20 Facts Shower Room Ideas Everyone Thinks Are True

modern shower room ideas

Shower Room Ideas- The shower room is one of the most important part in the house, having the shower room with a comfortable and clean atmosphere with complete facilities is a mandatory requirement.

After the main function has been done, bathroom interior design is the second variable that should be considered seriously, because the bathroom design you choose will affect your mood everyday.

Selecting the right size shower room is an important consideration because the size of the shower room is influential with the comfort and spaciousness of the room.

In addition, the wet area of the shower room should be noted that the flow of water does not wet the other room, so using the shower curtain is a bright solution.

Talking about the shower room with a minimalist concept you can choose a transparent glass wall to make it look classy and elegant.

Shower room with transparent glass wall with good lighting will give a bright effect and make your room look spacious. In addition to the limited space, the shower room with transparent glass wall is the right choice in all conditions.

If you are confused what kind of shower room design suits your room. Below you can select design trend shower room. Inspiration design shower room that will make your room look amazing.

Choose the best design shower room and you can redesign or add your favorite ornaments, make your the shower room perfectly.

1. Corner Shower Room

The Best Small and Functional Bathroom Design Ideas

Place your shower room at a suitable corner of the bathroom with two sides of glass facing forward and you get a corner shower room.

The placement can be at any corner according to your preference and bathroom’s space.You can even place the shower room behind the bathroom door if there’s enough space when the door is fully open.

If you have limited space of bathroom, then you have to look into corner shower room ideas. However, due to its shape and design, it is somewhat not easy to have it remodeled. You have to stick with this shower room type for quite a long time.


  • Save space
  • Make the room seems brighter and larger because of the distribution of light


  • Rather difficult to renovate because of the shape and design

2. Quadrant Shower Room

shower room ideas for small spaces

Shower Room Ideas by bidvine.com

To get a quadrant shower room, you have to place the shower inside a room like corner types but with two curved glass sides, instead of rectangular ones, facing forward.

If you find a corner shower room still takes up a lot of floors, this quadrant type is one of perfect shower room ideas for small spaces. The exterior is also extraordinary that makes it a complete combination.

A quadrant shower room is indeed designed for small bathroom. But still, it can make an outstanding addition to any bathroom due to its unique arch enclosure.


  • Save even more space than corner shower room
  • The curved glass is rather unique


  • It may seem too small for some people

3. Walk-in Shower Room

small shower room ideas pictures

Shower Room Ideas by bidvine.com

A walk-in shower room is one of those types which are door less. It is included in an open-concept category of a bathroom.

You can choose to remove the door completely. It eases your movement from the shower room to the rest of the bathroom and vice versa.

Having this shower room type means you have to come through a meticulous plan about the water exposal, drainage, and waterproof floor. Otherwise, the escaped water will flood your bathroom.


  • Since it is door less, it creates a smooth switch-over


  • Have to be more cautious with the escaped water and drainage
  • Costs more money due to the addition plan of floor waterproofing

4. Wet Shower Room

shower room ideas for small spaces

Shower Room Ideas by bidvine.com

The wet shower room is another open-concept bathroom and shower room idea. What differs a wet from walk-in shower room are a glass wall, the construction, and shower base.

The glass wall isn’t always included in the exterior of the wet room. The said room also doesn’t have a shower base because it is constructed right above the bathroom floor.

Like walk-in type, a wet shower room needs more attention to water disposal as well. The floor slope towards the water hole, the drainage, and floor waterproofing are the measures you have to thoroughly plan. Without taking enough consideration of those, water damage may be in your bathroom future.


  • No need to clean any nooks and crannies on the enclosure and neither is any glass
  • No risk of tripping on the raised lip at the edge of the shower room


  • Needs large space and must be built in large bathroom
  • Have to be more cautious with the drainage
  • Costs more with waterproof installment

5. Attic Shower Room

small ensuite shower room ideas

Shower Room Ideas by homestratosphere.com

There are so many attic shower room ideas. Most of them have windows that allow their users to take a bath while looking at the skylight. But the one in this picture shows us that having no window is also okay for attic shower room.

The sloping roof is tiled with golden tone. The shower, sink, and toilet is placed aligned in one row, next to the towel rack and the door.

