20 Gorgeous Small Bedroom Ideas that Boost Your Freedom

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Small Bedroom Ideas – People mostly spend their time in the bedroom. It means that setting a convenient bedroom is a must!

However, having limited space on your bedroom may burden you with some storage challenges, but it does not mean you will never have a chance to get a convenient sleeping space.

No worries! These 20 lists of small bedroom inspirations will help you to makeover your tiny space in a creative way!

1. Industrial Small Bedroom Ideas

small bedroom ideas for couples

While mostly you often enjoy the industrial style in the kitchen, living area, office even in café, now we take a turn toward your small bedroom with unfinished look raw and rough surface.

To accentuate the industrial vibe, put a major touch with concrete surface on the ceiling, brick, and metal touch of the stand lamp. Pipe expose also make up a strong character to your industrial concept.

However, if you want to décor seems natural although the overall industrial impression that far from cozier and softer, you can opt platform bed to leave convenient feeling with neutral color, to give the small bedroom a spacious look.

2. Memory Small Bedroom Ideas with Collage Wall

small bedroom ideas black and white

Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms Tumblr by hustopia.com

To produce a different look, memory room through collage wall may be your favorite concept to stimulate your inspiration.

Pin up your unforgettable photographs and unique wall prints behind your bed. Dress your bed with neutral palette and tumblr lamp to get match perfection toward the wall.

The concept will add a bunch of interest and strong personality to space.

3. Tropical Look Small Bedroom Ideas

small bedroom decorating ideas and pictures

If you miss summer and spring vibes, it is time to makeover your sleeping room with vivacious tropical charm. Create a relaxing and calm retreat by dressing your bedding set with a tropical quilt pattern.

Match it with cushion cover with pastel and white touch. Let the wall be a less dominant by including white hue and mirror accent to accentuate the bed area as a focal point. To have a good try to breathe sigh of relief, here some ideas you can follow to makeover:

  • Add tropical look through burlap, silk, and satin
  • Color consistency with shades of green, yellow, salmon, blue.
  • Add with rattan furniture
  • Be bold with floral print on the wall

4. Flexible Small Bedroom Ideas

small bedroom ideas with storage

If you have pretty tight activities, you can come up with multipurpose style bedroom through folding furniture.

You can set the folding furniture anytime to different purposes, such as using the loft bed which able to fold after your wake up and transform it to be a working desk.

Of course, space will be more accessible and optically larger!!

5. Small Bedroom Ideas with Murals Wallpaper to Banish Stress

small bedroom ideas and decor

Sometimes the narrow space makes you feel bored, little depressed and hard to find inspiration. You can modify your minimalist style with mural touch as a focal point.

Choose a matching pattern that fits your minimalist concept, such as woodland mural attached on the wall behind your bed may draw clean impression, wider, and fresh feeling. The room gives you more breathe in a small space.

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6. Mezzanine Small Bedroom Ideas

small bedroom ideas for teenage girl

Bedroom Design for Girl by pinterest.com

Having a small layout with the quite high ceiling? You can divide your small room vertically. A multifunctional room can be gained by implementing mezzanine concept.

You can fit your mezzanine area with the build-in wardrobe or desks under the bed. To be more practical and easy to change your space function instantly, you can choose bed-up concept. The system practically turns the bed up and down for the different occasion.

7. Pop Art Style Bedroom by Andy Warhol

red and white small bedroom ideas

Small Master Bedroom Ideas by pinterest.com

Pop art style is a right idea to a person who is a big fan of fine art and thinking out of the box.

You can make over your tiny room by filling up the wall with large mural with cartoonify and advertising style with some contrast colors.

Triadic color with Cartoon-like artwork embodiment may draw a special appearance and evoke a sense of spirit and cheerful to your room.

  • Put modern wall art, such as your favorite Hollywood person on one part of wall.
  • Placing a piece of character or colorful accessories.
  • If white, add striking color like a triadic scheme to maintain simplicity yet dynamic.
  • Add different furniture style to release more character and energy
  • Fill your picture frame with high-quality retro picture.

