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Kids Room Ideas – More than ever, parents are carrying the latest contemporary design ideas into their kids’ rooms. From soft neutral colors to natural textiles, children’s bedrooms and playrooms are greener, more modern, and more sophisticated than in years past.

Not only does this make a kids’ room flow seamlessly into the rest of the home’s decor, but it also ensures that room designs stay relevant as young ones get older.

When the latest Pixar release can oust your child’s current favorite characters in the blink of an eye, it’s important to remember that tastes and preferences will evolve as kids grow and discover new things. As a result, choosing a very specific decor theme or color now can leave you in a lurch a few months later.

The key to creating decor they’ll continue to love is choosing large pieces, such as beds and dressers, with a timeless look. Allow more easily replaceable and remix-able accent pieces, like lamps, art, and bedding, to express your child’s creativity and interests.

The typical children’s space is also growing and changing to accommodate more activities than just sleep. Designated spaces for homework, crafts, reading, and more adventurous play are all becoming part of many layouts.

When buying furniture or designing a room, carefully planning the space to create different areas for each activity can help kids to utilize their room to the fullest.

Designing a space that suits your contemporary home, as well as your child’s love of the colorful and kooky, might be easier than you think. A variety of emerging trends in contemporary kids’ room decor makes it easy to find modern design elements that will still appeal to your child’s unique personality.

1. Neutral Colors

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Not only is soft gray everywhere in adult contemporary design, but this soothing hue creates the right mood for calm play or nap time.

Gray pairs well with brighter colors, such as coral, yellow, rose, and turquoise, allowing you to add some visual interest or your child’s favorite color to their room without overwhelming the eye or committing to shockingly tangerine walls.

It is also a sophisticated choice, one that will grow with your child more easily than traditionally kiddie colors. Gray is gender-neutral as well, an increasingly popular option for nurseries and older children’s rooms alike.

2. Forts

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Kids naturally love playhouses because they like spaces that feel all their own. To separate a place for independent play, consider adding a small fort to their bedroom.

Ready-made tents, teepee-style frames, and canopies are available for purchase, though you can also DIY a sweet and simple fort by hanging curtains from the ceiling or the posts of a bunk bed.

To encourage kids to read, make sure to place your fort beside a child-sized bookshelf or include a small bin full of their favorite reads inside.

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3. Lofts

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Lofts are another way to make kids’ rooms multifunctional. Bunk beds save space in shared rooms, while a loft bed in a one-child room elevates a standard bed above a designated play space for young children or a homework and hangout area for teens.

This method visually and spatially separates working or playing from sleeping, making it easier for kids to concentrate on the task at hand.

4. Scandinavian Style

Genius Storage Ideas For Your Kid's Room

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The simple functionality and airy, whimsical feel of Scandinavian decor lend itself well to kids’ spaces. This style focuses on geometric shapes, soft colors, and low-key patterns. Subtle designs in fabric and wall decor make it easy for kids to mix and match the pieces they like.

Likewise, the clean lines and simple construction of Scandinavian furniture, as well as its go-with-everything neutral or natural wood hues, also keep children’s rooms looking uncluttered.

5. Natural Fabrics and Abstract Prints

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Devoid of harmful chemicals, organic cotton, linen, jute, and canvas are common fabric choices for contemporary kids’ curtains, upholstered furniture, bedding, and rugs.

A handwoven or hand-painted look is also on-trend, so picking fabrics, art, or furniture with abstract prints or even creating your own craft projects are a fun way to spend time with your child while decorating their space.

6. Eclectic Design

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Overly matched furniture is a thing of the past, as more decorators embrace a contemporary, eclectic look. This is not only great for giving kids some freedom to choose their decor, but it can also be easier on parents’ budgets to purchase furniture one piece at a time.

Let your child help you pick decorations or mix vintage finds with new favorites for a pulled-together look that still allows for individuality.

7. Poufs and Ottomans

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As a footstool for parents in the nursery or fun seating for older kids, poufs, and ottomans are becoming a staple in children’s design.

These pieces work as a mini chair that’s just the right size, a dressing table to aid in choosing outfits, or a place to display and rest favorite toys, books, and games.

Select a sophisticated, tufted ottoman to grow-up an older kid’s room or a fuzzy, sweater-knit pouf to keep things casual and cozy.

8. Trundle Beds and Built-In Storage

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A bed with an attached drawer, trundle beds add functionality to small spaces. Use this extra space to store bedding or toys conveniently out of sight without simply sticking them under the bed, or add an extra mattress to make sleepovers as easy as pulling out the trundle. Likewise, beds with built-in bookcases or desks can be excellent space-savers, storing and displaying bedside items while still presenting the appearance of order.

9. Printed Wallpaper and Decorative Ceilings

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Boldly patterned wallpaper and painted ceilings are popping up across the country, as parents take advantage of fun prints to contrast neutral walls, floors, and furniture.

Consider adding wallpaper to only one wall for the right pop of pattern and texture while maintaining a soothing atmosphere. For the ceiling, the only limits are your creativity.

Circus tent stripes, wispy clouds, star-filled skies, and bright, solid-colored hues are all popular. To dress up a ceiling without paint, hanging a kid-sized chandelier or fun lighting fixture is sure to be a hit.

10. Nature and Adventure Themes

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For those that prefer a theme for their child’s bedroom, the most popular this year are adventure and nature-related.

Choose from the popular jungle, outer space, woods, and botanical themes, or pick any other unifying design, pattern, or idea that will have some longevity.

While a specific TV character may not be a favorite for long, a simple stripe or Parisian theme can have years of mileage.

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