The hung-up sink and toilet are counted as shower room ideas wicked to have larger floor space and thus help you in thorough cleaning.

Despite the small space it provides, you can still have a gorgeous bathroom in your attic. Having no windows is not a problem. Set a good arrangement of lighting instead.


  • Adds living space in the house
  • Raise the house’s value


  • Takes a lot of consideration about the plumbing
  • May be difficult to bring things in due to the attic’s shape and limited space

6. Travertine Tiled Shower Room

shower rooms 10 modern decorating ideas

Shower Room Ideas by ambienceimages.co.uk

In this picture, we can see the application of beige shower room ideas using travertine tiles. Beside beige, travertine actually comes in some sort of colors: reddish brown, ivory, and even gold. It also comes in a variety of finishes, matte, polished, tumbled, or brushed, for example.

Viewed in the picture how clever the designer separates the shower room area from the sink and toilet successfully using the glass materials.

Though travertine is pricier than other tiles; the shower room using this tile has become a favorite for a lot of people. The final look is absolutely beautiful.


  • It is easier to find the replacement that resembles with your existing tiles if you need to fix one tile or two
  • Travertine tiles are easy to cut and shape


  • Takes more effort to care for
  • Quite porous

7. Black and White Shower Room

Best ideas about Shower Rooms

Shower Room Ideas by elledecor.com

This one is in accordance with shower room ideas black and white. Before the transformation of the graceful and smooth oasis, it is a mere traditional London townhouse. Both the vanity and shower enclosure are customized. The chandelier lampshades append a color to the rest black and white space.

Having black and white shower room will never disappoint to increase the space’s aesthetic. Most of them come in monochromatic style, but many others don’t. All in all, these two colors are long lasting trend.


  • No need to add more decoration since black and white them make the whole decor
  • Long last trend
  • Make a statement


  • There are no disadvantages with black and white shower room, except that it was designed by an amateur who didn’t know what good and what not of these two colors combination

8. Floor-to-Ceiling Tiles Shower Room

Dark grey bathroom with contemporary fixtures

Grey Bathroom Ideas by ksassets.timeincuk.net

Choosing to cover your shower room with tiles from floor to ceiling is a genius. It can far more interest you with a good color selection.

Pick a color that still stands out regardless of time and is approved by all family members. Go with one of the shower room ideas grey. Put grey tiles on all four walls.

Tiling your floor shower room all the way to the ceiling needs more budget to cover all the space in your shower room instead of tiling only some part of it. Nonetheless, looking at how tiling all of your space can avoid the mould damage that may occur in time, it’s definitely worth the price.


  • Mould can’t damage tiles like it damage the naked walls and ceiling


  • Cleaning the tiled ceiling may be a problem
  • Takes more time to install all the tiles

9. Modern Luxury Shower Room

small and Functional Shower Room Design Ideas

Shower Room Ideas by thefischerhouse.net

This one is amazing. It combines corner, contemporary, grey, and black shower room ideas altogether. It’s perfect for your bathroom that is considerably small. Pick quadrant type for your shower room, grey tone for the flooring, and black wooden materials to complete the look.

As contemporary shower room designs are centered on the visual convenience, attraction, and efficiency, so it’s better for you to pay more attention to wall and floor tiles, shower head, the toilet, and the bathroom sink. Each and every part of it combines the gorgeous outcome you’ll achieve.


  • Makes the room become spacious


  • Has limited design options
  • Difficult to finance

10. Low Ceiling Shower Room

shower room tiles

Shower Room Ideas by thefischerhouse.net

One of the most significant things to determine during remodeling your shower room is the ceiling. Set a low ceiling across the whole bathroom is indeed a very good idea. Add lightings in the ceiling after that as it can emphasize the architectural features.

According to shower room ceiling ideas, low ceiling is better when combined with dark brown for the floor and mustard color for the walls. It gives a royal and classy look and provides an amazing texture.

Overall, low ceiling makes the temperature hotter in the summer but it benefits you when winter comes. With smaller space volume, low ceiling can reduce the heating system operating costs as it helps with lowering the temperature.


  • You need less money to spend on the heating system operation


  • Low ceiling makes the temperature hotter in the summer

11. Half Shower Laundry Room Combo

Shower Room Ideas Dublin

Shower Room Ideas by archinspire.pro

If you want to have both efficiency and practicality within your bathroom, then try to create a half shower laundry room combo.