8. Green Small Bedroom Ideas

small bedroom design minimalist

Simple Interior Design for Bedroom by pinterest.com

Bring the outdoors in with the plants? Why not? Abundant of greenery never fails to your small bedroom.

It creates your room come to be more life as relaxing space, particularly after a long tired day of your daily routine.

Green anchors the room, help to highlight the ideal visual balance and be the overall center of attention. For plant’s display, place your small plants on your hanging rack or let them stand on the floor.

Do not forget to check the right type of indoor plants to keep them living from you indirect sunlight daily or you can use artificial plants as the best solution.

9. Bedroom Decoration Diy

small bedroom organization ideas

Feeling bored with your tiny space but having a limited budget to makeover?

You can try some minor-room element modifications but impress its overall look. Start it by maximizing storage in every spot of your room to get a detail impression.

Here creative ideas you can do further: Optimize your corner space to get more storage in your room.

  1. Multi-functional mirror to be a hanging rack and folding table.
  2. Use crown modeling as your shoe rack.
  3. Transform your old step ladder to be a side table
  4. Industrial stuff as storage box
  5. Recycle pipe as shoe racks
  6. Vintage nightstands by using recycle vintage bags

Minor change in a super creative way will successfully bring a new spirit to your space!

10. Bunkbed Small Bedroom Ideas

small bedroom ideas with bunk beds

Simple Bedroom Design for Small Space by pinterest.com

Small bedroom occupied by two or three children is definitely possible with bunk bed style.

Now you don’t have to worry about lay outing arrangement because now your tiny space can benefit immensely overlapped by bunk bed designs implementation, helping you to maximize available room and adding more space to storage.

Since there are bunch of bunk bed design preferences offered to user, you can deliberately explore different bunk bed style based on your children characters!

Smart storage saver through bunk bed solution is totally helpful yet super fun!

11. Mirror Panel Trick to Small Bedroom Ideas

small bedroom ideas for adults

Attaching mirror strategically on you wardrobe or wall can camouflage of larger space and be functional element at the same time. The mirror ability to catch and reflect the light gives the sense of bright and will feel as though the room stretches on further.

Position the mirror across from the window to reflect the view. Mirrors are an obvious choice to solve small room problems by giving an optical illusion of many spaces.

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12. Scandinavian Small Bedroom Ideas

small and narrow bedroom ideas

Small Bedroom Layout Ideas by pinterest.com

To get an ergonomic advantage for those with a tiny sleeping space, the simplicity of Nordic style will be the answer. It is the right way to create your room an airy vibe.

The use of neutral hues can be inherently aligned with a simple accent at cushions, accessories and little wooden touch on the furniture. Hang the industrial lamp as a paramount element to a typical Scandinavian.

Here some additional suggestion how you can dress your bedroom like Scandinavian style:

  • Combine with natural texture, such as soft linen, knit blanket,
  • Wood stick-tent as a strong accent.
  • Complement it with monochrome artwork
  • Mid-century modern furniture
  • Keep it simple with less accessories
  • Ambient lighting to create warmth

13. Pastel Shade Small Bedroom Ideas Flooded with Natural Light

small bedroom ideas with queen bed and wardrobe

Small Bedroom Design Ideas by pinterest.com

Pastel palette can be accentuated with some pattern combination with a neutral color, such as grey, white and feather materials.

Spread your pastel touch to the paintings and some furniture to strengthen the character. A sense of bright produced by the calm shade stretch the room visually, delicate beauty to a cheerful bedroom.

To maximize the lighting, exploring your open window to catch more natural lighting

14. Rustic Small Bedroom Ideas

small bedroom and ensuite ideas

Small Space Bedroom Ideas by pinterest.com

Challenge your small space with tantalizing textures in rustic style. Turning to wooden or natural accent to give a major impact on the overall ambiance.

To get warm looks completely inviting, you can modify your favorite room to be a real rustic space:

  • Place oak as headboard and floor material to calm and bigger look
  • Combine it with detail fabrics such like burlap, linen, and wool material that placing into the rug, carpets, and blankets.
  • Natural ventilation to a natural fresh air
  • Fireplace as a focal point and looks more traditional
  • Set chandelier to get a calm and soft look

15. Minimalist Small Bedroom Ideas with Monochromatic Concept

small bedroom ideas for young adults

Small Bedroom Design Minimalist by pinterest.com

Having space with no more than your bed size?

