20 Clever Pedestal Sink Storage Design Ideas

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Everyone does really like living in a big house with a large bathroom. But the fact is some people may have quite small space to live in. If you are owning a pretty small bathroom, do not worry about it. You still can optimize your bathroom area by using pedestal sink storage.

The function of storage in a house is paramount. Without making a storage, you are not able to put all your toiletries and items such as toothpaste, toilet tissues, hair brushes, body scrubs, soaps, and etc. Nothing is more important than having storage near your lovely bathroom.

You might ever lose your favorite bathroom stuff because there was no storage. If you do not wanna get the same troubles, it means the right time to create an extra storage. Storage near your bathroom will keep all your problems away. It also helps to beautify your bathroom with unique personal tastes and touches.

To all small bathroom owner, please never think that you do not get any luck. You only need to make storage in your small yet cute bathroom. Here are our 20 amazing ideas to create spectacular pedestal sink storage. So, let’s check this article out!

1. Wooden or Plastic Basket

pedestal sink storage cabinet

Are you looking for a simple yet fantastic idea? Go for pedestal sink storage basket! Basket in this context is a wooden basket or wicker basket, but the plastic basket is great too. You may overlook wooden basket at first because you usually put all fruits and bread in your wooden basket.

You can have extra storage by hanging your wooden basket. If you need more storage spaces, you must prepare more wooden baskets. The Wooden basket has a brown color, which is a neutral color. It will work for any color of bathroom walls. You can also put a wooden or plastic basket under pedestal sink.

Overall, wooden or plastic baskets are absolutely brilliant ideas to any tiny bathroom. They have durable materials too.


  • Pretty affordable storage
  • Easy to hang
  • Impressive material

Cons :

  • Sometimes, too many baskets can make unwanted clutter.

2. Under Pedestal Sink Storage Cabinet

under pedestal sink cabinet

You wanna keep your bathroom essentials well-organized, right? It is the right time to implement your brilliant idea. You can tidy up all stuff by having pedestal sink storage cabinet. It is very worthy to spend your money for buying a cabinet. The white-colored cabinet must be a nice thing.

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There are 2 common ways of using cabinet. The first one is put your cabinet under or near pedestal sink. You can only put mini-sized cabinet because there is only tiny space in your bathroom. It will be useful if you find out two or three-tiers cabinet.

Hence, cabinets can solve all clutter in your tiny bathroom really well. But it is quite difficult to find your stuff in cabinet quickly.

Pros :

  • Plastic cabinets are inexpensive, wooden cabinets are still affordable
  • It does a good job in tackling clutters

Cons :

  • It will be tricky to find your bathroom supplies

3. Pedestal Sink Storage Solutions

pedestal sink storage cabinet

Pedestal Sink Storage by pinterest.com

It actually does not matter whether you own small or large bathroom. The problem is if you do not create a special storage for your mini bathroom. You can use pedestal sink storage shelves. It can be made easily by yourself too.

Hanging on shelves near your toilet, above your bathroom door or your pedestal sink. Interestingly, you can put many items on your shelves. If you own a lot of toiletries and toilet paper, it must be good to hang some shelves.

Overall, shelves help to save spaces in your bathroom. However, they do not look neat.

Pros :

  • Shelves are cheap
  • Save a lot of spaces

Cons :

  • If you put many kinds of stuff on shelves, they look untidy

4. Towel Rack

If there are many people in your family, there are definitely a lot of towels. This seriously will be the huge problem for small bathroom owners. But with an ingenious solution, you can put all your towels on pedestal sink storage rack.

Another smart way to save some spaces in your bathroom is using a drying rack. This special rack is popularly known for drying your wet towel and clothes. If you are not using a drying rack, you are able to transform its size.

Overall, towel rack only can be used for towels and clothes. Despite it is affordable, you are unable to put another item.