This belongs to laundry and shower room ideas. The said half room actually doesn’t have a limit. You can make it into the laundry room in the bathroom or otherwise.

Half shower laundry room combo is extremely useful in your saving space plan. Plus it avoid the commotion of having dirty clothes scattered around your house since you and the rest family members can directly put the clothes away in washing machine.


  • A great space saving strategy


  • The laundry room will become inaccessible when the bathroom is in use

12. Country Style Shower Room

Shower Room Ideas To Transform Your Bathroom

Shower Room Ideas

The shower room showed in the picture highlights its shower tiles as the main aspect. The rest of bathroom walls are painted with a combination of white and light grey and the designer wants to give a statement about the true shower room ideas of country style by tiling the interior of a shower room.

Applying country shower room ideas within your bathroom is all about combining some of these aspects: antiques, reused materials, natural materials, simplicity, copper, vintage, iron, stone as well as the colors of white, grey, and blue.


  • The tiled walls are long lasting; it’s good for raising the value if you put your house for sale


  • If the tiles are done in a wrong way it can create an overly sterile look

13. En-suite Shower Room Ideas

Shower Room Design Ideas &Remodel Pictures

Shower Room Ideas by ideal-standard.co.uk

This kind of shower is an attached one to a bedroom and only accessible from there. It comes in many size, style, and shape.

To have an excellent ensuite shower, you have to optimize the space with the clever layout, discover the perfect suite, and set the right lighting.

En suite shower room is perfect to have some privacy and differs your own shower room from the one used by guests. However, it must be done by an expert. Otherwise, the water escaped may flood your bedroom.


  • Convenient and good for having privacy


  • Without thorough and diligent shower room cleaning, the bad smell may be smelled to your bedroom
  • Need to build more bathroom for guests and it costs more money

14. Kids Shower Room

small shower room layout

Shower Room Ideas by architectureartdesigns.com

It’s hard to look for a tub less kids shower room, like the one in the picture. And it is indeed safer with bathtub than without it.

For adults, colors tend to be decorations to complete the look. But for kids, colors are the main highlight. Bright colorful paints are what attract them to take a bath.

Bath time for kids is more like an official time to play with water. They like to linger there longer. Therefore, prepare their safety with some of these ideas: framed shower screen, rounded vanity, big bath mat, and non-slip flooring.


  • It’s good to teach you kids independence by separating their bathroom from the family bathroom


  • Think twice before you get them their own bathroom, because they don’t stay kids forever

15. Small Shower Room Ideas

Cool Shower Designs That Will Leave You Craving For More

Shower Room Ideas by faburous.com

The picture shows one of compact shower room ideas. This bathroom small stall looks presentable. The base wall covered with blue colored tiles seems a gorgeous contrast to the white and green fixtures inside.

Having a small and compact shower room is required for practicality in small living space, like apartment studios or small house. But the limited space must be tricked beautifully with a good layout.


  • Affordable in maintaining
  • Easy to clean


  • Have limited movement there

16. Basement Shower Room

Small Shower Room Ideas

Shower Room Ideas

We see a perfect shower room idea of tiles application. The designers create a shower room as part of a full basement build-out. They combine a manhole tile and some floor tiles with the colors of a yellow and black street.

This washroom is inspired by the situation we see on a road and accordingly makes the glass ceramic tile in the shower as a stop light.

A basement shower room is a great strategy to get benefit from some unused space in your basement, rather than to let them just deserted like that. But it is obvious for you to know about some important things: the pipes and drainage. Plan well and you’ll get some extra exquisite space.


  • Increase the home value in case you need to sell your house


  • Running water down to the basement is not an easy task
  • Have to prepare around USD10.000 to USD15.000 more to remodel your installed basement bathroom

17. Modern Marvels Shower Room

en suite shower room ideas

Shower Room Ideas

This modern wonder is an application of combining the utility and the shower in one room under utility and shower room ideas.

The bathroom in this picture implies that having low budget plan to have a transformation in the shower room utility space doesn’t always mean to choose low quality hardware, products, and other things. With a few tricks, you can turn a boring shower room into something marvelous like this one.


