25 Rustic Style Ideas With Rustic Bathroom Vanities

modern rustic bathroom vanities ideas

Choosing the right rustic bathroom vanities for your bathroom would be pretty challenging. Applying a rustic style into the house itself is such a challenging job.

Rustic modern is one of the latest trends in home design and decor. In order to understand what rustic is about, and how to make your room to be rustic, you may need to know more detailed information about that. In this article, you will also get some inspiration for your rustic bathroom.

Having a rustic style for a bathroom is not uncommon. Some experts recommend this trending style to be applied in a bathroom to bring unique feelings into it.

The Characteristics of Rustic Style

Rustic Bathroom Vanity Makeover Ideas

If you decide to apply your interior with rustic style, you need to understand its characteristics. This style will make an eclectic look that emphasizes nature.

The handcrafted, time-worn, distressed, handcrafted items which are constructed of natural materials or having natural hue finish, are the must things to have in a rustic interior. So, without that kind of stuff, you can’t call it as rustic.

For the furniture, it normally consists of wood, stone, and reclaimed lumber. You can incorporate the items like rattan, bamboo, nubby cotton, paper, wool, clay, sisal, glass, and some types of metal to embellish the look.

For the structural, a rustic interior will have wooden beams and columns. It also features hardwood or stone flooring for the room. If you want to achieve the rustic look, you need to have these elements in your home. It’s a must.

Things You Must Have For Rustic Interior

1. Wood

Rustic Bathroom Vanities Ideas

Rustic Bathroom Vanities Ideas by housebeautifull.com

It’s the essential elements of rustic style interior. It covers almost every aspect of the rustic design, from the flooring, countertops, and accessories or decors. Wood is always gonna be the highlight of the rustic home. It’s like the direct connection to the outdoor or nature.

2. Lighting

You need to choose the fixture of lighting that blend well with the rustic style. You can create a focal point for any room in your house with the right lighting fixture. This one is simple yet elaborate and made with iron or weathered metal. This chandelier brings a charm of old world or classic to any space.

3. Natural Texture

Choosing a brick and stone elements as a background or focal point is perfect for the rustic style. Those elements bring an undeniable textural aspect to your space. It represents the nature’s true textures. A travertine and slate stones which have a lot of textures will look stunning in your room especially for the bathroom.

4. Wood Beams

The element of architectural is now the very essence of rustic style. The rustic furniture tends to be unpolished and left rough which will add the characteristic to space. The natural warmth is the very spirit of the rustic style. So, bringing the rustic style for the whole room would encompass it.

5. Warm Colors

Rustic Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Rustic Bathroom Vanities Ideas by grandecor.bg

To make the rustic furniture well-combined is to use warm colors. The sense of warmth will be spread around the room. The use of fabric, paint, and wood must be well-developed in this style. You do not need to stick with brown color, you can choose any hues with warm colors such as oranges, reds, and yellows.

6. Weathered Materials

You need to move over your clean and pristine spaces. If an object is weathered, the newness of that object would be taken away. Shine is the enemy of a rustic object. Without it, it will add the suitable amount of character to any space you have to spread up the ideal rustic feeling.

7. Refurbished Items

Repurposing furniture or accessories can keep the true theme of the past. It adds charm and simplicity to the rustic style. For example, you can turn your old shutters into artwork with creativity. You can make cool lighting from old baskets. It can save some of your budgets by creating a DIY item for your rustic house.

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Rustic Style For Bathroom

Valley View Rustic Bathroom Ideas

Rustic Bathroom Vanities Ideas by dwellcandy.com

If you want to have the rustic style in your bathroom with the French rustic bathroom vanities that you want to have, you may need to apply few things that are explained before. If you do that, you will instantly get the rustic look you want for your bathroom. For you want to to have the bathroom concept to be all rustic, here are some other elements you may need to have.

