20 Spice Rack Ideas for Both Roomy or Cramped Kitchen and Other Rooms

spice rack ideas for small spaces

Spice Rack Ideas – Are you cheesed off with your messy kitchen? Do you want to refurbish the rooms in your house? Have a crack at these 20 spice rack ideas for any kitchens and rooms. Either roomy or cramped, these organizing ideas will work for your kitchen and other rooms very well. And you will soon find yourself amazed by them.

A kitchen is one of the rooms in which you can find a lot of creative cooking ideas. Thus, cooking time is one of the most exhilarating moments.

But that wonderful thing can suddenly turn into a nightmare when you find your kitchen is totally a mess. You definitely need to reorganize your kitchen.

Reorganizing smaller things like spices can be a nice thing, to begin with. It does not only make your kitchen look neater and tidier, but also enables you to find and reach the spices more easily.

You can throw away that mundane idea of simply putting the spice bottles on the countertop in your kitchen. Why don’t you try something new?

Something that can refurbish your kitchen as well as the other rooms and make them look more spacious and tidier.

Putting those spices on a rack might be the best and most exquisite solution for your messy kitchen. Just combine your creative ideas with the versatility of racks to make a fusion of beautiful and cozy kitchen which boosts your mood of cooking.

1. Bekvam Spice Rack Ideas

wood spice rack ideas

If you haven’t found any marvelous ideas to organize the spices, you can try purchasing Bekvam spice rack on IKEA. It is a convenient way to make your kitchen look clean and neat. It is made of solid wood and you can sand it down if you think it is necessary.

Bekvam spice rack is such a versatile rack. You can put it right side up against the wall to put the spices into it or upside down to hang a towel near the kitchen sink.

You can also put your spices in this unusual position, but they will be likely to drop.

Or you can add some small hooks on right under Bekvam spice rack when you install it right side up. And what will you get?

A convenient rack to store the spices and hang your kitchen utensils. It is like killing two birds with a stone, isn’t it?


  • Easy to get with reasonable price
  • Make your kitchen look tidier in a simple way
  • Sturdy and durable enough to hold spices


  • The spices will be likely to drop if you install it upside down

2. Spice Rack Above Stove

diy spice rack apartment

Spice Rack Ideas

If you have a kitchen with a very limited space, you will probably like this idea. Installing the spice racks above the stove.

You will not need a huge kitchen cabinet that does require more space. By hanging spice rack above the stove, you will be able to move more freely and faster.

Not only does hanging the spices above the stove enable you to move more freely, but it also provides a quick access whenever you want to grab some spices. But you also need to consider the drawbacks of it since some spices are not heat-resistant.

You can purchase one or two spice racks in the nearest home improvement or hardware stores. If you buy some ready-to-use racks, it might be convenient because you do not need to break a sweat for only a spice rack. But, you will definitely miss the chance of having more fun.

If you want to challenge yourself as well as having a lot of fun, you can make your own spice racks using either new or used wood planks. It is just a piece of cake.

You only need to attach one plank with another using hammer and nails. It will be pretty arduous. It is fun and worth-trying though.

After that, you can sand it down using sandpaper and leave it that way to create the image of the simple and classic kitchen. But you can also kick it up a notch by painting it using the color of your choice. It will make your cooking time is the best activity of the day.


  • Make your cramped kitchen more spacious
  • Enable you to move more freely and faster
  • Enable you to grab the spices more easily when you are cooking


  • It can be dangerous because you can accidentally burn yourself when you are trying to grab a spice in the middle of cooking
  • Some spices are not heat-resistant, and thus hanging them over the stove will cause wreak havoc on them

3. Spice Rack and Stackable Shelf

spice storage ikea

Spice Rack Ideas

Simply cramming the spices, sauces, and vinegar into your kitchen cabinet will definitely make your kitchen look well-organized. But it will not overcome your problem. It will be hard to find the space that you are looking for among the odds and ends.

You can try one of the most ubiquitous kitchen cabinet spice rack ideas by adding on the stackable shelf as your spice rack into your kitchen cabinet.

It will help you organize the spices better so that you can find what you are looking for easily. Besides, your kitchen cabinet will look neater.

Or you can simply put it next to the stove so that you will find it faster and more easily because you do not need to open the cabinet’s door anymore. Reaching the right spice will be a breeze and done in no time.


  • Make your kitchen cabinet look neater
  • Enable you to find the spice that you are looking for more easily and faster


  • Some ready-to-use stackable shelves that you can purchase from home improvement stores may not fit your kitchen cabinet well

4. Spice Rack as Bookshelf

diy spice rack for pantry door

Spice Rack Ideas

Spice racks are always in the kitchen? Not really. Spice racks are really versatile furniture. You can put them in bedrooms, living rooms, or even bathrooms.

Just because it is called a spice rack does not mean that it cannot be used for anything else. In fact, you can use it as a bookshelf.

No matter where you hang it, either on the wall in your bedroom, living room, or bathroom, a spice rack will never fail to add the simple and unique touch in your house. It is a perfect bookshelf replacer.

