20 Master Bedroom Ideas to Spark Your Personal Space

modern master bedroom ideas

Master Bedroom Ideas – Master bedroom is usually the largest room in the house. Sometimes it is also equipped with a bathroom, a balcony, a sitting room, or even a small pantry. When you are looking for a house, it is very common that the listing will be stating the master bedroom size and the room features.

However, not every master bedroom comes with large space. It is titled as the “master” because it usually is the room of the household owner. Small or large, some of the ideas below might do the trick to help you maximized the space you have.

The colors you choose for the room play an important part for creating the ambiance. That is one of the main reasons why two spaces with the same size with the same room layout can create different feel and moods.

Another reason is the choice of the bed size and model, wall decoration, floor covering pattern, lighting and of course, the influence of the owner’s personality.

1. Small Master Bedroom with Neutral Hues

Master Bedroom ideas with Neutral Hues

Most of us do not have spacious space for a bedroom. But there are things that you can do to make the room looks larger:

  • Choose a bed with small headboard, so it does not take up too much of the space.
  • Small bedside tables serve their functions and can also become part of the decoration. I’d recommend choosing a bedside with drawers, so it can serve as a storage to put your personal items.
  • Paint the wall with your favorite color to light up your mood. Light or neutral hues will help the room looks more serene and relatively bigger. Also, avoid dark tones since they’re more likely to make your room look cramped and dull.
  • Install windows that face an open area. This way, not only you will get a charming outdoor view and exposure to open air, your room will also get natural light from the sun, which naturally makes your bedroom more spacious.
  • Minimize the wall decoration and clutters to give a more spacious impression.
  • Try using carpet or rug to create a “softer” feel of the room. It is also a great idea to choose the flooring with the lighter color than the walls.

2. Colorful Master Bedroom Ideas with Fresh Coral Theme Bedding

Master Bedroom ideas with Fresh Coral Theme Bedding


A fresh and bright color theme room with much natural light is perfect for a person with an outgoing personality.

The key to having a colorful master bedroom but still looking chic, clean, and organized is by choosing rich palette color theme. Choose a fresh color for the bedding such as coral theme color to create the vibrant look.

Mirror and gold decoration above the bed also goes well in this type of room—adding an elegant touch to the lively atmosphere.

3. Master Bedroom Ideas with Mural as a Wall Decor

Master Bedroom ideas with Mural as a Wall Decor


A mural is a wall décor, piece of artwork drawn on the wall or ceiling or any permanent surfaces. It can be applied directly to the surface using a special pen, or it can be drawn on a piece of paper before it is attached to the surface.

This black and white mural creates a bold statement to the room. The plain and simple interior design with only a bed and bedside tables with dark tone carpet can turn to be an interesting space.

Also, it is pivotal to keep the furniture simple and minimalistic. You want the mural to be the central point; thus, do not let other furniture or ornaments steal the light.

4. Master Bedroom Ideas with Small Office

Master Bedroom ideas with Small Office


Having a home office in your bedroom is probably one of the solutions to have a private and quiet office. White and pastel color combination makes a great combo to create such a warm office/bedroom.

There are a few keys to keep the space neat and comfortable:

  • Keep the bookshelves, work desk, lamp and a cupboard for the office in one area. Even though there is no border to distinguish between the bed and the workspace, make an impression that there are two separate areas in the room.
  • Putting the office in front of the windows is a really great idea since you can get as many as natural lights in the morning. Additional lighting around the office area also helps to give sufficient light for reading on gloomy days.
  • The bed and sofa for relaxing are separated from the workspace. Their soft colors help to make the room more comfortable.
  • Bear in mind that having a personal office in your bedroom means that your room is going to be filled with work documents or reference books. For that reason, place one or two shelves against the wall, preferably in a non-contrast color as the wall paint.

5. Classic Master Bedroom Ideas

Classic Master Bedroom ideas


Classical style bedroom often comes with an elegant-large bed and heavy furniture with a traditional look. Other important components of the classical design are white cotton linen or neutral-colored lace curtains, and luxurious arrangements of pillows.

You can also emphasize the character of classical style bedroom with chandeliers as the center of the attention.

In addition to being an illuminating device, pretty chandeliers serve as an excellent ornament—emitting warm and dreamy nuance. Contrary to the warm light, the dark wood furniture gives the room a masculine feel, but the dark grey sofa softens the room and adds coziness.

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6. Wooden Accent Master Bedroom Ideas

Wooden Accent Master Bedroom ideas


Wooden accent has been an always great idea to create a natural and warm feel to any space, especially when paired with the warmth of yellow and orange. Instead of wooden flooring, try using wood as a wall décor to make the room even much cozier.

This way, you do not have to throw any effort on other decoration; the wooden wall pretty much is a statement itself.

7. Calm and Cozy Master Bedroom Ideas

Calm and Cozy Master Bedroom ideas


If you want to invest in a good quality of bed and comfortable pillows, never forget to pay attention to the look. Indeed, creating a theme for your bedroom can be a difficult decision, but the execution can also be as easy as using earthy colors to create a calm and cozy mood.

Try pairing brown and white tones to the overall interior, then add a reading corner with sofa, warm light, and flowers.

Candles are also a brilliant addition to add a romantic touch. To further push the serene ambiance, add patterned carpet or rug. If possible, choose wood flooring to enhance the homey feel.

8. Feminine Master Bedroom Ideas

Feminine Master Bedroom ideas


Feminine theme room is identical to romance, softness, and girly decorations. Therefore, it is often characterized by pastel and muted toned colors, such as soft blue, purple, or pink, paired with white or gray.

The use of patterned wallpaper emphasizes the feminine character even more. And to add romantic and elegant ambiances to the space, pendant lamps or chandeliers are an excellent choice.

