17 Purple Bedroom Ideas that Beautify Your Bedroom’s Look

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Purple is attached to elegance. It is perfect if it is applied to the bedroom and is believed to be able to make you feel better and more comfortable while on it. You do not need to bother looking for purple bedroom ideas.

So, how to get it? Well, You just need to consider some purple bedroom ideas combined with other colors below.

Grey and Purple Master Bedroom

purple bedroom decorating ideas

A purple bedroom does look elegant, especially if combined with a gray color. It is a good idea for a bedroom and looks like a master of color. How best to combine the two colors?

  • The bedroom wall is painted in gray to make the bedroom looks cooler. Give some beautiful paintings on the wall such as a garden that contains trees and flowers, or some mountains. Remember, the paintings must be dominated with purple.
  • You can provide a bed cover with gray, and the purple for the blanket. It will look calmer so that you are eager to sleep.
  • Do not forget to put some of your favorite accessories, like the purple Teddy Bear, or the like. It aims to make the bedroom to become sweeter.

Purple and Grey Bedroom

Basically, purple can be the best idea in decorating a room. Purple looks graceful so that it is very appropriate to be applied to your bedroom. In addition, purple is also calm so that it can also be used for everyone: girls, boys, even adults.

That way, then purple is flexible, then you can more easily find purple bedroom ideas. One way is by combining purple with another color, such as gray. How?

It’s very simple, the most important thing is to pay attention to the wall. There are two alternatives, first: make a striped wall with a blend of purple and gray. It can be made straight whether horizontal or vertical, it’s equally good.

Second, the wall is painted in one color only, for example, gray. However, you can create a creation by giving paintings dominated by purple. In addition, you may also be able to add some accessories that are purple and gray, such as carpets, cabinets, chairs, and tables.

Purple and White Bedroom

purple bedroom paint

One of the best purple bedroom ideas is by combining it with white. White is a neutral color, so it fits perfectly with any color, including purple. How to integrate it?

  • Notice the lighting used in the bedroom. For example, maybe you can use the LED light as the main lighting, and use some wall lights as additional lighting.
  • As for the wall color, use the purple. However, you must provide some accessories to keep your walls from looking stiff, like putting a white mirror, some photos with the frame, and so on.
  • What about the furniture in the bedroom? You can use white and purple. It would be much more beautiful if the furniture does not have a single color only, but a blend of purple and white.

Purple Girls Bedroom

purple bedroom walls

For parents, giving purple to the teenage girl’s bedroom is the right idea. If you want the bedroom atmosphere to be more teen-style, there are several things that need to be added, as follows:

  • Wall paintings: you can give purple on the wall and put another color on the wall paintings (brighter), like pink. It’s very teenager.
  • A bed cover and blankets: you can also give purple, but it’s better if the bed cover and blankets have pictures such as cartoon characters: Micky Moose, Barbie, or whatever she likes.
  • Curtains: do not use a plain curtain, but use that has pictures such as pictures of the butterfly, it is very sweet. Use a neutral color for curtains, like white.

Pink and Purple Bedroom Ideas

Pink and Purple Bedroom ideas

Purple can also be used for an adult room, but it is not really a good idea if you only use pink. Pink is identical to a girl and it will be more beautiful if it is combined with purple.

For example, you can use a pink carpet (use that has a style, not plain). Then, for the wall, use purple, but give some accessories like posters and wall decorations so that the wall does not look empty.

Alternatively, you can also paint the walls with various creations, such as drawings of flowers, balloons, beautiful writings, and so on. The pink and purple bedroom ideas is a harmonious blend.

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Purple and Black Bedroom

Purple and Black Bedroom Ideas

It takes precision and carefulness to combine purple and black in the bedroom, especially in the selection of colors for the wall, floors, and accessories.

First, do not give the wall only black color, it is very inappropriate. Pair black and purple color on the wall, it would be better if dominated by purple. Then, on the floor, you can put a rug that has a variety of colors, such as purple, black, and white. White as a neutralizer.

If there are some small accessories, such as chairs, toys, posters, and pillows in the bedroom, then it can be black. However, for the accessories that are large, do not just use black only, but mix with purple.

Purple and Silver Bedroom

light purple bedroom

If you want to make the bedroom to look more luxurious, then the silver and purple bedroom ideas can be implemented. How?

  • Note the color of the wall. The wall should have the silver background. However, you can create a purple decor and add items on the wall. Then you can make a small room for the books, where the small room looks like a hollow wall.
  • Note the color of the bed, bed cover, and blankets. It’s better if dominated by purple. You can use a bed cover and blankets that have shades, especially silver ones.
  • Notice the lighting used. Do not use a high lighting level, but use a normal lighting level. For the accessories, such as chairs, tables, cabinets, and others, you can give purple.

Teal and Purple Bedroom Ideas

purple bedroom ideas for teenage girl

A mixture of teal and purple is also good if applied to the bedroom. For example, for the wall color, you can use teal, but for wall decors, such as posters, paintings, and more, give it purple.

Then, the bed cover should use teal, and you can use purple for the blankets and pillows. This is a wonderful blend.

For the floor, you can use a blend of teal and purple, such as by using a rug. It would be much better if the rug has a style, not plain.

Dark Purple Bedroom Ideas

purple bedroom design

Actually, the dark purple bedroom ideas is a pretty good option, but you are required to have creativity. Do not worry, you can do the following steps.