Hang it on the wall in your kids’ bedrooms to store their favorite storybooks. You can hang it a little bit lower so that your beloved kids can take the book that they want you to read it for them and put the book back by themselves. You can teach them how to organize books in their bedrooms and they will soon get used to doing it.

Try putting the spice rack in your living room to store some books, newspapers, and magazines. You will find your living room becomes neater. Now grabbing the magazine that you want to read is just a snap.


  • Make the bedrooms and living rooms look more well-organized
  • Enable your kids to easily take and put their books back if you hang it a bit lower


  • It cannot replace a bookshelf if you are going to store many books as you will need more spice racks meaning you will need more money to purchase them
  • It can only be used for storing a few thin books. Not many books. The real bookshelf is much better when it comes to storing a lot of books.

5. Diy Spice Rack for Door

large spice rack ideas

Spice Rack Ideas

Do not have sufficient space to store spices, sauces, oils, and vinegar? You can still do some magic to your cramped kitchen and turn it into a spacious place to cook delectable foods by changing your kitchen’s door into your kitchen cabinet. Although it won’t look the same, it will do in a pinch.

Avail yourself of your plain kitchen door by attaching the spice racks on the door. Not only does it save more space, but also accentuates your plain door. Despite looking great, attaching spice racks on the door can be risky because they can drop if you are not careful.

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6. Diy Spice Rack Ideas for Pantry Door

how to make a spice rack step by step

Spice Rack Ideas

If your kitchen cabinet has been full already so that it is impossible for you to cram spice and sauce jars in it, you need to try attaching spice rack on the cabinet’s door. It will save some space so that you can still put spice, sauce, cheese, cereal box and many other things in your cabinet.


  • Enable your kitchen cabinet to store more things


  • You can drop the jars easily if you do not open and close the door of the kitchen cabinet carefully

7. Spice Rack Ideas for Drawers

rustic spice rack ideas

Spice Rack Ideas

Spice rack ideas cabinet are creative and exhilarating. But, if your kitchen cabinet is too full so that you cannot put anything else there, you need to consider occupying the space in your drawer.

There are many things that you can do with your drawer. You can purchase special spice racks for drawers in an online store so that you do not need to break a sweat to make a spice rack. But making your own spice rack for your drawer is not hard either. You can use either wood planks or plastics to make it.


  • Make your kitchen look tidier


  • It is not quite convenient as you need to pull the drawer to find the spices

8. Bees’ nest Spice Rack Ideas

wall spice rack ideas

Spice Rack Ideas

Another spice rack wall mount idea that you will love is creating a wall-mounted bees’ nest. It is not like you literally take a bees’ nest because it is definitely harmful. The bees’ nest here is just the other wall-mounted racks, but you arrange them so that it looks like a bees’ nest.


  • Make your kitchen look more exquisite and artistic


  • The spice jars are likely to drop if the rack is too narrow

9. Using used Trays as Spice Racks Ideas

spice rack ideas for small spaces

Spice Rack Ideas

It is probably one of the best spice rack ideas DIY. Since it is a Do-It-Yourself idea, you just need to find some used things in your house such as used trays. The used trays can make your kitchen look more elegant.

To make this awesome spice rack, you will need silver plated casserole trays, wood planks, tiny wood trims, tiny nails, wood glue and picture frame wire.

First of all, attach the wood plank to the tray using tiny nails and wood glue. Paint it with metallic silver. If the tray features fretwork, you can directly insert the wire through the fretwork so that it can be hung. But if there is no fretwork, it means you need to drill two small holes through the shelf and insert the wire through the holes. Easy, isn’t it?


  • Make your kitchen look elegant and glamorous


  • The spice jars can drop easily and the tray can be broken into pieces if you do not make the spice rack meticulously

10. Rotating Spice Rack Ideas

spice rack storage ideas

Spice Rack Ideas

This spice rack can be a bit pricey but it is one of spice rack ideas cool. This one of the coolest spice rack ideas South Africa will make your kitchen look great if you put it on the countertop. Grabbing certain spice will be a snap. Just rotate it and you will get it.

Do not have enough space on your countertop? You can put it in your kitchen cabinet. But, it might need more space. You can get this wonderful rack from online stores.


  • Make your kitchen look elegant and awesome
  • Enable you to find the spice you are looking for more easily and faster by rotating the rack


  • It can be a bit pricey
  • It needs more space if you put it in your cabinet

11. Sliding Out Spice Rack Ideas

best spice storage containers

Spice Rack Ideas

This is one of the most creative spice rack design ideas. Pulling out the rack and you will get the spices or sauces that you need. And then you can push it back so that it will not cause any mess. Sliding out spice rack really saves more space because you store the spices in the opening slot between the drawers or next to the fridge.

If you are not into DIY activities, you can get this sliding out spice rack from IKEA. But if you want a cheaper and more fun sliding out spice rack, get the wood planks and nails from the nearest hardware store, roll up your sleeves and let’s get started.


  • You can save more space as you occupy the narrow opening slot next to the fridge or between the drawers


  • You will be stumbled on the rack if you forget to slide it in

12. Magnetic Spice Rack on the Fridge

unique spice rack ideas

Spice Rack Ideas

You will love this spice rack idea –magnetic spice–. It is one of some cute spice rack ideas that enable you to explore your creativity. Instead of cramming the spices in the cabinet or simply putting them on the countertop, you can attach them on the fridge’s door. These magnetic spice will accentuate your fridge’s door.