  • Ceilings – an opened ceilings and an exposed wooden beams would spread the rustic scheme into your bathroom. If your bathroom doesn’t have angled, open ceiling, there still something you can do to achieve the look. Just place wood and cross beams over the current ceiling.
  • Doors – for this you can use barn door track systems with natural solid wood doors that are unpainted and naturally stained.
  • Floors –as told before, hardwood and stone flooring is the key. It adds elegance and charm to the rustic modern style.
  • Vanities – leave the walls bare, have a cabinet from vanities for your bathroom. A plain country white colored cabinets with handles blend with a nice marble or stone countertop is the right one for your bathroom. The luxury rustic bathroom vanities can be a good choice.
  • Other furniture – the recommendation is that it would be perfect to incorporate historical looking pieces as the decoration for your furniture in the bathroom. It can accentuate your bathroom to be rustic.

The Upsides and Downsides of Rustic Bathroom Vanities

Rustic Bathroom Vanity Ideas to Jump Start Your Remodel

Rustic Bathroom Vanities Ideas by prosantehniku.com.ua

Some people think that rustic style is perfect for a bathroom. It is because it has a distinctive and tempting artistic pattern. Some other people think that it’s ridiculous to have rustic wood inside the bathroom. Well, both of those people have its own reasons. Anything you choose for your bathroom can have its advantages and disadvantages or in other word is upside and downside.


  • It has an awesome appeal and feel of rustic style
  • It delivers the relaxing ambiance which is what a bathroom needs
  • It adds an extra charm to your functional storage
  • It’s more durable. Just do a single wipe every day
  • It’s flexible and affordable. It can be molded easily


  • It’s always made of wood. It needs to be saved from moisture
  • It has Various of disadvantages for various of woods

So, you need to have some consideration before choosing the right style for your bathroom. But, from all those upsides and downsides, rustic vanities are still great for your bathroom. If you are smart enough, you can handle the downsides. For example, you need to save the wood from moisture by covering it with more durable paint or you can just find the vanity with a more durable material of wood.

Rustic Bathroom Vanities DIY

Presenting Rustic Bathroom Vanities in Your House

Rustic Bathroom Vanities Ideas by navpa2016.org

For you who want to save your budget in purchasing rustic bathroom vanities, you may want to DIY or Do It Yourself. It’s not as hard as it looks when building a bathroom vanity.

You just need to follow the steps carefully. It can just be done by combining simple lines and construction of stained-pine with sink in modern style. It is a combination of rustic and contemporary to make a sophisticated look to the vanity. It’s also perfect for farmhouse or contemporary style. and, it has large shelves for the storage.

First, you need to prepare the sink and faucet. It’s for creating the cutouts in the top panel. Pick a sink and faucet with rustic style. You can choose any kind surface-mount and any kind vessel-style sink. Then, you just have to pay attention to the detail of the steps and follow it carefully.

All the steps are explained with pictures so it will be easier for you to understand. You can see more steps of making bathroom vanity for your own bathroom on BuildSomething website.

Rustic Bathroom Vanities Design ideas

Rustic Bathroom Vanities Ideas by houzz.com

Whether you want rustic bathroom corner vanity or rustic bathroom vanities 36 inches, you can freely to measure the size of the vanity based on the space you have. The most important thing is that you have to follow the steps one by one. Take a look at the full tutorial on the website.

Choosing Bathroom Vanity

Trendy And Chic Industrial Rustic Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Rustic Bathroom Vanities Ideas by houzz.com

Actually, there are other rooms has a vanity in it. Besides bathroom, Powder room has vanity too. Generally, a powder room is the smallest room in the house, bathroom comes the second.

This room can only accommodate a small vanity. It is just a room with one sink and minimal counter top. There’s enough space to access the toilet. The thing is you can’t take a bath inside the powder room. That’s what this room is not called as a bathroom.

Vanities can be different based on the what the bathroom is used for. Guest or hall bathroom tend to be used by teenagers or children.

So, the vanity has to be large for clutter and other bathing essentials. Instead of a cabinet, it would be better to have drawers under the sink. This bathroom needs are just basic. If the bathroom is used mostly by teens, you may need to have a store for hair dryers and cosmetics. It will prevent the counter to be crowded.

Unlike the Guest bathroom, the master bathroom has its own purposes of having vanities. This room is the hub of daily bathing for adults of the home or parents.

Most master bathrooms have a vanity with two sinks and a lot of storages in order to make it more functional. The style of the vanity can be blended with the style of the bathroom but it doesn’t have to.