To make the room looks more sophisticated and stylish, simply add a sitting room area and a dresser table by the window.

The telescope purposely put in front of the window also adds a personality to the room. The key to such an elegant interior design is quite simple—use no more than three dominant colors in one room.

9. Masculine Master Bedroom Ideas

Masculine Master Bedroom ideas

The key to creating a masculine bedroom ambiance is the simplicity. The choices of neutral color with a touch of grey and white are shown here and there. The vintage chandelier and the wooded ceiling give strong impression on the room. Textured and patterned sheets, bedcover, and rug are also bringing out the manly sense.

Masculine master bedroom states the owner’s personality. It can be shown on the accessories, the black and white frames on the wall, the curtain’s pattern, or the sheet color. The color schemes play the most important part on creating the room ambiance.

10. Studio Master Bedroom Ideas

Studio Master Bedroom ideas


On a studio master bedroom with a pantry, minimalist is the key to make the most of the space. The choice of white colors for the pantry makes the room feel more spacious, while the other furniture is using dark colors to accentuate the room characteristic.

Living in a studio, you want to have space where you can breathe and relax. That is why, windows are an important element—particularly windows that overlook an open outdoor. Also, putting one or two green plants in the corner is a good idea to brighten the room, while the decorated wood flooring can add a little extra coziness.

11. Vintage Master Bedroom Ideas

Vintage Master Bedroom ideas


The vintage decoration is timeless and always stylish. Combine several of the dark wood vintage style furniture, soft colors bedding and rustic-style accessories to make the room looks pretty and chic.

Antique lamps with warm light are also a good choice to accentuate the vintage style.

12. Modern Retro Master Bedroom Ideas

Modern Retro Master Bedroom ideas


The retro theme is always classy. The key to the theme is by using the retro color palette on the wall, furniture, and various decorations. Retro color schemes are lack of bright color, but not as soft as pastel color.

Thanks to Stranger Things (an infamous television serial with the retro setting), there are many types of equipment and accessories design on the Internet we can use as a reference.

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13. Simple Master Bedroom Decor

Simple Master Bedroom Decor


To create a simple and plain bedroom ambiance, you can use minimalist wall decoration. Keeps the room looking neat by using earthy toned color and plain white bedding, and add a rug or carpet to warm the room. To add a splash of color, green plant in the corner can lighten the space.

14. Tumblr Master Bedroom Ideas with DIY Decoration

Tumblr Master Bedroom ideas with DIY Decoration


Tumblr supports creativity. You can find anything from the weird and quirky stuff to sweet and romantic designs, and put them in your room to show off your personality. But there are a few things that make the room considered as Tumblr worthy:

  • The use fairy lights (also known as Christmas tree lights) as decoration. The lights can frame the headboard, photos, or texts.
  • Motivational quotes or some patterned printed on the pillows using contrast color such as black text on white background.
  • White bedding with a comfortable wool blanket.

15. Master Bedroom Ideas with Nursery

Master Bedroom ideas with Nursery

Are you expecting a baby, but does not have an extra room yet? Fret not; without much remodeling effort, the master bedroom can be turned into a bedroom/nursery set up.

It is as simple as making a little space for the baby crib on the corner of the room. Choose a crib with simple and clean design in pastel or white color to match with everything else in the room. Keep the other furniture and walls plain or with neutral hues, so it is easier to add anything colorful later on.

16. Master Bedroom Ideas with Clean Lines Decoration

Master Bedroom ideas with Clean Lines Decoration

Clean-lines decoration theme makes a great classic style master bedroom. Combine some gold with soft dark colors to create a classy and sophisticated atmosphere. To soften the room, bedside tables, lamps, and chandelier are a great addition.

17. Victorian Master Bedroom Ideas on a Budget

Victorian Master Bedroom ideas on a Budget

Victorian style is timelessly elegant and vintage, but it does not have to be costly. The four-post canopy bed is merely an accessory but creates a vintage gesture to the room.

The use of ruffle, lace, and embroidery linen with neutral hues adds more character to the theme. Victorian pattern rug and the flowery wallpaper, as well as the curvy vintage bedside lamp, give the room a feminine touch.

18. Soothing and Relaxing Master Bedroom Ideas

Soothing and Relaxing Master Bedroom ideas


A comfortable bed and fluffy pillows are considered a great investment. After all, a bedroom is the ultimate place for soothing and relaxing.

The muted toned pillows and rug makes the white linen looks even prettier. The main attention of the room is the bed and the bedside table where you can personalize it by putting keep sakes.

Lighting is also important to create a certain mood. Soft lighting is preferable, whether it is a candle or a bedside lamp. Also, natural lighting in the morning can definitely brighten up the room.

19. Modern Farmhouse Master Bedroom Ideas

Modern Farmhouse Master Bedroom ideas


Wooden wall and flooring with a neutral color is the key to create a farmhouse look. Fill the room with any keepsakes, memorabilia, antiques, found objects to embrace the casual feel.

To decorate the simple bedroom, bright color pillows and a bench nearby the window can make the room look more welcoming and warm.

20. Master Bedroom Ideas with Balcony

Master Bedroom ideas with Balcony


Having a balcony in the bedroom is such a wonderful benefit. It does not take much effort to turn a master bedroom with balcony into a perfect nesting, even when the space is not large in size.

To make the most of it, install floor-to-ceiling windows to let the natural light brighten up the room, to connect the indoor and outdoor space, and to expose the view beyond. Also, be sure to add a sitting area on the balcony, preferably wooden chairs with matching the color of balcony.

Imagine waking up in the morning with fresh air and just a few steps away from the bliss of the morning sight.

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