7 Awe-Inspiring Tea Party Ideas and Get Your Best Moment!

tea party ideas adults

Are you a professional feeling stressful? Escape from your daily hustle and bustle by throwing a tea party in your backyard garden.

Nowadays, the “having fun” concept is not just about hanging out in the nightclub. Sipping a cup of aromatic tea and gathering with friends could be an awesome alternative.

If you are about to create lovely vibe during the feast; never hesitate to read on these following tea party ideas!

1. Begin the Idea of the Floral Table Runner

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A garden-y ambiance is something substantial to consider when it comes to setting up a tea party. To add the vintage values throughout the environment, you can start thinking the table runner idea. For the best outcome, the floral type is impeccable.

Bear in mind that flowers come with some meanings and symbols – for this reason, you have to sort the right shade of the blossom. White and pink would be nothing yet redoubtable.

Is it possible to have the DIY one? Yes sure; these steps to arrange the flower centerpieces are easy to follow.

  • Create a set of beautiful garlands and apply it on the wooden table.
  • Add other garlands and arrange together with the floral tape.
  • For finishing, you could clip the silk flower stems and crowd with the silk flowers.

2. Shabby Chic Table Setting Can’t Be Missed out on.

tea party ideas adults


A shabby chic table setting reminding the scene of Alice in Wonderland is surely one of the greatest tea party ideas to make your joyful moment livelier. It is truly by princess theme as well as the girls’ desire.

The table arrangement teeming with classy cutleries, candle holders, and floral centerpieces let all party-goers feel like getting lost in fantasy land. Invite the flying cat and Mad Hatters to accompany you and other guests.

3. Finger Sandwiches, Victoria Sponge, and English Scones are the Best Tea’s Companions.

tea party ideas food


When decorations are put side, food and munchies are highlighted. There are three compulsory bites to complement your afternoon tea moment. Here is the description of each:

  • Finger sandwiches or best known as tea sandwiches are thinly sliced. The fillings range from ham to pimento cheese and from curried chicken to smoked salmon. You can spread with varied selections like cream and butter.
  • The Victorian sponge cake contains fluffy texture and uniquely has a sea-sponge look. The sugary delicacy made of wheat flour, sugar, egg, and butter were named so as there is a close relation to Queen Victoria.
  • English scones feature the smoother texture which is so different from the American version. You can eat it with jam, butter, or cream.

4. Tissue Paper Flowers to Let the Table Look Prettier

princess tea party ideas


Unless you find the fresh flowers to adorn the setting of a tea party, the artificial ones could eventually replace the fine-looking blossoms. With the DIY steps, the inviting tissue paper flowers can be brought into realism.

The materials required include colorful tissue papers, floral wire, scalloped edges, as well as fabric. To start the execution, you need to stack and fold the paper sheets then shape them into an array of DIY creations pleasing to the eyes.

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5. Accent the Indoor Space with the DIY Tea Party Garland!

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If the harsh weather can no longer be compromised, making the best use of indoor setting is the merely way you can’t resist. So, the recommendation deserving a try is applying the DIY tea party garland – the hanging decorations adding a pop of color.

There are two sorts to implement these fashionable handmade products. The first one accentuates the fresh look combining leaves and flowers while the second kind is easy to create by benefitting the card stock.

6. Vintage Tea Party Favors the Unusual Gifts

Vintage Tea Party Ideas


Planning to hand you visitors with something extraordinary? You might try the vintage-look bookmark of which shape is like a tea bag. This cool favor embodying the theme of the tea-related party is compatible with either kids or adults.

Other chicest options include mugs, sweets, or even cute cutleries. If the excitement is addressed to your little girls; dolls and headbands would be faultless ideas for kids.

7. Opt for Classy Cake Stand for More Impression!

vintage tea party ideas

The choice of a cake stand might be a bit ridiculous. However, the existence of this typical supply would enhance the authentic vibe the casual festivity. Arguably, it is one of the recommended tea party ideas you can’t brush aside.

The ceramic kind with English classic floral design sounds traditional. You will find it not only pretentious but also classy. Your mouth-watering treats are, for sure, well-matched with this piece.

To make the long story short, the best words for those tea party ideas are irresistible, practical, as well as enthralling. Grab them all, people!

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