  • You can paint the wall with dark purple. Give some paintings on the wall with white so that the wall does not look too dark. Remember, just some paintings, about 25%. You are free to paint anything, which is good to see.
  • All accessories in the room must be dominated with purple. It can also be mixed with other colors, but the purple should dominate.
  • This is the most important thing to make a dark purple bedroom, that is the light. You do not have to use the main light, but you have to put some decorative lights that are attached to the wall. Using yellow lights are better.

Purple and Green Bedroom

Purple and Green Bedroom ideas

A combination of green and purple can also make the bedroom look exotic. However, there are some things that you need to take note. First, the use of lighting colors: you can use some green lights that stick to the wall.

Second, the use of paint on the bedroom wall. Do not use green, use the purple color so that the combination of green lighting and wall color look better.

Third, the selection of a rug in the bedroom. Use a patterned rug that is dominated by green. This is to support the lighting of the wall lights so that the bedroom becomes more balanced between green and purple.

Purple and Gold Bedroom

Purple and Gold Bedroom Ideas

If you want your bedroom to be luxurious and expensive, then the gold and purple bedroom idea is the right choice. How to combine it?

  • The walls in the bedroom should look like gold emitting light. How? You can use purple for the background of the wall, but you have to put gold-colored decor to the entire surface of the wall.
  • If you have an accessory in the form of a golden cup, it is very supportive to make the bedroom look luxurious and expensive.
  • As for the bed and its elements (a bed cover and blankets), it is strongly recommended to be dominated by gold.

Purple Master Bedroom

purple bedroom ideas master bedroom

If you want the master bedroom to be purple, the way is very simple. The most significant is on the wall. Do the wall has to be painted purple? Really! However, there are other alternatives to get the purple on the wall other than by painting it.

First, you can create a large banner and adjust to the size of the wall. The banner should be dominated with purple, and it will be more interesting if it has a style.

Second, you can attach purple ornamental papers, it can be made like stars, moons, circles, or other creations. Sure, it’s more efficient because you do not have to paint the wall.

A purple bedroom idea should not look stiff. Therefore, it is very important if you use some other colors, such as white on a bed cover, pillows, and blankets. Then, for the roof of the room, let it white. So, a natural impression can be enjoyed.

Purple and Cream Bedroom

Purple and Cream Bedroom Ideas

Cream color can also make the bedroom look elegant, especially if it is combined with purple. For example, for the wall and floors, you can give a cream. As for the room accessories, you can use purple.

Because the wall background that is colored cream, you can use a purple for wall decors, both large and small decors. This is to make a beautiful alloy, so nice to look at.

Then, for the lighting, you are free to choose: can be white, yellow, green, and others. It will make the bedroom look more colorful and not seem stiff.

Purple and Brown Bedroom

Purple and Brown Bedroom ideas

A purple bedroom combined with brown also looks interesting. Both of these colors do not look flashy. Therefore, if you use these two colors in the bedroom, then consider the lighting used. There are three alternatives:

  • All sides of the wall in the room, both front, rear, left, and right, you can decorate with a blend of purple and brown. However, for the roof of the bedroom, give a bright white.
  • By providing wall lights on every corner of the room (4 pieces). The wall lights don’t produce a brighter light than the main light (like a single LED) that adorn the entire room. Therefore, the wall lights can give the impression of elegance in the room.
  • If the wall is decorated with brown and purple, then for room accessories, do not use purple and brown. You can use other colors that are more prominent such as white so that your room does not feel dark.

Purple and Yellow Bedroom

purple room decor items

Basically, purple is an unobtrusive color, while yellow is striking. Therefore, if these two colors are combined, it will be very good. How to?

  • Pair yellow and purple on the bedroom wall, it can be a straight line (horizontal or vertical), or by making a beautiful picture painting, and others. Importantly, these two colors are on the wall, which is 50:50.
  • Use a purple rug (it is nicer that has an orchid flower motif). Then, for footwear, give yellow.
  • If in the bedroom there are large accessories, then it is better if they are yellow. While the accessories are small, give purple.

Red and Purple Bedroom Ideas

purple bedroom ideas for adults

The purple bedroom idea that is combined with red can also be done. However, you must be careful in putting this color because red is identical with the heat.

The way, for the bedroom wall, 80% must be purple and the other 20% may be red. Red on the wall will help as an unconventional lighting source.

Then, for the bed, you may use red, but for the bed cover, blankets and pillows, use purple. For large accessories, such as cabinets, tables, and chairs, you also have to combine red and purple.

Remember, for large accessories, do not let the red color too dominate. Except for small accessories, such as toys, dolls, posters and so on, it may use red.

Grey White and Purple Bedroom Ideas

Grey White and Purple Bedroom Ideas

The combination of grey-white and purple can also make the bedroom look beautiful. However, there are some things that need attention to get the best results.

  • Leave the floor that is colored grey-white or can also be gray only. Then, mix grey-white and purple on the bedroom wall, which is 50:50.
  • For the accessories such as cabinets, beds, tables, and chairs, give purple, while accessories such as rugs, blankets, and curtains, give a grey-white color.
  • The last thing to take note is the lighting. You can put a light that is not too white, not too bright, but still can illuminate the bedroom. However, you should also add some wall lights with a grey-white to make it look elegant.

It takes creativity in combining the colors in the bedroom. The purple bedroom ideas is very nice, but it will look better if it is combined with other colors so that the bedroom does not look empty. You can try a blend of purple and other colors.

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