  • Saves money to have one multi-functional room


  • Needs larger bathroom space to unite utility and shower room

18. Porcelain Flooring Shower Room

Shower Room Ideas and Inspiration

Shower Room Ideas by the-wardrobe-stylist.com

Let’s try to look at a shower room under grey and white shower room ideas. The designer uses porcelain as the flooring. It isn’t a common choice as most people place porcelain on the walls.

Porcelain is amazingly waterproof and can last at least as long as few decades or longer.

Porcelain tiled shower room eases your work in choosing the style, color, shape, and pattern because porcelain comes literally in almost everything.

One thing you have to be aware is the grout that grows over time. The solution for this grout problem is to consider sealing the tiles.


  • The tiles can be adjusted to look like other materials, like stone, wood, granite, and even marble. The price is cheaper than getting the real materials like marble for example


  • May have grout problem and even if you consider to seal the tiles, the seal will make the tiles a little bit slippery

19. Two Persons Shower Room

small shower rooms ideas

Shower Room Ideas by meredith.com

There’s this unique shower room for two under shower room bathroom designs. Included in a walk-in shower, the designer uses the exclusive Calacatta Gold marble tiles with both of rainfall and hand-held shower-heads. Mosaic tiles with checkerboard pattern used as the shower base.

To grow the intimate between married couple, having two persons shower room is just perfect. Moreover if it built as an ensuite.

Yet it’s impossible to have one in limited space since your movement can also be limited.


  • Perfect for couple


  • Needs enough space for two people

20. Blue and White Cottage Shower Room

Shower Room Design Ideas & Remodel Pictures

Shower Room Ideas by meredith.com

Cottage shower room ideas are explicitly applied in the bathroom in this picture. It has the model of corner shower, bench, and uses limestone tiles as its walls make the shower arrangement cozy and also calming with the combination of blue and white colors.

A cottage shower room has to be open and airy, has spacious setup, and stylish function. Interestingly you can create a cottage atmosphere in your bathroom on your own, no need to bring an expert designer to do this. Consider vanities, bearded board for walls, and cabinet as its fixtures.


  • Cottage style is usually applied in small space and therefore costs less


  • Lack of storage due to its small space


21. Loft Shower Room Ideas

give you some ideas about the shower room

Shower Room Ideas by vidati.fr

Maximizing the attic room by transforming into a gorgeous attic shower room becomes a sophisticated idea choice. Although the room is not spacious you can make your attic shower room comfortable with a touch of modern design with full of passion.

You can still explore your creativity to make your attic shower room look perfectly. choose white tiles with a combination of green paste to make your attic shower room look awesome. Additional footrest with wood material giving a natural touch to your room and providing a relaxed atmosphere. You can use the outside wall to place a towel.

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22. Attic Shower Room Ideas with Mosaic Tile Stripe

Luxury Shower Room Designs Ideas

Shower Room Ideas by pinterest.com

The contemporary design of the attic shower room using two glass windows makes the shower room more artistic, at night you can enjoy the starlight in the sky and the day the blue sky becomes a sight that pampers your eyes.

The extra lights with low wattage in the corner of the bathroom make the room to be exotic and you do not have to turn on the headlight if you do not want too much light

Selection of white and yellow wall color combination of room paste looks luxurious in your shower room, installing white ceramics with black lines on the walls strengthen the character of the room.

Adding wall decoration like painting makes the room more artistic. Which is not less interesting is the mosaic Tile Stripe gives a modern touch to the interior.

23. Black Gloss Shower Room Ideas

Ideas for creating a unique shower room

Shower Room Ideas by selector.com

No matter how spacious the room you have for the shower room, the shower room is one of the places in the home that should more comfortable than the other room. Choosing a black gloss concept is a great idea to create a classy atmosphere.

The mirror is one of the important properties in the shower room, although this is a simple thing by choosing the right mirror design will make the shower room look awesome. Seriously, modern minimalist mirror design with black wooden frame makes the shower room with the concept of a black gloss more perfect.

24. Brown Gloss Shower Room Ideas

Colourful Shower Room Ideas

Shower Room Ideas by idealhome.co.uk

The concept of brown gloss can be an alternative design after the concept of black gloss, the two design concepts have the same character of modern and classy. For this design, the brown color is more dominant, although there is little white color combination on some bathroom properties. Then, brown ceramic with a glossy effect gives a fantastic touch

The interior design of the shower room above can be an inspiration for the shower room is not too broad, but you can still implement every function of your shower room perfectly. for example, using a transparent glass as a skating wet area between powder room, afterward to give widespread effect on powder room you can use mirror without a frame.

