7 Breathtaking Luau Party Ideas (Color Your Tropical Joy)

Luau Party Tablescape

Planning to hit Waikiki beach to enjoy the lively Polynesian music or delight in the luscious Haupia?

Undo your intention and create your own Luau party at home instead!

Once the sunny season says hi to you, immediately check out your backyard. It is the exact outdoor spot to begin the tropical exhilaration.

You don’t need to hire a professional to let everything enlivened. With these awesome DIY Luau party ideas, you can absolutely save more cash.

1. Luau Party Ideas with Tiki Pinata!

Tiki Pinata


Presenting the Aloha spirit in the form of Tiki Pinata to your Luau party setting is both decorative and entertaining.

The brilliantly-colored details of the conventional tiki totem are capable of making the authentic Hawaiian values more elevated.

Some party planners might opine that this colorful trinket is always associated with the carved wood or stone, which is in fact, not budget-friendly.

However, the one made up of paper towel roll and papier mache definitely refutes their contention.

Or if you want it more purposeful, you can use the typical decoration as an ethnic-themed candle holder.

2. Who Can’t Deny the Splendor of the Flower Lei Garland?

ohia lehua lei


A lei for your guests’ elegant favors may be comprised of various tropical flowers – simply choose your own favorite.

If you are about accent the classy elegance, combining the Vanda orchids, frangipani, and pink carnations is incredible.

There are a couple of methods to arrange those flowers. For the simplicity rationale, you can apply either plaiting or braiding techniques. The ways are easy to follow.

3. Serve the Exotic Refreshment – Moana Fruit Punch

Moana Fruit Punch


One of the appealing Luau party ideas surely fancied by your kids is no other than the Moana fruit punch.

Not only does the refreshing non-alcoholic drink lug a set of joyfulness but it also lets you feel like conquering the sea with the bold Moana.

I am pretty sure that no one is able to deny the freshness of the chilly blushful punch. This refreshment quenching your thirst is definitely apt for those seeking out an alternative to soda. Here are the steps to make it:

  • Prepare these following obtainable ingredients; fruit punch, coconut water, simple syrup, mango juice, and ice.
  • Pour the simple syrup into your cocktail shaker. Then, add the coconut water, mango juice, and fruit punch and shake the mixture for about 10 seconds.
  • Let you glass filled with ice and pour the pleasant punch into it. Finally, the Moana drink is ready to savor.

4. Decorate Your Space with the Tropical Floral Wreath!

Tropical Floral Wreath


The tropical floral wreaths could be such inviting centerpieces. Their presence truly adds a pop of color as well as torrid milieu throughout the scene of your exciting party. Speaking of the making, this DIY creation is found to be effortless.

To run this snazzy project, it requires that you have the on-hand materials such as several fresh flowers, green foliage, tape, wire, scissors, and wire cutter. Place the floral decorations on your welcoming door or the wall.

Apart from it, you can make another type to crown your head.

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5. Luau Cupcakes for the Showy Treat

Luau Cupcakes


Are the groovy delicacies a must? The response is absolutely yes. To gratify the party-goers’ craving, let them taste the succulent Luau cupcakes.

The flashy shade peeping out the cup-shaped sweet food attracts both kids and adults.

There are several ingredients you need to include such as classic yellow cake mix, eggs, vegetable oil, water, peach juice, sliced peaches, and white frosting.

In order to be colorful, simply use the food coloring. Check out the procedure below!

  • To make the cake batter; blend the cake mix, peach juice, water, eggs, and vegetable oil. Put the tangerine fruits onto the cups and add the flour mixture. Bake for about 20 minutes and chill for around 15 minutes.
  • Decorate the cakes by using the combination of white frosting and food coloring.

6. Lit the Tiki Torch for the Illumination!

Lit the Tiki Torch


It turns out that the Luau party ideas do not only stop during the daytime. When the sun sets, it is time to flash on your tropical party setting with the Tiki torch.

The best description of the traditional lamp is a bamboo stick topped with a unique container in which the flammable fluid is placed.

These cool outdoor decorations literally bring out the timeless island lure

7. Get Ready to Wear the Hula Skirt!

hula skirt


Speaking about what to wear during the Hawaiian festivity, it is vital that you put on the Hula skirt. For the DIY idea, you could benefit the raffia as well as cotton string. Cut the fiber into 20-inch-long pieces and tie them up along the twine.

In conclusion, the 7 brilliant Luau party ideas incredibly lead your setting to become tropically vibrant.


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