20 White Bedroom Ideas that Bring Comfort and Style to Your Sleeping Nest

White Bedroom Ideas – White is the perfect shade of bedroom design for every occasion. It is symbolizing peace and purity. Whether combined with other monochromatic scheme or with various colors of the rainbow, white is still able to express its standing attraction.

Below are 20 white bedroom ideas that can be used as a source of inspiration for bedroom design and decoration.

1. Grey white bedroom for a stylish look

Grey white bedroom ideas for a stylish look

Gray white bedroom for a stylish look – avetexfurniture.com

The right combination of grey and white can create a color scheme that brings cleanliness to your bedroom. Choose either one of them as the primary color for the wall. Soften the rest of the room with complementary furniture.

Play with a pattern to avoid monotonous existence. When doing so, subtle models is the best option for creating a stylish look. Decorate the window with patterned draperies. Put greyish lampshade at the bedside, and pick darker shades of grey for flooring.

2. Black and white in the same room adds a classic touch

Black and white in the same rooms adds a classic touch

Black and white in the same rooms adds a classic touch – christinesaraphotography.com

Black and white theme never gets old. In fact, it is one of white bedroom ideas that brings back the classic style. Join the colors with the right choice of designs, and you will get a traditional, yet fashionable place to rest.

Put black shaded wallpaper with the classic pattern for a starting touch. Support the impression by applying white paint on a high ceiling.

White furniture will also do the job in the room decoration. Choose the white color for the bed sheet and bedside furnishings to give you the comfortable state. For a final touch, hang a classic black chandelier and complete the room with the white light.

3. A white bedroom with pops of color is a form of unleashing creativity

A white bedroom ideas with pops color

A white bedroom with pops color – homedit.com

Treat the white room like a clean whiteboard that can be drawn or written by the furnishings in various colors. Here are some ideas for you.

  • Pathway Palette: While the walls are painted white, cover the floor with colors. Choose bright-colored tiles to create a lively mood. The checkered or patterned floor can work, too.
  • Pillows Talk: Don’t hesitate to have many pillows in many colors. Besides decorating your bed, having them while sleeping can also give you sweet dreams.
  • Bookish Bedroom: If you like to read before sleep, count on the books to give your bedroom a colorful touch. In the bookshelf, arrange your books by their colors for smart and stylish decoration.

Pops of color in a modern white bedroom is not limited to the choice of colors, as long as you find the harmony that suits you best.

4. Take out the boring part of an all-white bedroom

All-White Bedroom ideas

All white bedroom – houzz.com

The all-white bedroom is one of favorite white bedroom ideas. It might be boring to apply only one single shade for an entire room. However, with the right choice of white palette and well-arranged furnishing, the boredom will change into style.

Use soft and thick white rug to decorate the floor. Choose a darker shade of white for the drapes. If plain white is chosen for the walls, add three-dimensional wall decorations to create more beautiful sense.

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5. Monochrome mixtures to convey glamorous look

Monochrome bedroom ideas

Monochrome bedroom – houseandgarden.co.uk

Besides neutralizing the bedroom ambiance, monochromatic colors can also create a charming look. Three essential colors that should be chosen to have such style are black white and grey.

Place the bed in the center of the room and surround it with a different choice of monochrome palette. Choose a shiny ornate black color for the headboard. Cover the bed with pure white sheets.

Put grey wallpaper that is rich in the pattern but can balance the glamour quality of the bedroom. Complete the arrangement by placing a classic-decorated bench. It can be positioned next to the wall or in front of the bed.

6. White bedroom ideas for small room

White Bedroom Ideas for Small Room

White bedroom ideas for small room – home-designing.com

A bright color like white is believed to have a significant impact on making a little place more livable. Give the room a minimalist décor and choose the white palettes to avoid complicated designs.

Provide average-sized window with white frames. Place the bed facing the window and put the white linen on it. Such furniture arrangement is supposed to make the viewpoint more spacious.