25. Clean-Lined Shower Room Ideas

Unmissable ideas for creating a unique shower room

Shower Room Ideas by decorpad.com

This is one example of shower room design with a minimalist modern concept, minimalist design and not too many properties make a clean impression, ceramics with natural stone motifs with a blend of gray wall color is a fantastic blend.

One of the most important variables is the lighting of the room because the selection of lights for the shower room affects the user’s mood, determine the impression you want to give to the atmosphere of your shower room. For example, if you want to emphasize a minimalist room and confirm clean impression, you can choose LED type lamp for lighting.

26. Compact Shower Room Ideas

Exciting Big Shower Room Design Ideas

Shower Room Ideas by itsoverflowing.com

Many people are stuck for the shower room design with small size, with an intelligent design you can still create comfort for the compact shower room, make sure every design element in your compact shower room prioritizes function, before adding other elements that are just complementary.

Maximizing the function with a minimalist powder room position in the corner of the room with an oval mirror with medium-sized metal frames is a fantastic idea.

For the wet area, the transparent glass barrier is still the first choice for the compact shower room, because it gives wide effect.

In order to keep a modern minimalist touch, choose a dominant color for a wall like green mint and combine it with a wood tile, your bathroom will look amazing.

27. Contemporary Neutral Shower Room Ideas

Ideas Captivating Looks Of Shower Room Ideas

Shower Room Ideas by idealhome.co.uk

The contemporary neutral shower room is the right choice for lovers of color with neutral tones, such as white, black, red velvet, and gray. These colors give a warm and futuristic touch. But the design of this time with the theme contemporary neutral shower room with white color in the shower room gives a clean effect and looks luxurious.

This shower room design looks very modern with a mirror design without frames juxtaposed with black and white compression sketch. Using the toilet wall and a little space for the powder room beside it, this design is very purposeful function and maximize the size of the room. Modern, classy, and luxurious touches attached to the design of this shower room.

28. Pebble Shower Room Ideas

Small Shower Room Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel and Decor

Shower Room Ideas by arafen.com

Break the limits of shower room interior design by using pebbles to be a part of magnificence ornament. Ceramic wall with gray color adjusted pastel color on pebbles make the shower room more eye-catching, you do not have to choose the gray ceramic color, you can explore with another color according to your taste like the blue ocean, black stone, or dark brown.

Confused with pebble shower room design that looks stagnant, many creative things that make your pebble shower room to be attractive.

Like this shower room design, you can make some space on the wall for decoration, giving some bonsai plants can be a sweet decoration in some spot your pebble shower room.

29. Rustic Shower Room Ideas

Shower room ideas to inspire you

Shower Room Ideas by casaydiseno.com

The rustic shower room is a very brilliant and creative idea, using wooden walls and tiles to provide an atmosphere of natural warmth.

The consistency of horizontal beam pieces and the artistic touch of dark brown gives a true touch of masculinity. The concept of interior back to nature is a smart choice when you’re a busy worker because it gives you a relaxed feel

Adding wooden cabinet furniture with a matching color makes the room more exclusive and without leaving its function. For wet areas that are not very wide use of ceramics with a white color that contrast with the color of wood is the right choice, these two colors make the room more alive and has a strong character.

30. Shower Room Ideas with Chic Monochrome Tiles

best ideas about Shower Rooms

Shower Room Ideas by pixball.com

Monochrome color is an all-time trend because black and white color can always be one of the modern interior design minimalist repression. The combination of black and white is chosen because it gives the feel of tranquility.

This combination of two colors gives the impression of the room. Black and white colors are a blend of classy contrasting colors. Perfecting the colors in a minimalist design, you can choose a transparent glass skate to make your bathroom look spacious and flawless.


Cheers, you’ve reached the bottom of the shower room ideas article. There are more ideas you can try at your own shower room, of course, like baby shower room ideas and small attic shower room ideas.

Hope you find it useful in deciding things you need when renovating your shower room. Don’t forget to look for shower room decorating ideas as well to complete your design selection.

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