Pros :

  • Towels and wet clothes are saved neatly
  • It is cheap and expandable

Cons :

  • You can not use them to put the other stuff

5. DIY Sink Storage

pedestal sink storage basket

Pedestal sink storage DIY is likely loved by many people because it is so wallet-friendly. You can use leftover materials in your house. For an instance, you are highly recommended to make a wooden table with two tiers.

You must put your DIY wooden table under your pedestal sink. You can also upcycle your tin cans. Cover tin cans with colorful papers. The bottom of tin cans must be glued on rectangular wooden or tin surface.

Thus, table and tin cans are wonderful DIY projects. They are money-saving. Make sure you have extra times to make them.

Pros :

  • Budget-friendly
  • Clutters-free

Cons :

  • Quite time-consuming projects

6. Use The Curtain

weatherby bathroom pedestal sink storage cabinet

The curtain is not only used for window, but also for storage. This curtain is obviously vital element especially when you are having open pedestal sink storage. A pedestal sink storage with curtain is helpful to cover all your stuff.

You can buy curtain like you want. You may shop floral-themed curtain or white curtain. White-colored curtain wins all small bathroom owner hearts. Do not forget to choose open storage with curtain holder.

Overall, the curtain can hide clutters inside your cabinets/shelves. However, they can get dirty.

Pros :

  • Curtains are cheap
  • They look neat
  • Removable and changeable

Cons :

  • They can not withstand the dirt and dust

7. Tiny Table for Powder Room

pedestal sink storage solutions

Powder room literally means women private bathroom. There is no shower in the powder room. Because it only consists of a sink, toilet, towel and a storage. You can easily find out the bathroom in public places.

You can put an artistic wooden tiny table near your sink. This tiny table will work as powder room pedestal sink storage. Do not forget to look at a tiny table with some drawers.

Therefore, the wooden tiny table is truly space-saving. Its moist environment may affect its durability.

Pros :

  • Wooden tiny table is affordable
  • Useful for tiny powder room

Cons :

  • It has shorter durability due to its wet environment

8. Ladder

wrap around pedestal sink storage

Sometimes, small bathroom makes you get confused. It is indeed true because you are urged to find the most clever solution. Small room means that you must not put something wide in size. So, it is understood because there is no large room in your bathroom.

You can use a ladder to solve all your clutters. The ladder will help you to tidy up your necessities. You can put your towel, toiletries, toilet paper on ladder tiers vertically.

Hence, the ladder is very functional to save an extra space in your small bathroom. The minus is your stuff may be falling off.

Pros :

  • Low-budget idea
  • Space-saving idea

Cons :

  • Stuff can fall off

9. Sink Wrap for Pedestal Sink Storage

sink wrap for pedestal sink

A problem is rising when there is no enough space in your bathroom. You have to find a creative solution to overcome the problem. In this case, you are strongly suggested to own wrap around pedestal sink storage bed, bath and beyond. This storage has a curved top so it will match perfectly with your sink.

You can stash your liquid soap, foot cream, towel, toilet paper and much more. Furthermore, you are also in clutter-free days. Curved storage does not any big area in your bathroom too.

Overall, wrap around cabinets are easy to put under the sink. You may need to pay quite expensive for its unique design.

Pros :

  • Suitable for any sink
  • Save a lot of spaces

Cons :

  • Pretty pricey for low-budget people

10. Divided Box

pedestal sink storage ikea

If you only have some basic toiletries in your bathroom such as toothpaste, liquid soap, hair brush, shampoo and facial wash, you can put them in divided box. This will be your coolest storage ever.

Divided box is available in various material. You can look for wooden divided box, plastic divided box or iron divided box. This small and quite long divided box will bring you in complete peace of mind.

Overall, divided box makes you easy in finding bath supplies. It does not help to save large stuff though.

Pros :

  • Super affordable
  • Small stuff look neat

Cons :

  • You can not put big-sized stuff

11. Pedestal Sink Storage Bronze

Having small bathroom is quite difficult to be handled. Without finding any solutions, you will be stuck in the same problem. You can use bronze-made towel rack to tackle yours clutters.