Paint the ceiling in clean white. Choose plain wallpaper in the white shade to balance it. Keep the simplicity of other furniture and decorations because in a small white bedroom, less means more.

7. White bedroom ideas with colour

White Bedroom Ideas with Colour

White bedroom ideas with colour – peachtreepatio.com

Besides being combined with other monochromatic palettes, white is also suitable to match with bright colours. Below are some colour choices that can work with your white bedroom.

  • The pink and white bedroom is the most fashionable design for girls. White surface with pink lines on the edge can be chosen for both drapes and sheets. Choose white for the wall. Set soft and patterned pink flooring to complete the style.
  • Green and white can bring the natural freshness into the room. Light green is the best match for white tone. Apply green paint for the wall and adorn it with white-themed wall decorations. Let the ray in by providing full windows.
  • Blue and white is another classic combination. For the wallpaper, choose the patterned one with an accentual mixture of both colors. Soft blue can be chosen for the sheet, while white is best placed for the flooring.

The combination of white and bright color will surely lighten up your bedroom.

8. Brown and white bedroom for a sweet look

Brown and white bedroom ideas for a sweet look

Brown and white bedroom for a sweet look – houzz.com

Combining brown and white as dominant colors in a bedroom is as sweet as choosing chocolate and vanilla flavors for a cone of ice cream. Both colors can work together to give your bedroom a pleasant taste.

Brown can bring comfort in the bed as well as on a relaxing couch. Put carpeted flooring in light brown, while white can be used for the wall. Hang the traditional chandelier with brown wood adornment.

9. White bedroom ideas with color accents

White Bedroom Ideas with Color Accents

White bedroom ideas with color accents – decoist.com

Color accents in the white bedroom can be applied to almost room elements. White furniture with black emphasis supports the sophisticated theme. Meanwhile, accent lamp and wall decoration are the best choices for the contemporary concept.

Decorative wallpaper with a different shade of white and other bright colors can also accentuate the whole parts of the room.

10. Minimalist white bedroom to promote simplicity

Minimalist white bedroom ideas to promote simplicity

Minimalist white bedroom to promote simplicity –roomhome.com

In a bedroom that defines simplicity as the main concept, white is the winning color. If you want to apply such white bedroom ideas, only include the essential furnishings in the room: a bed without bedstead, drawers, and a desk.

Arrange the furnishings in such a way, so it provides a sense of clean and well-adjusted room features. For floor decoration, you can lay a thick white rug under the bed.

11. White shade in every edge of the furniture

White bedroom white wooden furniture

White bedroom white wooden furniture – houzz.com

This is an example of white bedroom ideas that highlight the side of every furnishing inside the room. White wall and ceiling are the basic, and wooden furniture will serve as their perfect match.

Choose white wooden bedstead with a clear edge. Decorate the bed with flowered linen. Place a framed painting or artwork in front of the bed to create an edged viewpoint. For the flooring, square carpet with pattern can work with this theme.

12. Pick the right ornaments for your white bedroom

White bedroom ideas with snowy trees

White bedroom with snowy trees – roomhome.com

One important thing to do when applying white bedroom ideas is choosing the right white ornate furnishings. In addition to their attractive features, ornaments can beautify your bedroom in many ways.

You can use the following ornaments to decorate your white bedroom.

  • Fresh white coral for a nature-themed bedroom. It can be placed next to the lamp on the bedside table.
  • Snowy trees in framed wall decoration. Put above the headboard to give you a fresh and relaxed atmosphere whenever you go to bed.
  • A set of mosaic glass balls in white and silver. Whether it is hung from the ceiling or placed on the top of the shelf, the shiny feature of this ornament will look good under the light.

Whichever ornament you choose for decoration; make sure to match it with the theme you raise.

13. Red and white bedroom ideas for romantic effect


Red and white trimming in the bedroom is exciting and passionate at the same time, mainly when it is used in the master bedroom. Choose patterned red wallpaper, while white can be used for the flooring.