You can tackle it by limiting your palette and back to the basic color!

A predominantly white look and the pale color is an ideal solution to evoke a sense of peace and tranquility to your bedroom.

A sense of relaxing in white color can be complemented with the black accent at the blanket and accessories to support a visual balance and enliven the room.

Complement your monochromatic room with soft linen to create a restful feel in your tiny room yet luxurious. To face storage problem, take an advantage of wall mounted area as your functional desk.

16. Bohemian Flavored-Bedroom Ideas

small bedroom ideas with wardrobes

Cool Bedroom Ideas For Small Rooms by pinterest.com

Are you an adventure and creative person?

Sometimes dressing your bedroom with particular measurement feels super boring.

Now you can let your own boho creativities go wild to make your overall bedroom looks amazing.

Some points you can follow below:

  • Dress your bedding area with eclectic touch with various patterns and some strong colors yet harmony.
  • Add more authentic accent with the rough material on the floor, mirror, and nightstand.
  • Place some artwork on the headboard area.
  • Put natural touch of plants
  • Balance it with neutral hue such as white and light grey.

Now your bedroom is possibly to be a personal creative space and super eye-catching look!

17. Japanese Small Bedroom Ideas

small bedroom design minimalist

Bedroom Ideas For Small Rooms by pinterest.com

Associate your modern look with Japanese accent to get a peaceful bedroom in a stylish way. Adopt tatami concept to your bed set, where the floor can also be modified as a hidden storage solution.

Here some Japanese touches suggestions you can try to enliven its character:

  • Bamboo Sliding door and window
  • Simple side table with cushion
  • Japanese artwork
  • Bamboo ceiling modification
  • Wall Murals

18. Walking Closet in a Small Bedroom Ideas

small bedroom ideas and designs

Small Bedroom Storage Ideas by pinterest.com

Still dreaming to have a walking closet in a small bedroom?

You can get around with built-in bedroom wardrobe cabinets attached with your head bed. But if you want to have a separated space between sleeping and dressing area, set your walking closet behind your bedhead and hang the curtain as a partition.

To get a massive separation, modify your bedhead as a partition and wardrobe to maximize storage management. Here another layouting solutions of having walk-in closet inside your bedroom:

  • Add wheels to create a flexible closet, so you can easily fit the space.
  • You don’t need any separation by adopting Expose wardrobe style.
  • Put it heading on your bed. Put selected collections with a matching scheme to get an artificial look.

19. Shabby Small Bedroom Ideas

small guest bedroom decorating ideas and pictures

Bedroom Design Tumblr by pinterest.com

To get a romantic and refreshing look, fill it with a delicate floral pattern on your wall and some accouterments. You can put your grandma antique pieces such as quilt and vintage bedframe to strengthen classic milieu yet familiar to your bedroom.

Here some modification you can try with an inexpensive way:

  • Floral wallpaper to strong accent
  • Fan of Cath Kidston? Add some touches of cath Kidston accessories as a perfect combination.
  • Complement your shabby room with a vintage lamp and tumblr lamp for a romantic charm.

20. Victorian Small Bedroom Ideas

small bedroom ideas and colours

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas by pinterest.com

You just need more creativity to have a Victorian atmosphere in an inexpensive way!

Modify it by little classy details, such as classic wall curtain behind your bed. To alter its vibe completely, add a crystal lamp as a center of room attention and classic accessories.

To have a classy vibe not in a massive impression, give a small touch on your headboard and little ceramics with blue color. Place a perfect combination of an overall white scheme to your bedroom.

Now your small space is totally possible to be luxurious and spacious!

So, want to try these inspiring ideas soon?

Before you start, it is important to note that unlike other rooms, a bedroom is a personal space. It expresses immensely who you are. Make sure the further bedroom style can accommodate your activities.

Be bold to be different and don’t stop to explore more. Now small bedroom will never be a problem.


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