Bronze rack usually comes with 2 drying towel bars. By using it, you are able to put your toiletries on the top of pedestal sink storage bronze. The bronze rack also has been known for its durable and classy style.

Thus, bronze towel rack saves some spaces in the bathroom. However, it has limited functions.

Pros :

  • Quite cheap
  • Helpful for small bathroom

Cons :

  • It is only able to save some stuff
  • It can get stained

12. Shoe Organizer

pedestal sink storage design ideas

If you are a woman, you are facing a big trouble by having a lot of skincare and cosmetic products. This stuff will push you into a broader problem if you do not have any idea to organize them.

Actually, you may shop shoe organizer and find it around pedestal sink storage stores. Do not get wrong! Plastic-made shoe organizer also becomes one of the new solutions for small bathroom owners.

Overall, shoe organizer is definitely cheap. You can not put heavyweight stuff there.

Pros :

  • Budget-friendly idea
  • Overcome clutters from small stuff

Cons :

  • Its plastic material makes you can not save heavyweight items

13. Floor Cabinets

under pedestal sink storage cabinet

Size is the real constraint of every small bathroom owner. It looks like you only can use tiny storage. Because there is narrow space in your bathroom. You must look for mini pedestal sink storage for your bathroom right now. One of them is slender floor cabinets.

Floor cabinets are basically as same as with wall cabinets. The function and sizes might be different. According to its name, you only put slender floor cabinet on your floor. It has some drawers to put your bathroom supplies too.

Overall, floor cabinet can be put without any difficulties. It is absolutely space-saving. Its functions are limited tough.

Pros :

  • Suitable for tiny bathroom
  • Save a lot of spaces
  • Still wallet-friendly

Cons :

  • You can not put large bathroom supplies

14. Hook

around pedestal sink storage

A hook is an inevitable tool when you are going fishing. It is not only fishing essential stuff, but also a must-have item for all small bathroom owner in the world. Finding out hook might become the easiest job you can do. It seems like hooks are available in many stores.

Do you have a lot of bath products? It means that you need many hooks as you want. You are recommended to looking for clothes hanger first. Then you need to put those hook on the lower part of your hanger. You can shop another hanger too. Simply put all the hooks and you can use your hook.

Thus, hooks are really helpful and cheap storage’s. Sometimes, hooks create clutters in the bathroom.

Pros :

  • So affordable
  • Easy to hang

Cons :

  • Not totally clutter-free
  • It can get stained

15. Terra Cotta Pots

pedestal sink storage ideas

If your hobby is gardening, terra cotta pot is your favorite item. You may usually use this kind of pot for your plant. Now you will get surprised, after knowing the another function of terra cotta pot. The terra cotta pot is used to save much space in your small bathroom area.

There are 2 famous terra cotta pot, the rustic and modern plastic one. Using terra cotta pots as pedestal sink storage will throw your problem away. You can get the bonus too because terra cotta pot gives luxury look to your small bathroom.

Overall, terra cotta pots are so practical to save some stuff. However, you face problems to put large-sized items.

Pros :

  • Wallet-friendly storage
  • Pots are very practical
  • Bring luxury vibes

Cons :

  • You are unable to save the big stuff

16. Flower Bucket

ideas for pedestal sink storage

There is no single unusable tool in your house. You can do everything with household stuff. If you have old flower buckets, please do not throw them away. It is super wonderful and versatile item. You could buy the new one if you did not have them before.

You will have a special storage by making bucket tower. Do you want to have beautiful storage in your bathroom? Go for some pastel-colored flower buckets. All your necessities are scissors, clotheslines and old/new flower buckets. You must knot the clothesline on left and right side of you flower bucket.

Overall, flower buckets are a super genius and space-saving ideas. Make sure you have enough times to create those flower buckets.