What about the lighting? Regardless of the vanity type you select, proper lighting is crucial. You can choose to have lighting that is placed on the wall at about five and a half feet from the floor. It will help you while you are applying your makeup, drying, or shaving your hair.

Choosing the Right Bathroom Sink

Unique Rustic Bathroom Vanities Design

Rustic Bathroom Vanities Ideas by navpa2016.org

Let’s talk about the sink. When talking about vanities, you can’t just care about the sink. It’s the essential part of the vanity set. Well, you can buy vanities with or without its sink. There are some brands and stores that sell rustic bathroom vanities without tops, and the countertops and sinks could be purchased separately.

If you are confused about choosing the right sink for your rustic bathroom vanities, here is some information that could narrow down your choices.

1. Top-mount sink

This is the most common sink used by many households. This sink is designed to sit on top of the counter, just like its name. Generally, many sinks are designed to be sat on the counter, with just a rim of it on the top sitting and visible. The rim can be set to be very slim or a bit chunkier.

2. Undermount sink

This sink sits underneath the counter. The rim is not visible on the counter, it’s underside of the countertop. For your rustic bathroom, we recommend you to use the rustic bathroom vanities with copper sink. It will add the real value of rustic design.

3. Wall-mounted sink

This sink is installed directly to the wall. It doesn’t need to sit on the countertop. It will give the minimalist feeling to a room.

4. Pedestal Sink

If you want to have a simple wall-mounted sink but you have a waste pipe has to go through the floor, you may need this kind of sink for your bathroom.

5. Semi-Recessed Sink

Rustic Bathroom Vanities You'll Love

Rustic Bathroom Vanities Ideas by houzz.com

For a bathroom that has limited space, you may consider having this kind of sink. Even though your space is small, you can still have the vanity cabinets below the sink for storage.

6. Washplane sink

This is the sink you can have even though you don’t have a vanity or cabinet. This kind of minimalist sink is usually spotted in sleek hotels and bathrooms of a restaurant. This is the simplest options. It’s slim and it’s stylish.

7. Vessel Sink

This sink generally sits on top of the counter, completely. The whole shape of the sink sits on the top like a bowl on the table. It can be one of the rustic bathroom vanities with sink you are looking for.

8. All-in-One sink and Countertop

This one really relates to our big topic, vanities. There are many off-the-shelf vanity cabinets you can buy from bathroom supply stores that already have the sink on it. The sink is molded as part of the countertop which is made of acrylic or porcelain.

Choosing the right sink for your bathroom that match with your vanity can be a little bit tricky. You need to know a little bit about the technical details of the sink types.

Once you understand, you can use both knowledge and style choices you want to make in deciding the right sink for you. The three important things you have to know in choosing sink are the installation, configuration, and materials.

Rustic Bathroom Vanities Ideas

Top RUSTIC Bathroom Vanities Ideas

Rustic Bathroom Vanities Ideas by fadugu.com

The style of rustic decor is very popular these days. So, many people want their house to be whole rustic. But, there are some people just want to add a little touch of rustic elements into their room. In this case, we are focusing on the ideas of a rustic bathroom. Specifically, it’s about the bathroom vanities in rustic style.

The vanities with rustic style must be the wooden ones. It can feel vintage industrial or mid-century modern. You can buy it at the store or you can make some yourself. It can also be a repurposed wooden table cabinet or sideboard that turn into a cool vanity for your bathroom.

There are many advantages with this kind of materials for a bathroom, but the disadvantages are that wooden material is not that durable and moisture could ruin it. More explanation about advantages and disadvantages would be shown later. You can add a stone or concrete countertop to cover the surface of the vanity.

A cabinet or a vanity in a bathroom is the right choice for you if you want to have the storage to be hidden. It also helps to visually de-clutter the space you in the bathroom. You can choose a reclaimed wood vanity that is completed with shelves and drawers. For shabby chic style, you can choose to have a whitewashed vanity to add modern flavor. It will add a cozy touch to the bathroom.