Place the white bedstead with red bed linen near the window. Provide enough space for a pair of an armchair and a round coffee table. Decorate the table with red and white flowers in a glass vase.

14. White orange bedroom for noticeable bedroom features

White Orange Bedroom ideas for Noticeable Bedroom Features

White orange bedroom – home-designing.com

For those who want to have a bedroom with a bold statement, combining orange and white is a good option. Color the room with reddish-orange paint, and choose white tiles for the flooring. White can be selected for bed linen as well.

White-framed windows will go along with the tone. To complete the theme, hang a light bulb with rounded orange shade in the center of the ceiling.

15. Reading corner in a white bedroom

Reading Corner in a White Bedroom Ideas

Reading corner – homedit.com

The bedroom does not only serve as a place to rest, but also can be functioned as a study room. Keeping white in mind for the main theme, you can create a comfortable reading corner in your own bedroom.

Instead of the bedside table, place a white bookcase on one side of the bed and a comfy armchair next to it. A round wooden table can be set beside the chair to put on a lamp with the white lampshade. Your room will be perfect for reading and resting.

16. Neutralize the room with white and beige

Reading Corner in a White Bedroom Ideas

Reading corner – homedit.com

Both white and beige belong to a neutral palette that can bring the traditional look into your room. Combine different shades of white or beige as the primary color for wallpaper, bedstead, floor, and other furnishings like desk or lamps.

Brighten the neutral shades with virtual accents. Floral design or simple-patterned bed linen is one of the lively features you can count. Make sure to choose accents that have attractive points, but still stick to the neutral theme.

17. Antique, yet contemporary design for white bedroom

Contemporary white bedroom ideas

Contemporary white bedroom – christinesaraphotography.com

White bedroom ideas that combine two opposite style are hard to resist. This antique but modern white bedroom design is included. From bedding to couch, you can choose the furnishings that have antique sides.

Facing the built-in closet, the bed can be decorated with soft colors besides white. Meanwhile, put a slim couch next to the window. For the contemporary part, choose contemporary artwork to hang above the headboard.

18. White bedroom ideas with three colors combination

White Bedroom Ideas with Three Colors Combination

White bedroom ideas with three colors combination – houzz.com

Here are some three color combinations that will bring your white bedroom to a whole new level.

  • Black white and gold for the luxurious room. The gold bed will make whoever sleeping in it feels like a royal. The bedroom will be in better look with a soft black rug and white furnishings.
  • Red black and white for a cottage-style bedroom. Apply soft red and creamy white as the wall paint. Choose black as the colors for bedposts, bedstead, and wood furnitures like desk or chair.
  • Grey white and pink for chic style. Layer the room with different shades of those colors. Choose darker shades for bed linen. Color the wall and other essential features with paler shades.

When combining more than three colors as the dominant shades in a bedroom, remember to arrange them in equal portion.

19. Different shades of gray for the accents

Different shades of gray for the accents

Different shades of gray for the accents – homedit.com

It is another one of many white bedroom ideas that use gray and white as the dominant colors. This time, gray is used in different shades to create a dynamic monochromatic color scheme.

Start with the window, use a lighter shade of gray as the accents for the frame. Choose quilted or textural white bedding, and decorate the headboard with attractive adornment. Glass, wood or metal furnishings are helpful in breaking the monotony.

20. Elegant white bedroom ideas with a lot of light

Elegant white bedroom ideas with a lot of light

Elegant white bedroom ideas with a lot of light – decoist.com

Last but not least, turn the plain white bedroom into an elegant one. One thing to do is providing a lot of light from the main lamp on the ceiling, white fairy lights above the bed, even the light rays from large windows.

Put textured wallpaper and cover the bed with white bedding. To balance up the light from the top, choose soft white carpet or thick rug for the flooring.

With 20 options of white bedroom ideas above, you can decorate the bedroom and make it the most comfortable space in your home.

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