack Ideas

This is another cap rack that has an over-the-door system from Perfect Curve. The cap rack has three feet of cord and six clips that can hold 3 caps each. But unfortunately, there’s no price mentioned on the page that displays the product.

You can place an order on Perfect Curve’s current retail partners or distributions, such as Amazon for Americans, TB International GmbH for Europeans, Home Hardware for Canadians, Masterpiece-Fashion Distribution for Germany residents, and Display the Game for Australians.
This product allows the hats to face outward, makes you easier to see which hat is which. But it’s hard to see the bottom ones if the users put multiple hats on one clip.


  • The hooks fit over any doors, unlike the ones of Jokari product
  • Can also hang from a ceiling or mounts on the wall
  • The clips used to hold tightly and help maintain the hats’ shape


  • Takes a bit more space
  • Needs more work to put away the caps

3. Zephyr 24-Pocket Overdoor Hat Organizer

how to make a hat rack out of wood

Hat Rack Ideas

This one is Organize It All’s product and sold on Amazon for USD 12,24. As the name implies, it offers a lot of hats to be stored and has a back-of-the-door design. Looking at the hooks, it facilitates us to hang easily. It is also light.
However, many users wrote disappointment about it not suitable for other types of hats besides baseball caps. And even though baseball caps are stored here, it doesn’t hold them well as the pockets aren’t made deep enough. This leads to bothersome since the users have too often picked the fall out caps.


  • Super easy to put away the hats and to see all 24 hats


  • The pockets aren’t deep enough that make the hats fall out

4. New Era Storage System

diy baseball hat rack

Hanging Hat Rack Ideas

New Era Cap has this one product that allows their users to hang the hats inside a closet instead of on a door. This hat storage system is sold on New Era Cap website for USD 19,99. It takes a design that usually used for sweaters and shoes and adjusts the size for caps.
Though the four tiers allow you to hold up to five caps each, not all users have enough space in their closet or cupboard for this item.


  • Protect the hats well
  • Can keep up to twenty caps


  • Needs bigger space
  • Suitable for baseball caps only

5. Cap Hangup Baseball Hat Organizer

hat rack standing ideas

Door Hat Rack Ideas

This item is a product of Master Craft Products and sold on Amazon for USD 20,79. The Cup Hangup has a hang-in-the-closet design and organizes 12 or more caps, sun visors, and belts.

It is easy to use as it doesn’t need any assembly. And it hangs on any nail, hanging hook, and closet rod, almost anywhere.
This hat organizer has Velcro straps as its system to hold the caps by wrapping around the adjustable part. So it’s not useful for fitted caps which don’t have the said area at their back. That’s why it’s stated that it fits well to store sun visors and belts besides adjustable caps.


  • Takes less space


  • Only works on caps and sun visor, not for other types
  • Moreover, it only works with an adjustable caps and not fitted ones

6. Economy Poplar Cap Rack for 24 Caps

cowboy hat rack ideas

Hat Rack Ideas

Stoughton’s Woodsmith provides baseball cap racks that mount on the wall. Cooperate with Etsy, Stoughton’s Woodsmith sells the item for USD74,95. It is able to store up to twenty-four caps.
This cap rack is handcrafted of solid poplar wood which is very sturdy. It may be the reason why it is very expensive. But it’s worth the usefulness. Users mostly rated three to five stars for this item which means very good.


  • Very easy to hang a cap
  • Its name is cap rack but it can store other types of hats as well


  • Very expensive

7. Baseball Cap Storage Bag Zipper Organizer

diy hat organizer

Hat Storage Rack Ideas

If you prioritize the cleanliness of your caps more when storing them rather than have them displayed somewhere nicely, then this product from Evelots is a perfect choice for you.

Unfortunately, this storage bag can’t be accessed from Evelots website. But it is sold on Amazon for USD8,49.
This storage protects the caps from dust and bugs well. One thing you have to cautious with is the bag is made of plastic and, unless you left it unzipped partially, it has no ventilation which probably leads to mold damage.


  • Very affordable
  • Can hold more than 15 hats


  • The bag is not wide enough for a standardly sized baseball cap
  • The bag protrudes on the sides because the bottom part of the bag doesn’t match the size or a regular cap

8. Carrier Case

hat display rack ideas

Hat Rack Ideas

Caps treasurers will really love this one because it provides more protection not only for storing but also for transporting baseball caps as well. This carrier case is sold in Homie Gear for USD79,99. It’s a perfect case for hat collectors.
The high price is worth all the benefits it offers. It has multiple eyelets as ventilations and securely save the hats inside from any damage source also. It won’t disappoint its users.


  • The hard shell keeps it safe from pets other sources of potential damage


  • The caps won’t be visible since it’s not designed to be displayed

Whew, such a long journey from the very top until now, right? But hopefully, it’s worth your time because this hat rack ideas article aims to help you in giving a new point of view in organizing your hat collections and be one of the best hat rack ideas.

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