Rustic Bathroom Vanities You'll Love

Rustic Bathroom Vanities Ideas by founterior.com

An open shelving can be very useful too for storing soaps, towels, and other bathroom stuff. All of the design still depends on the size of the bathroom, if your bathroom is large you can freely choose your favorite rustic bathroom vanities and cabinets.

But, if your bathroom is small, do not go for a double vanity, just have a small reclaimed wood cabinet with a sink on top along with the small drawer and storage space.

Here are some ideas of rustic bathroom vanities ideas to inspire you:

Ideas about Rustic Bathroom Vanities

Rustic Bathroom Vanities Ideas by digsdigs.com

  • Take a look at this rustic bathroom vanity that is originally a wooden sideboard. It repurposes to be a great choice of rustic vanity.
ideas about Small Rustic Bathrooms vanities

Rustic Bathroom Vanities Ideas by digsdigs.com

  • You can set your cool bathroom with a mix of modern and rustic style. It features an open shelf and drawers. You can complete it with rustic modern bathroom vanities.
Best ideas about Rustic Bathroom vanities Designs

Rustic Bathroom Vanities Ideas by digsdigs.com

  • If you like the make an accent or focal point to the rustic bathroom you have, this dark stained farmhouse cabinetry will be one of recommended good rustic bathroom vanities ideas. It is completed with white counter.
Rustic Vanity Design Ideas

Rustic Bathroom Vanities Ideas by digsdigs.com

  • If you do not want it to be dark, you can choose this light-colored wood bathroom vanity. It has a black countertop which can balance the color and create a peaceful feeling to your bathroom.
ideas for a DIY Bathroom Vanity

Rustic Bathroom Vanities Ideas by digsdigs.com

  • If the space of your bathroom is large, you can have this large wooden bathroom vanity with open shelf and drawer. Half the storage of this bathroom is open. So, you can’t all the clutter, you need to clear up the clutter regularly to make it always neat. This is definitely not small rustic bathroom vanity ideas.
Impressive Ideas of Rustic Bathroom Vanity

Rustic Bathroom Vanities Ideas by digsdigs.com

  • For you who are into classic or vintage style, you can blend it well with rustic style by adding this vintage modern vanity into your bathroom. There is a stone counter on the top and also drawers. This one works really well when you combine with white background and black accent.
Top RUSTIC Bathroom Vanities Ideas

Rustic Bathroom Vanities Ideas by digsdigs.com

  • For more antique looks of a rustic bathroom concept, this vanity set that is made of reclaimed rough wood might be a good choice. This vanity is completed with open shelves and also drawers to hide all the clutter.

Rustic Bathroom Vanities Ideas by digsdigs.com

  • To be rustic doesn’t mean that you can’t make it clean and shine. Like this vanity which is really suitable in a white bathroom. The reclaimed wood color really makes a chic accent to the whole bathroom. The vanity becomes the focal point of the room.
Rustic Bathroom Vanities You'll Love

Rustic Bathroom Vanities Ideas by digsdigs.com

  • This photo above is the combination of ultra modern and rustic modern. It actually blends really well. The metal mirror and countertops combined with warmly stained vanity. It also has an open shelf underneath the cabinet.
Beautiful DIY Rustic Bathroom Ideas

Rustic Bathroom Vanities Ideas by digsdigs.com

  • A stone countertops are the suitable choice for the classic and antique bathroom. The colorful brick wall as the background adds its own feeling into the bathroom. The warm hues of the vanity bring a well-combined elements into the room.
Unique Rustic Bathroom Vanities Design

Rustic Bathroom Vanities Ideas by digsdigs.com

  • It doesn’t have to be brown or wooden color to choose a rustic vanity. This light rustic blue color of vanity can definitely add rustic feelings into the bathroom. Another option besides brown is the gray rustic bathroom vanities.

There are still many ideas that can inspire you to choose the best vanity for your bathroom among those ideas. But, all those 11 ideas can be an inspiration for your to create a comfortable bathroom with rustic style.

As we know, vanity is like the main features of a bathroom. It is the key to have a clean and neat bathroom.

You can hide and arrange your bathroom items and clutter the right way. Choosing rustic concept for a bathroom is not uncommon, it’s recommended by some home designers. In order to support that, you need to add the furniture like rustic bathroom vanities inside the bathroom of yours.

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