Pros :

  • Worth a try, it saves your spaces a lot
  • Pretty affordable

Cons :

  • Quite time-consuming for busy people

17. Cake Stand

pedestal sink cabinet home depot

Pedestal Sink Storage

When we had a birthday, we might annually have a cake stand. This cake stand is not only functional for your birthday cake, but also pedestal sink storage. It is actually unusual storage for some people. Once you know its function, you will use it as long lasting storage.

It is pretty easy to get a tiered cake stand, even it is available in your nearest supermarket. Turn your cake stand into trendy pedestal sink storage. You can put skincare, accessories and bathroom supplies on your cake stand. It can save quite large space in your small bathroom.

If you do not get or have a cake stand, do not worry! You all have plastic plates, don’t you? You can choose white, pink or any color of your favorite. Make a DIY storage by using two plastic plates. Do not forget the function of candlestick too! It will help to connect between 2 plastic plates.

Thus, cake stands are easy to make. You may need special tables unless you want to put it on the floor.

Pros :

  • Super-cheap storage idea
  • Easy to create

Cons :

  • Need space to put cake stand. It is real problem in the tiny bathroom

18. Makeup Organizer

above pedestal sink storage bathroom

Pedestal Sink Storage

Man and woman have their own grooming products. They use those products on daily basis, so there will be a ton of bathroom stuff. This means every small bathroom owner must find out a creative solution. You still save many spaces in your bathroom as long as you own makeup organizer.

It is much better if your makeup organizer is on rotating stand. So, it will ease you when you looking for skin care, makeups or toiletries. Revolve your makeup organizer and you can easily find the product like you want.

It must be noted that a lot of bathroom supplies need some tiers of makeup organizer. If you have only basic bathroom stuff, one makeup organizer without any stand will work. This makeup organizer is multi-functional for you.

Overall, makeup organizer can make your bathroom clutter-free. It is not too space-saving tough.

Pros :

  • Quite inexpensive
  • Can save small to medium stuff

Cons :

  • Large makeup organizer is unsuitable for tiny bathroom

19. Built-In

pedestal sink storage cabinet lowes

Pedestal Sink Storage

This solution is for those who want to renovate their tiny bathroom. Your small-sized bathroom is not your big problem anymore when you are able to create some built-ins. It means that you build storage in your wall. This must be the most wonderful idea ever.

By making built-in storages, you do not need any space. You are not in trouble with your super small bathroom areas. Most importantly, this idea is still budget-friendly for you. It can definitely be said that one built-in is useful for your life time.

To have built-in, choose the accessible area in your bathroom. You can start to make built-ins near your toilet or sink. Put some wooden slender shelves and it is done. Welcome your space-saving storage!

Overall, builts are a smart solution to a small bathroom. However, you need to prepare a lot of money to renovate your wall.

Pros :

  • It does not need any spaces
  • Built-ins look neat

Cons :

  • It is not low-budget project

20. Pedestal Sink Storage Bathtub

pedestal sink accessories storage

Pedestal Sink Storage

Do you have a bathtub in your bathroom? You can use it too. As mentioned before, everything in your house looks like hidden gems. The bathtub is one of your pedestal sink storage options.

If you do not take a bath in a bathtub regularly, it is a bright idea to turn your ordinary bathtub into pedestal sink storage. You can put your towels, liquid soaps, shampoos on the corner of the bathtub.

Hence, bathtub can tackle some problems. However, you can not put many kinds of stuff on the bathtub corners. You must move your stuff whenever you are in the bathtub.

Pros :

  • Bathtub can be space-saving storage
  • It is zero budget

Cons :

  • You can not save a lot of stuff
  • Quite time-consuming when you want to use bathtub

We have to admit that we do many activities in our bathroom. Sometimes, we do not realize a lot of clutter because of those activities. Small bathroom storage ideas above can be done by everyone. Without owning it, you must get serious troubles every day.

If you pay attention to those pedestal sink storage ideas, you will notice that small-sized bathroom could be overcome with a simple yet amazing trick.

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