They are not solely magnetic accessories for your fridge. They are spice rack with spices meaning they function like a jar in which you can put your spices. The colors of various spices make this magnetic jars look adorable.


  • Nice accessories for your kitchen that make it more adorable


  • These magnetic spices are costly

13. Magnetic Spice Under the Cabinet or Above the Stove

spice rack ideas cabinet

Spice Rack Ideas

If you think attaching the magnetic spice on your fridge’s door is not convenient because the stove and the fridge are pretty far, you can try attaching these lovely spice racks right under your cabinet which hangs above the stove. It will be easy for you to reach the spices in no time.

But before attaching the magnetic spices under the kitchen cabinet, you have to install a piece of the thin metal plate right under the cabinet so that the spices can attach perfectly.


  • Nice accessories for your kitchen that make it more adorable
  • A convenient way to grab the spices in no time especially when you are in the middle of cooking


  • These magnetic spices are costly
  • It can be dangerous if you put the magnetic spices above the stove as some spices might be damaged due to the high-temperature

14. Peg Board Spice Rack Ideas

space saving spice rack ideas

Spice Rack Ideas

Now it is time to use the power of creativity and used the thing to make a DIY spice rack organizer –Peg board spice rack–. You only need to find a used picture frame in your house. Then purchase a peg board in the hardware store near you. But before buying the peg board, don’t forget to measure the size of your frame so that the peg board will fit it well.

If you have got all the things you need, it’s time to get started. First, remove the glass and cardboard from the frame. After that, replace the cardboard with the peg board in the frame. Install the peg board hooks and your spice rack organizer is ready to hook everyone’s attention.


  • Make your kitchen look great
  • It is pretty cheap because you make it by yourself


  • The spices and other things that are hung can drop easily

15. Over the Door Hanging Spice Rack Shoe Organizer

hanging spice rack ideas

Spice Rack Ideas

People usually use this pockets to organize their shoes. But you can use it as your spice rack ideas kitchen especially if you have a very limited space in your kitchen. Besides, it is such an affordable idea.

What you have to do is simply hang a hanging shoe organizer on your kitchen’s door or on the wall in your kitchen. You can begin putting the spice jars into the pockets.


  • Make your kitchen look great and neat


  • It will be hard to find the spice that you need as you cannot see what is inside the pocket

16. Test Tube Spice Rack Ideas

spice rack organizer ideas

Spice Rack Ideas

This is one of the greatest spice rack ideas for the countertop that brings creativity to the next level. Turn your kitchen into a laboratory by using these test tubes to store various kinds of spices.

Then put the test tubes into a test-tubes rack and simply put them on the countertop to make you grab the spices more easily.


  • Make your kitchen look like a small laboratory and it is eminently unique


  • The test tube can be a bit pricey
  • If you want to use the spice, you have to open the cork first which can slow you down

17. Pallet Spice Rack Ideas

cheap spice rack ideas

Spice Rack Ideas

It is absolutely one of the most amusing spice rack ideas for the kitchen. If you buy abundant of spices and have no idea where to store, you can store them in some plastic bags.

Is that all? Of course not. You can repurpose a curtain rod and clips to hang the spice bags. And hang the rod and spices on your pantry door or the wall to keep it cool and dry. It will surely make your kitchen look conspicuously stunning.


  • Make your kitchen look conspicuously stunning


  • The spices that are stored in plastic bags that are not secured firmly tend to be less fresh

18. Recycle Spice Rack Ideas

cabinet spice rack ideas

Spice Rack Ideas

It is one of the most ubiquitous countertop spice rack ideas. You can find some used pallet woods in your house and recycle them to make a new spice rack that you can put either on the countertop or in the cabinet.


  • It is cheaper because you recycle used pallet wood


  • The spice rack needs more space if it is put inside the cabinet

19. Stainless Steel Magnetic Spice Rack Ideas

diy spice rack pinterest

Spice Rack Ideas

Magnetic spice racks can be great spice rack ideas for the counter. There are a number of magnetic spice rack designs. And this stainless steel design features a flat tray that can be adjusted easily. Each spice jar features soft magnetic material that enables them to attach to the tray firmly.


  • The simple and elegant look make your kitchen look awesome

20. Built-in Spice Rack Ideas

spice rack ideas pantry door

Spice Rack Ideas

Another Do-It-Yourself way to make your kitchen look great, luxurious and spacious — built-in spice rack. But it will require your carpentry skills since you will need to hole the wall to place the rack. You may also want to find electrical lines hidden behind the wall so that you won’t be electrocuted.


  • Make the kitchen look more elegant


  • It is definitely costly and arduous

Those are 20 best spice rack ideas that you can try for your kitchen improvement. Some ideas may suit your kitchen very well while some others may not. But if you are planning to apply one of those ideas, please consider the pros and cons of each idea. You may also want to consider the size of your kitchen and the available budget. Happy trying!

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